Blog Talk Radio Interview

Elder Raymond King and his wife Susan King have been instrumental in presenting seminars and conferences for the last several years on sexual purity and sexual morality. Their efforts continue through their ministry on their website at Securing Hope Ministry.

One of our more recent interviews served as a blessing to all of us. Sex and Sexuality; A Spiritual Discussion.

Focusing on our message to Pastors, we are on Blog Talk Radio with Elder Raymond King, on the second Tuesday of every month.

Here is a link to the current interview. This was a very meaty discussion that will benefit pastors, church leaders, lay people and same-sex attracted individuals. Were were blessed in sharing.

May 8, 2012

Reaching out with truth and love

Here is the link to the broadcast from November 8th, 2011.

Reaching out to pastors.

Raising concerns about sexual issues in a denomination that tends to remain silent on such topics poses a real challenge. But God has provided strength and endurance as they reach out to those in great need.

Elder King conducts a weekly live radio broadcast of which I was recently invited to participate in as a guest.

Here’s the link to this archived broadcast. Homosexuality and The Church.