Considering Christianity and LGBT+ Activism



My name is Wayne Blakely… Director of Know His Love Ministries.

The world is made up of many different kinds of people and cultures.

America prides itself in being the land of freedom. Freedom of speech and religious freedom.

Today… militant activists are threatening these long-established freedoms.

As a Christian,  I believe in God and His divine, inspired Word to us, expressed by means of His Holy Bible.  Many “feel” restricted by, or don’t believe in God and are making advances in citing the Bible as “hate speech.”

An in-depth study will confirm the greatest love known to man, is demonstrated by the blood Jesus shed for us. The blood He shed for you and me, results in a gift of eternal life with Him, should we choose to accept it. 

Life from the beginning of time… has been challenged with an enormous amount of complexities.  For me…, the most difficult issue in my life has been in dealing with same-sex attraction. I understand why many would say they were “born this way,” since such attractions go back as far as I can remember. 

While I grew up among many well-intentioned Christians, a certain ignorance prevailed. Being young and innocent at the time, I certainly couldn’t determine what was “willful blindness” by the church, and what wasn’t.  I simply experienced silence … and a lot of people whispering and pointing at me.

God’s Word is clear about the role of men and women… and His directives regarding marriage. But what about those who are naturally drawn to members of the same gender?

None of us arrive perfect. The Bible confirms that we have a natural bendtowards sin. Praise God Romans 5:8 tells us that Jesus died for us while we were still sinners.

The enemy of God has a different plan. His objective is to counterfeit anything having to do with God…, even “love.”    While God confirms and defines His “pure love” to us, Satan works to convince us that any interpretation of that “love” is acceptable.

This is where the divide begins. Not everyone believes in God. And many who do, seek to conveniently alter God’s Word, remastering it with fleshly desires.

Obviously, not everyone is Christian.  Thankfully, we’ve all been gifted with the power of choice.

God’s love for everyone that has breath is immense and unfathomable.

We haven’t always witnessed proof of that “love” in “self-proclaimed” Christians.

Many in the world today, including some inside the LGBT+ movement, don’t believe they’re loved unless their choice of sensual intimacy is endorsed.

You and I can think of multiple scenarios of our love for someone, whose behavior we may disagree with.

The LGBT+ movement has made huge advances since the grassroots days and its cultural birth at the Stonewall riots of 1969 in New York City.

God, in His fairness, has provided each of us with the power of choice. We’re not forced to live as He recommends. 

Sexual intimacies and sexual rights are not the overarching themes of the Bible. But honor, love, and obedience for God are.

We can’t always choose our temptations, but Jesus makes multiple promises, that by abiding in Him, we can choose our behavior, denying ourselves for Him. 

Years of silence and lack of education in the church has left many thinking that cultural LGBT+ freedom, is the only option. 

Over time, Biblical ignorance has done significant damage. 

Many Christians contend that redemption through Jesus Christ is validated by a change in sexual intimacy.

LGBT+ culture doesn’t celebrate those in the community who have attractions and desires but are looking for Biblical solutions.

Know His Love Ministries believes that redemption is a gift from God, confirmed by a change of heart. Behavior cannot purchase salvation.

As we grow in Jesus, we begin to choose His ways. There’s no promise of marriage, and we don’t possess a sexual rite of passage. But trusting God will always give way to His solutions. And His solutions will always agree with His Word.

After living in the LGBT+ community for forty years, I still hungered for a peace I hadn’t found.   I longed for the peace, hope, love, and assurance that only Jesus offers.

Many growing Christians recognize the gospel of Jesus is for every hungry heart seeking Him.  This includes the highly valued people in the LGBT+ community.

Upon my return to Jesus and to His body of believers, I recognized God’s call to share my testimony, my choice to live in agreement with Him, and to encourage others. 

Since 2009, I’ve been blessed by elevating this much-needed, Holy Spirit-inspired dialog in audiences around the world.

Feel free to contact me through the Know His Love Ministries website…

And remember…

No matter who you are… 

You matter, you belong… and you are loved!

Thanks for dropping by.