Love Is Orientation

… An Orientation

This book is a great “jumping off” book for gaining the basics for a clear view on the homosexual, what they have experienced via the church and the beginning of delving into the issue from a “Christ-like” attitude, rather than a judging attitude. It is a primer for ministering to gay individuals and should be required reading for every pastor, congregational member and theology student.

As far as I know, there is not an academic program in place that teaches God’s disciples how to reflect and show His love to endangered souls who need to be encouraged to keep their focus on Jesus and His will for them.

God bonked Andrew right on the head and made it very clear to him exactly how to  REACH OUT and provide break-through approaches to those who have been scorned and rejected by the church.

They are not rejected by God, and he shows us how to adjust our thinking and win souls instead of condemn them.

Once one has grasped the love concept, it is then and only then that exploration of how to lovingly discover and convey what our love relationship with Jesus means. The commitment involved. Andrew Marin stops short of that. Perhaps because there has been so much rejection and alienation. But when we come to a mutual forgiveness of one another, we must look at how to go about developing a “right” relationship with Jesus.

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This is written in an easy to understand language and considered… a must read!