What’s Your Destiny?

Philosophers, scientists, theologians and sociologists have long contributed to the “meaning of life.” From our earliest breaths we experience events, feelings, attractions, compulsions and a host of other sensations that all together coordinate our outlook on life.

Why are you here? What’s your life’s purpose? Who’s in control? What value do you have? How long will you be here… and where are you going?

Earth is uniquely different from other planets in the vast solar system. Earth is comprised of humans possessing the power to choose.  We choose what we will believe. And our choices influence our navigation throughout life on this earth.

One belief system is documented in The Holy Bible. Upon exploration, we choose whether we will believe or not.  Any opinion about life requires trust.

A belief in God and His Holy Word will lead to eternal life.

How we understand the Bible has led to an abundance of denominations, confusion and chaos which is the goal of prince of darkness.

Imagine a Holy being who has been cast out of Heaven over anarchy. What do you think his goal is going to be? Would it be to turn as many humans as possible against God?  

To some, the Bible is a distant, archaic blueprint that seems irrelevant for our present day. Many have adapted to a cultural routine, losing out on the blessings, guidance and real time relevancy provided in this Holy inspired letter to humanity.

Throughout Christianity,  there have been periods of focus and refocusing. In my childhood, I witnessed the Word being used as a legal reference guide. It appeared there were more “Don’ts” than “does.” Our Christian schools taught “Bible.” And many received a thorough education on the events associated with God’s Word. Only I’m not sure many experienced an abundant outpouring and demonstration of God’s innate love for us.

If the focus has been on building intimacy with Jesus, and experiencing His grace, mercy and power to overcome through Him, I don’t think as many would have left Jesus and the church. I was one of those who became disenchanted with the Bible and the church. I couldn’t figure out why I so powerfully felt one way, while the Bible would prescribe another.

So many of us placed our focus on the church, instead of on Jesus. This focus still exists today. However, God is so patient and has not given up on us.  He is, however, allowing the foretold events to roll out before us.

There are many stories of cause and effect throughout the Bible. Examples of those who put their faith and trust in Jesus and how He always delivered. And other examples of those who would defy God and the consequences for their chosen sins. Their rebellious nature.

In Matthew, Jesus assures us that if we will honor, love and obey Him, He will be with us until the end of time. That’s a promise I’m grateful for. I need Him today and every day.

Self-reliance might seem good for a season. That’s the enemy’s deceptive claim. You can trust yourself, but you can’t trust God.

Life is an amazing gift. What’s even more amazing is the promise of life forever if we will believe and trust the One who gave us life.  Knowing the perils, trials and temptations that lay before us, God provided us with much needed guidelines and laws. Not to restrict us, but to safely preserve us. With a natural bend toward sin, we fall to our own desires if we don’t maintain communion with our Commander in Chief.

However, if we don’t allow ourselves to develop intimacy with Him, we fall into the same camp as Lucifer and a third of the host of Heaven. We begin to paint God as stringent, unfair and restrictive.

I thank Jesus He allows us to go our way in hopes that we will finally “get it.”

No matter how long you live on this earth, it’s short in comparison with eternity. Many of us have gone through the agony of losing someone close to us.  A friend, spouse, or family member. Imagine what it’s like for Jesus who wants everyone to choose to be in His kingdom.  Imagine the grief and pain of creating someone for eternity, but because they choose self over Jesus, they will only have these precious few moments on earth.

It’s stunning how many have refused to allow Jesus to have any control in their lives. I’ve seen far too many cold case and homicide stories, trying to fathom how a human would resort to murder without the blink of an eye. You quickly see Satan has no regard for life.

But he’s not always so obvious. He works on many levels of deception to trip us up. Whatever works, is fine with him. Whether simple or complicated, he’s in it for the win.

After forty years of living life in agreement with what comes natural to me, I found myself asking this question; “Jesus, want do you want from me?”

I don’t hear that very much. I hear bitterness and accusations about religion and the church. But I don’t experience many people seeking out Jesus and asking what it is that He desires of us.

Eleven years ago, I asked that question and I got an answer. He said,  Wayne… I want and intimate relationship with you. One in which you are totally dependent on me, not upon your feelings and upon yourself. With Me, all things are possible. Philippians 4:13. Give me your life. The life I gifted you… and live with me for eternity.  Make me your focus. Put me in charge. Live for me, instead of for your natural desires and I promise you I will finish the work in you if you’ll let me begin it. Philippians 1:6.

If you will put down all your plans, answers and solutions that haven’t worked, and humble yourself before me, I’ll show you that I’m worth it. Trust Me!

That was a BIG request. I didn’t trust Him. I hadn’t trusted Him. I knew about Him, but I hadn’t allowed Him to reign and be in control. There is no promise that it will be easy. But think of the alternative. Think of your last breath being exactly that. No life beyond the grave.  How horrible. How dark and painful for those who love you. Especially your Creator. He intended for you to be with Him forever!

He said… Wayne… If you’ll ask forgiveness for your past disregard of me, and give me your future, I’ll make you a “New Creature” in Me. 2 Corinthians 5:17.

I was nervous. I didn’t know if I could do that. And Satan began to throw roadblocks at me even upon my reentering the church. But you know what? It wasn’t about the church! It was about my relationship with Jesus and His promises to me. It’s about recognizing Him as trustworthy.

Most of my classmates no longer have anything to do with Jesus. I have cousins, nieces and nephews who, like me for so many years, are dead set on living life according to self. They haven’t experienced the deep, enduring love of Jesus. The greatest love of all time. They’ve experienced “right” and “wrong,” but they haven’t experienced all that Jesus has to offer, His love being the vital component.  I pray for them every day. And I know God hears and answers those prayers. But He won’t force Himself on anyone.

Covid 19 has people talking. Every friend and relative I have who grew up in the Christian faith, knew this day would come. Perhaps they didn’t think it would occur in their lifetime. But it’s here. And perhaps more worrying, there are those who are in the church, who don’t acknowledge this as a distinguishing signal of where we are in this earth’s-tired history.

Pestilences will kill thousands. Luke 21. And Revelation tells of the four winds, from the four corners of the earth being loosened. The gradual withdrawing of the Holy Spirit. 2 Thessalonians tells how God will eventually give them over to their deprived minds. There’s no longer hope, and the plagues unfold. Destruction is about to come upon the earth. It’s long been anticipated. This land does not travel on everlastingly.

Yes, there may be reprieve, and I fear we may be at risk of thinking that “normalcy” will return. Truly God is vying for our attention.  And thankfully, many are beginning to ask questions about the Bible and its prophecies.

Cast aside your bitterness, doubt and resentment and humbly come to Jesus. Invite Him to renew you in Him. Ask Him to show you Himself. Think on Him, make your requests known to Him.

Choose Jesus and live with Him eternally!