Wayne Blakely does an excellent job of remaining faithful to the bible, pointing out the sin, but also pointing people to Jesus, who is the solution to all sin. Wayne’s gospel oriented message is that when we surrender completely to God, the Holy Spirit will restore all sinners (not simply gays) into the image of Christ, giving them power to live holy lives.

Sadly, Wayne’s message of restoration is not what many in our church want to hear. Be that as it may, Wayne has courageously has stepped into the fray and is fearlessly speaking up for the truth of the bible.

Time is running out… The pitch is on the way, and if we (as church leaders) don’t swing, we will be thrown out and sidelined. Either we anchor our people to the loving truth of the Bible, or they will be swept away by the coming cultural Tsunami of “fake love”. I pray that you will carefully consider partnering with Know His Love Ministry, in helping to spread the true gospel of victory in Jesus.

Pastor James Ash
Shady Point, Oregon