Our Pitiful Mess – Denying Victory over Sin – The Continuing Gay Dilemma

Posted by on November 27, 2016

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Theologically and practically, we have done a sad disservice, not only to gays, but to anyone struggling with sin and with temptation.  We give the impression that you’re stuck just the way you are. That even if you think about a sin, you must identify by it.
We are in such a mess! Because we don’t really believe and make application of the sound gospel of Jesus. We’re telling Him, He has to do everything, including making our decisions. Paul makes it very clear to us in 1 Corinthians 15:31 that we have to die to sin daily. But just as many other words from God’s Word that don’t “feel” good, many are saying we really can’t rely on Paul, because of his mental condition.
Really?  So… You’re going to say that God, allowed some directions to be put in His Word that we can’t really rely on, that would confuse us, making it difficult to know His will and His plan for us?  I don’t serve a God like that.  My God knew exactly what I would need to know for such a time as this.
For years the Adventist church pointed to all that we have to do, without emphasis on what Jesus did for us, and surrendering to Him as a result of the love relationship that we need to develop with Him. We pointed to works, rather than to Jesus.  We had it a bit backward.  Why would you give up your nasty dirty, thoughts, deeds and actions for someone you don’t really even know?  In fact we cling to them and even try to justify identifying by them.
Let me spell it out a little more clearly. Satan is allowed to tempt and try to convince us of his lies. We are born with the stain of sin on us.  Some arrive with anger issues. Some arrive with inborn addictions.  All of us have traits that condition us to naturally respond to sin. Heredity coming all the way down from Adam, has damaged us. “Surely there is not a righteous man on earth who does good and never sins. Ecclesiastes 7:20” We try to discredit whatever pricks our flesh and doesn’t “feel” natural or in agreement with what we desire. But it’s always been, that sin is that comes natural to us.  This is what God is trying to alert us of, if we would pay close attention to HIS Word, instead of falling to Satan’s lies and deceptions. We’ve been digging in our heels.
We want to hear things that make us “feel” good and agree with what our flesh agrees with.  Oh that awful, desperately wicked heart. Jeremiah 17:9 it’s terribly contagious. Especially when we are sharing public messages that soothe it.
We need to call sin by its rightful name, but not leave it there. God has commissioned us to spread the sin solution which is found in falling in love with Jesus, surrendering to Him, and walking with Him.
As a church, we are blessed with such awesome truths and light that God has given. We need to provide great love and compassion for the sin afflicted soul, just as Jesus counsels.  He hates sin and wants us to hate it as well. He has provided solutions and has asked us to share them.
Misconceptions bring disillusionment. So it is important not surmise about the topic, but be Biblically educated on it. We can’t share what we don’t have. All of us need an intimate walk with Jesus.
Many think that in the ministry God has provided me today, that I would speak as though I’m “cured” of homosexuality. Jesus offers healing to all that will acceptance His guidance and wisdom.  “Curing” is a life-long process. Jesus forgives any genuinely repentant sinner, but He does not promise to remove the temptations.  And as we have indulged heavily in sin or sinful desires, we have not done ourselves any favors, causing lasting results of which requires a fight.  But we are not alone in the fight and God provides us the strength we require. We still have a choice about accessing His strength and making right choices.
“Wrongs cannot be righted, nor can reformations in conduct be made by a few feeble, intermittent efforts. Character building is the work, not of a day, nor of a year, but of a lifetime. The struggle of for conquest over self, for holiness and heaven is a lifelong struggle.   Without continual effort and constant activity, there can be no advancement in the divine life, no attainment of the victor’s crown.” MH 452, 453
Protecting our sin and sin temptations by promoting ideas that that’s just how we are, only anchors us in Satan’s lies and deceptions. We are in a lifelong battle against sin. Our only hope is not in taking advantage of fun things to do in life and satisfying the flesh continuously, but by putting on the armor of God and recognizing where the arrows from Satan are coming from.  Many of those arrows are in believing in an identity originated and advanced by sin, rather than by choosing an identity and a life that is accelerated in Jesus.
From my personal walk with Christ, allow me to share this please…  If I chose an identity of being a “celibate gay,” you would immediately see that my focus is on my desires and temptations in same-sex attractions.  It puts the focus on me, and being anchored to this identity, rather than putting a focus on Jesus and all that He promises me.  You would think, poor Wayne… he wants gay sex, but can’t have it.  How many people do you know who go around identifying as a “celibate heterosexual?”  The emphasis would not be on Jesus, it would be on their struggle or condition that would make you think that God is ineffective and not acknowledged as king in their lives.
King is always the top priority.  If I refer to myself as a “gay Christian,” or a “Celibate gay Christian,” you are likely to instantly have a sensual or sexual concept about my priorities. So much so, that I have chosen to identify by them.  Instead of seeing Jesus, you begin to have a focus on me and my desires.  If I tell you I’m a “non-practicing gay,” you’re not thinking about Jesus, you’re thinking… oh… Wayne… Hmmm he’s gay and likes men. And your mind heads off in a direction that is not redemptive or healthy.
In actuality, as a church body, or teaching institution we begin to accommodate the language of others, (a world language) we’re sending the wrong message.  We’re limiting the advancement and healing of Jesus in that person’s life, by using a world identity, rather than pointing those to the King who greatly desires to gift them with an identity in Jesus Christ and holiness.
I surrender myself and my past to Christ, He washes me clean and sets me free in every moment that I claim my new identity in Him, 2 Corinthians 5:17.  And… I claim the promise of 1 Corinthians 6:11. “…such were some of you.”  I have the freedom to choose to walk back into my past at any moment. And I also have the freedom to walk in God’s paths of righteousness in every moment.  Satan can’t force me to sin, and Christ can’t force me to remain in His righteousness. The choice is mine.  I live in free will. I can give my will to Christ, or I can put self first, and gratify the flesh.  I can live in sin, or I can choose to die to sin.
By dying to sin and sinful desires, I accept moment by moment, my God-give identity as a “New Creature” in Him.  Isn’t this the true meaning of identifying as a “Christian?” Christ is first!
I don’t go around making cases to remain the way I am, or insist that I cannot be changed. What is change? What happens when you are converted? You say “no” to sin and self, and “yes” to who you are becoming in Jesus Christ.  If you want to hang on to your past, or your desires, you can do so. Or you can accept that awesome gift of becoming a “New Creature” in Him.
You don’t have to make some “sexual” preference demonstration to accept the gift of your new identity. You don’t have to have a girlfriend or boyfriend of the opposite sex, or marry, to prove that you’ve been redeemed. You don’t have to be shaped by the stereotypes of others, simply give your heart to Christ and let Him free you from this world’s preconceived notions.  Take God at His Word. Leave behind the language of others and be who God has designed you to be. A follower who has picked up his cross and abides continually in Jesus Christ.
Millions of gays, as well as misdirected Christians are settling for a world identity sunken in sexuality. A lie from the enemy. “Sexual Orientation” is from Satan. Jesus didn’t give you life to be driven by sex or oriented by sex. He’s invited you to be oriented to Him. 
Choosing to identify exclusively in Christ, does not convey hate toward any suffering soul, let alone gays. It says that whoever believes in Jesus, can choose to put self aside and claim the right to all that Jesus offers. Self dies, and Jesus lives. There is not discrimination at the foot of the cross. All sinners our welcome, however, we must acknowledge our sinfulness.
My prayer is that you will contemplate the love in truth message of Jesus Christ and allow Him to rule in every moment of every day, preparing for eternity with Him.  Be a child of the kingdom.

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