Wayne Blakely

I am a Christian man of God. I write and speak about what God has done in my life and what He promises to do for all who choose to believe in Him.  The power of His love, truth and salvation is designed for every gay, homosexual or same-sex attracted individual to discover His will for them.

I am happy to address your class, church, small group or conference.

I knew from early childhood that something about me was very different from everyone else.  I was 18 before I realized the full extent of it. I found no help in the church and decided to follow my natural feelings and explore all that I had been warned about. The world at large and the prince of darkness laid hold of me, but God never left me.

I began to find out that there is a whole lifestyle connected to the very natural feelings I possessed. The more I learned about this lifestyle and community, the more I was drawn to it.

In this process of accepting myself and my natural inclinations, I still felt that God was telling me that accepting this lifestyle was not His plan for me. But I followed my feelings and placed my desires above those of God.

I felt like none of my prayers had been heard or answered. But I had been praying to become straight, while God’s plan was really for me to be drawn to an intimate relationship with Him.  Pastors would just tell me to “Stop sinning.”   No one in the church seemed to understood me and I began to feel more and more loved and comforted by those who were same-sex attracted like me.

Discussions with my friends who were not raised Adventist confirmed that they also believed that this lifestyle was not in accordance with God.  Yet many of them had suffered rejection and some were abused by church leaders.

After living many years in self-indulgence and witnessing my friends disappear from the face of the earth due to sexually transmitted disease, I was left alone.

Now what? Who would I grow old with?   Strange enough…I was finally in a seemingly helpless position  in which I pondered the truth about what God asks of me and of those who want to experience and live in His light. All this time I had expected to feel normal. But then I recognized that even “normal” people are immersed in self-indulgence.

Sitting in front of my computer one day, I found myself contemplating life and my destiny. I guess after all these years, I wanted to see if there were any new answers.  So I did a web search and discovered the ministry of a precious Christian, Inge Anderson. Through her, I became reacquainted with God and what He desires from those who will surrender to Him. Inge made clear what options are before us and their outcome. I did not feel judged. I felt and believed the power of the Holy Spirit drawing me to truth and began to recognize that Jesus was calling me to study His Word.  Through study and prayer, an intimate relationship with Jesus began. I am experiencing the life of purity He calls me to.

His plan for everyone of us is that of  self-denial  no matter what our sin problem may be. He gives us freedom from labeling ourselves with a temptation identity. We are God’s children drawing closer to Holiness each day.  A desire has been ignited in me to do His will instead of my own. I want to live for Jesus, not for self. I realize now how I was deceived for so many years.

God inspires  me to reach out and help others. The clarity of His message and the partial understanding of His immense love for us, has put the desire in me to help churches, church leaders and congregations explore the ignorance they have long been victim of.  Not just regarding gays and those suffering from same-sex attraction,  but regarding the need to learn to love ALL sinners and drawing them to God’s truth by reflecting His love.

We are all called to Holiness. Fully attaining it will  not come to completion on this earth. But when we begin to experience God’s love and emulate His life, we begin to give others who have suffered through this life a small glimmer of hope and His love for us.

I ask for continued prayers on my journey. I pray that God will use my story and my experience to further your walk with Him.

If you have a question, a comment or would like to book a weekend presentation or speaking  engagement, please contact me at knowgreaterlove@comcast.net

Many of God’s RICH blessings to you, ……………. Wayne Blakely