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All ya need is love…

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When civil unrest and wars are increasingly on the rise, cries for “love” are within earshot of nearly everyone. It was at such a time when the sixties Beattle’s song…”All you need is love,” rose in popularity.  But that love was clearly anything but the pure, healing love of Jesus Christ. Such love produced self-indulgence, unbridled sex, drugs and rock and roll. An introspective search for Jesus was nowhere in sight. Everyone was coining the phrase “outta sight!”   Strung out bodies lined the streets of  Haight Ashbury.  There were “sit-ins” and “love-ins” and “flower power.”  Jesus was non existent or viewed as some ancient unrelated fable.

Earths history is narrowing to the biblical culmination of prophecy as written in the Holy words of scripture. If you are not plugged into an intimate relationship with Him, you’re not as apt to clearly identify the collision course we’re on. What kind of love is it that we need today? And how do we go about sharing it? Is it to remain secret or should we be bold in the saving power of Jesus Christ?

The magnificent creation of man in God’s image is the work of His almighty power and wisdom.  Shortly after creation the Almighty and reverenced Father created woman under His perfect design as the companion for Adam. He said that it was not good for man to be alone. And out of His great love He provided Eve as the perfect companion.

Notice that God didn’t create another man or another couple that would be a same sex couple as an additional icon of His perfect plan.  The world began to be increasingly populated.  There were those who did not marry, but they need not be alone when they had the church family as God intended.  The fact that God did not want man to be alone, does not automatically mean that every man marry. He provided another person to become more than just a mate. Because of man and woman the world could be populated and we then had a society of individuals to interact with.  The church family is an extension of such a society.  

God’s Word additionally gives examples of those who would remain single, such as Paul, John The Baptist, and even Jesus Himself. They were dedicated to and married to professing the gospel.

Today theories and plans that are not derived from God’s Word, but from the flesh, are spreading rapidly. All without the sanctification of Jesus. They have been developed under human intelligence instead of honoring God’s authority. His love endures in our relationship with Him where we seek only to do His will and not depart from His guidance and His perfect law. Anything short of that is not a pure reflection of God’s love.

God provided instruction about following His plan and not eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He informed Adam and Eve that death would be the result. All this clearly laid out, yet still in the deepest love a father could have for His children.  The purest love from Jesus.

From the beginning we are given an example of the consequences of thinking that we know better than God. Eve… then Adam eats the fruit.  Then as promised, God showed them out of the garden and their lives would encounter death. Death was certain. Did He still love them? Deeply… His heart was broken, but they had disobeyed.

We are continually given examples of consequences when humans acted outside of the direction of God.  Cain’s fruit offering. Moses strikes the rock twice. Lot’s wife looks back. Jonah resisted the instructions given. And there are others.

God loved each and every one of these people. But there were consequences for not doing exactly as He instructed.   How dangerous it is for us to rely upon ourselves instead of the wisdom and knowledge of Jesus Christ. How can we think that we know better?

Nowhere in His Word does He sanctify same sex intimacy, but here we are in a huge wave of man declaring that it’s okay with God without His direct authority.

Many are proclaiming that this is simply carrying out love for one another as the Bible teaches. But the Bible does not teach that same-sex intimacy is glorified by God. In fact all references to same-sex intimacy is condemned. How dangerous for anyone to assume that God won’t mind.

Satan has been allowed to manipulate our feelings. And he has done quite a job of it without many even recognizing the powerful influence of deception. All to detour those who would come to know Him as Master and King.  Living after their desires will culminate in eternal ruin. Yet many are happy to take the risk and enjoy temporary pleasures.

Isn’t real love sometimes a painful process?  Much like our younger years when our parents warned us and sought to protect us from that which we could not fully comprehend in the moment.  Later in life many of us have returned to our parents to thank them for their wise safeguards and insistence of a distinctive “No!” when at the time we insisted on leniency.

Is it possible to love without condoning or condemning sinful behavior? Loving with the love of Jesus is by setting an example of a life that abides in Christ. We can be kind, caring, loving, helping encouraging … all without affirming that living in sin is an acceptable alternative to God’s plan. 

For hundreds of years Christians have left “homosexuality” under a rock. And in doing so what happened?  People tempted with very real feelings were not directed to the safe zone.  Safety is in surrendering feelings to Jesus and living in accordance with His Holy Word. As one might expect, many left the church without any sense of hope in their crisis.  Not just regarding homosexuality, but as a result of many sin temptations.

Wake up!  The opposition to God’s plan is making a loud cry.  It’s as though they have discovered a new truth. Something other than God’s original plan. Yes! Praise God! Wake up brothers and sisters. But there is not a new gospel. Galatians warns us not to pay attention to a new gospel.  Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

Be careful in loving and responding with sympathy for those who are suffering, not to rewrite the Word of God.  Be cautious not to overcompensate by approving of sinful behavior. This is a warning. An SOS. A cry for help. Return to me! Joel 2:12 “Even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.”

There is hope!  Our only hope … which is in Jesus and His pure and clear Word. When we respond to the love of Jesus and ask forgiveness for having lived according to our own will, He promises   ” I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me, for I have redeemed you.” Isaiah 44:22

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