Leaving Homosexuality

Exodus International’s history to many, has been about “change ministries.”  Well the change once associated with Exodus International is not the change that is focused upon today.

Early on in the organization, the focus was put on becoming straight. This is an expectation that many church members who are ignorant about homosexuality, believe is a prerequisite in the conversion process.

Eventually Exodus recognized that what is elementary in any Christian, is their personal walk and relationship with Jesus Christ. This is accentuated by the current president, Alan Chambers.

No genuine change can occur without Jesus. The result of knowing Jesus personally, will custom design the change in that person’s life exactly as God designs it to be.  Is it to become heterosexual?

That is the wrong goal. Only God knows how He will reshape our future and our relationship with Him.  It is however, vital to grow in a relationship that keeps us connected to Jesus Christ, living according to His will. Intimacy outside of spiritual intimacy, may no longer be a part of that individual’s life.

Christ asks that we live a sexually pure life. For anyone not choosing to engage in the relationship of the union between a man and a woman, this would result in celibacy.

“Leaving Homosexuality” closely examines the walk out of the gay lifestyle and devoting our life to Jesus Christ and letting Him reveal His plan to us.

This book is fascinating, real and very practical. It is a “must have” for anyone seeking freedom and accepting their new identity as a “New Creation” in Jesus Christ.