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James Ash ~ Pastor

Wayne Blakely does an excellent job of remaining faithful to the bible, pointing out the sin, but also pointing people to Jesus, who is the solution to all sin. Wayne’s gospel oriented message is that when we surrender completely to God, the Holy Spirit will restore all sinners (not simply gays) into the image of Christ, giving them power to live holy lives.

Sadly, Wayne’s message of restoration is not what many in our church want to hear. Be that as it may, Wayne has courageously has stepped into the fray and is fearlessly speaking up for the truth of the bible.

Time is running out… The pitch is on the way, and if we (as church leaders) don’t swing, we will be thrown out and sidelined. Either we anchor our people to the loving truth of the Bible, or they will be swept away by the coming cultural Tsunami of “fake love”. I pray that you will carefully consider partnering with Know His Love Ministry, in helping to spread the true gospel of victory in Jesus.

Pastor James Ash
Shady Point, Oregon

Roger Walter – Pastor

I have heard Wayne’s seminar and it is well done and appropriate for all ages and all people. We invited all the area non-Adventist churches to come and hear as well. I have also had many conversations with Wayne knowing that he is staying accountable to his decisions and his presentations. I am clear as to the heartbeat of his message.

I highly recommend Wayne and “Coming Out Ministries” as a useful tool as we seek to deal biblically with a message of love on the issue of homosexuality.

Roger Walter
Senior Pastor
Seventh-day Adventist Community Church of Vancouver

Max C. Torkelsen I l

I am happy to recommend Wayne Blakely and his ministry without any hesitation. Wayne is a faithful Seventh-day Adventist Christian, active in his local congregation and with a growing outreach which keeps him busy working for the Lord.

After nearly 40 years living openly as a gay man, Wayne became convicted that he had been self-centered instead of Christ-centered. Through a deep and ongoing encounter with Jesus, his life and his focus have been transformed. Wayne has now founded “Know His Love Ministries.” Rather than urging gay people to become heterosexual he encourages them, indeed all of us, to live a Christ-centered life.

Max C. Torkelsen I l President
Adventist North Pacific Union Conference

Teddy Shupe ~ Pastor

In the past six months, I have had the opportunity to attend two separate presentations given by Wayne  Blakely. My impressions are as follows.

First, I very much appreciated Wayne’s humility. He is not on a band wagon, not an activist, and not in your face whatsoever. On the contrary, Wayne simply shares his own journey out of the homosexual lifestyle because of his life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ experienced through Scripture, as well as healthy friendships offered him by his SDA church family. Wayne does not claim to know it all and freely admits if he does not have an answer. He is willing to listen and learn as he shares what God has done in his life, and he remains patient, self-possessed, courteous and thoughtful when responding to questions or comments.

Second, Wayne’s integrity and transparency is genuine and refreshing. By tactfully revealing his own struggles and how God empowered him to transition from a homosexual identity to an identity of being in Christ, I was left feeling reassured that God really can transform all of us, gays included, who are willing to bask in God’s love and grace and follow where He leads.

Third, his understanding of the gay worldview is remarkably insightful. As a pastor I have found that people in the pews and in the community are confused about homosexuality, given the inundation of misinformation from the media. Having come out of this lifestyle himself has given Wayne exceptional awareness of the issues with real-life credibility. This is why his talks are so needed, helpful and timely.

Most important, Wayne helps Christians understand how to relate with gays without fear, how to engage them in conversations when they are ready, and how to share truths in a loving, inviting way. He certainly helped me think through the various gay issues from a solidly Bible-based, God-honoring SDA perspective. And given the soon-to-be-released documentary entitled, “Seventh-Gay Adventist”, I feel prepared to deal tactfully and truthfully with the confusing misinformation presented in the film.

Bottom line? It is my firm conviction that SDA churches need to invite Wayne to help educate SDAs on how to love and reach people in the gay lifestyle. He is clear, credible and trustworthy, and what he shares grabs the heart and mind, showing the best ways to reach and win their hearts for Christ.

If you have any questions or concerns about Wayne’s ministry, I would be happy to dialogue with you.

Peace and courage be yours from Christ Jesus our Lord,

Teddy Shupe, Pastor
Riverview Seventh-day Adventist Church

Randy Maxwell – Pastor

In an age when self-indulgence is celebrated and defended through political correctness, Wayne Blakely lives and speaks a message of self-denial that leads every audience to the foot of the cross, and to new life in Christ. I have personally been touched by the testimony of this man who left the homosexual lifestyle to pursue a biblical lifestyle of sexual purity. Wayne makes no claims of sudden heterosexuality resulting from his baptism and doesn’t deny the reality of temptation. But his commitment to holiness and to being a “new creation” in Christ, makes his a relevant and timely gospel message for everyone—not just the homosexual. Transformation, not accommodation, is Wayne’s message for these times. I fully endorse Wayne’s ministry and encourage my fellow pastors to give Wayne an opportunity to bless their congregations with his powerful testimony.

Randy Maxwell, Pastor
Founder, If My People Pray Ministries