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I am one of those who could easily claim to have been born gay. In fact I am certain that due to prenatal influences, it was pretty much a given.

The pain, difficulty, rejection and alienation and thrive to survive was intense.  After many years, I allowed Jesus to take my focus off of self and focus on Him.

Every one of us are born with a fallen nature. We are bent toward sin and disregarding God’s perfect plan. And yet

He so mercifully gave every one of us the power of choice. His will or my will?

Homosexuality and the long overdue discussion about it can no longer reside under the church pew. While Christianity has wandered for many years in ignorance, today there is a desire to understand that which has been hiding in the dark for decade upon decade.

In the church’s silence an entire culture and society developed and now many gays/homosexuals are   seeking to dictate their version of God’s Word by putting the focus on self desires rather than seeking God’s spiritual direction. For many, what God asks of us seems to be too much. Only in His love is there redemption for any of us.

Senseless ridicule, alienation and rejection seemingly provided a deserving right to interrupt God’s Word in whatever way “feels most comfortable. It is in the brokenness of all who choose to follow Jesus that we must humbly come together. God’s believers should be humbled by the cross and reach out to ANY sinner with God’s love and promise of redemption.

The gay/homosexual touched by the Holy Spirit, realizing the need to seek forgiveness, should also humbly forgive as we meet where all are level at the foot of the cross. As we behold the one who freely shed His blood for every child, we are cleansed by His blood. We are washed and He provides us with the right He won for us to   claim His victory. Isaiah 1:18 says “Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”

I experienced redemption when God divinely intervened in my life and I gave Him permission to claim me for His kingdom. As a result He has chosen me to serve as living proof of the victory and healing that He offers all. In the words contained on this site, it is my prayer that God will lead you in furthering His love and generous offer of redemption for any sinner. There is no hereditary or cultivated sin that He will not redeem us from.  – Wayne Blakely

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