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Seminars and Interviews Featuring Wayne

Wayne has been featured on 3 Angels Broadcasting Network, The Dare to Dream Network, and The Light Channel Denmark, and been interviewed by many others. We have assembled a number of these below for your convenience.

Just Be blessed with Alex Castillejo

The Wayne Blakely Story

From Homesexual to Finding True Identity in Christ

After nearly forty years of living openly as a gay man. Wayne Blakely will share with us how God was able to call him out of the homosexual lifestyle and into the light of the knowledge of Christ. A wonderful testimony showing the power of prayer and the power of God’s ability to save anyone!

From The Dare to Dream Network

Pure Choices

The Prefix Christian

Wayne Blakely talks to Ron Woosley about “The Prefix Christian.” A Christian is to be “like Christ.” A “Prefix Christian”, as Ron describes it is a modifying the concept of the Christian to fit todays changing world.

Influences of the Media

Danielle Harrison talks with her team mates from Coming Out Ministries about influences of the media on sexual perversion..

From The Light Channel Denmark

News “Age” Sexuality?

Episode 1

How many Gods does Christianity serve?

Episode 2

How does Homosexuality relate to the Bible?

Episode 3

Humanistic Sexuality or God’s Design ? 


News & Articles

Understanding the Word “Homosexual” in The Bible

As published on 7/19/19 Over the past several days, I’ve been researching the introduction of the word “homosexual” in God’s Holy Word. My research was ignited, largely due to an article/interview circulating on social media called: “Has ‘Homosexual’...

Why Jesus?

Ten years ago I decided to let go of self and invite Jesus to be in control.  How is your life different because of Jesus? Is He King? Have you contemplated your destiny? How does it end? This morning I prepared a warm bath, put on some Christian music and began to...

Dear LGBT+ Child of God

Dear LGBT+ Child of God, My dear child, this letter to you is from your Heavenly Father.  I have witnessed the chaos and confusion among my children, which has prompted me to write reminding you of my “love in truth” for you. Many, including Christians, are convincing...

Love You to Death

I was rejected, even before I was born. My mother was indignant, making statements that she would not give birth to a boy. She only wanted girls. Her demeanor never changed, as my younger brother by birth was additionally rejected. At the age of two and a half, I was...

Be More Than You… Be “His.”

You arrive at no choice of your own, and before you figure out what’s going on, you find you have feelings and attractions that don’t add up to anything that Jesus says He loves and approves. You begin to feel as though you are a disappointment. And before you can...

Don’t Hide God’s Transforming Love – It’s Fatal

What’s the meaning of love my friend, my brother and sister in Jesus? Have you abdicated from the original meaning? Have you muddied its value? “Just love them!” “We all just need to love one another.” “Just be yourself!” “Just make them ‘feel’ loved.”  Okay… So...

Come join us

Recent Events

Ridgefield, Washington

Feb 8, 2020 @ 11:00AM
Whipple Creek Adventist Church

Wayne will be sharing his presentation titled “Shaken to the Foundation for the morning service and will be available for questions.


Mentone, California

Feb 21, 2020 @ 7:00PM
Mentone SDA Church

If you in Loma Linda, San Bernardino, Redlands or Riverside, California come join us for 3 presentations and a time for Q&A.

Shawnee, Kansas

feb 29, 2020 @ 9:30AM
Chapel Oaks Adventist Church

Presentations include “Born That Way?” “Shaken To The Foundation” and “Journey Interrupted,” with a Q&A to follow.