Who’s Knocking

Posted by on January 22, 2016

There wasn’t so much as a freckle on this pristine earth. Like all other days, the sun had risen and every living organism sparkled reflecting the perfect light and life instilled by its Creator.

A dazzling river flowed by an amazing tree, unlike any other tree.  Fruit hung from the tree, conspicuously peculiar and inviting.

Essentially, in the beginning there was only one commandment.  “Thou shalt not eat of it.” Pretty simple huh? It wasn’t about “choice,” as God wasn’t offering a choice. He was demonstrating His authority with a reminder that obedience to God is vital in the creation and existence of man.

Undoubtedly the fruit was supremely good… as when God created all things He declared that it was “very good.” God had made His instructions clear and they had been lovingly and cautiously conveyed.

Can we take God at His Word?  Is He trustworthy? Has He ever lied to us?

The tree, regardless of its beauty and inviting appearance, came with a warning.  “Don’t eat of it, or you will surely die.”

Even today we have this reminder.  There are trees and shrubs that bear beautiful berries or fruit that are fatal if we eat them. Knowing these consequences, pretty much everyone doesn’t want to experiment. They’re not tempted, knowing the end result. But what if a creature was introduced to the tree or shrub with a cunning voice that assured you that your perceptions were incorrect. Quite the opposite would occur if you were to indulge in sampling the voluptuous produce.

What’s peculiar is that this simple illustration is what we face at many crossroads today. Before us are many great truths. However, the element of temptation seems to introduce “foul” at so many levels. By positioning ourselves where we shouldn’t be to begin with, “doubt” is introduced and “trust” wavers.

Instead of a convincing beautiful creature blatantly and cunningly intriguing you, he has convinced willing subjects to tempt on his behalf.  Through the language of others. Through visual advertising.  Through convincing arguments. Through our senses…just as he convinced Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Over six thousand years, Satan has all but succeeded in convincing us that God’s commands don’t really matter and that we can use our sin flawed knowledge to equate and argue with the giver and Creator of knowledge. Satan is reproducing his tactics and all that are willing to turn against their Creator with debate, self-elevation and self-gratification. Much in the same way a third of the angels were convinced to leave Heaven with the rebellious one. He’s recruiting for his last stand, and he wants you standing there with him proposing that he can overtake the kingdom of which he was cast out.

Oh what a sick and twisted mess we are in as this world continues to indulge itself in following “feelings” rather than God’s rich, loving truths that have the ability to secure eternal life. Why are we playing with fire? Why do we protest?  Why do we question God and His perfect plan for our lives?  Why don’t we believe in His love for us?  That He only desires good for us, not evil.

Many have enjoyed the experience of smoking and the sensation attached to the habit. But it eventually kills organs and claims people’s lives.  Others will drink alcohol for the numbing effect that brings about relaxation and escape, but experience cirrhosis of the liver as a result. Others fall victim to less obvious vices like unhealthy food that doesn’t immediately produce its possible and likely fatal effects via heart attacks and strokes.

Misuse of knowledge that taints rather than heals has fatal consequences as well. We are creatures of habit. … Bad habits. And without divine intervention and convictions led by the Holy Spirit, we are on a dead end course.

The “language of the world,” rather than the life-giving Words of Jesus is taking its toll. Do we have blinders on? Are we refusing to come together and reason with God… and with each other?

We’ve drifted far from the tree into as sea of rationalizations and self-justifications for the “sin” that we love and refuse to let go of.

A parent often watches their child make decision after decision that brings about negative consequences. Many wonder, how can they keep making these poor decisions that bring about such devastating results. Hearts break. Dysfunctional relationships often develop. Close ties are severed as a result of poor choices.

Unlike some earthly parents, our Heavenly Father, while His heart is breaking… remains faithful to His creations. “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

My life has been riddled with poor choices.  Even today… I find myself weak and sometimes resistant to what I know to be God’s truth. Yet He invites me to listen to His still small voice.  It’s only faint because I’ve allowed the world to become so incredibly loud and heavily influence my flesh, rather than exercising faith without the reliance of “feelings” that deceive.

Where does your knowledge come from?  Are you listening to the “language of others?”  Are you taking God at His Word or even reading His Word?  Where is your hope? What’s your destiny?

Today Satan is reaping the results of his cleverly calculated lies. Many of his deceptions are not being instantly indoctrinated. He’s been maneuvering and manipulating for thousands of years. He’s convinced you and me. Or at least he’s counting on it.

Today Christians are boldly defying God’s abominations and telling God He’s all mixed up and doesn’t understand us or know what’s best for us.  Entire congregations and their pastors, leaders and college professors, are providing excuses and justifications to remain as we are in our decaying flesh and mental instability…rewriting God’s Word according to the flesh. Are you numb to God’s clear Word? Have you begun to accept lies as though they were truth? Do you listen to the world and fail to go to the Word to examine God’s purpose and plan for us?

Sex and every distortion and counterfeit of God’s purpose and plan is being readily adopted in every denomination today.  One would begin to think that the world must be about to end. Same sex, bi-sex, extra marital sex, pre-marital sex, pedophilia, animal sex, and a countless array of other kinds of sex are being adapted to and openly promoted unlike at any other time in earth’s history.  Are you comfortable sitting still and observing the destruction? If I’m okay and you’re okay…why hasn’t Jesus come yet? What is He waiting for?

Is He asking me to be who I am… or who He desires me to be? Is my identity in sex?  Or is my identity in Jesus Christ? Is He asking me to live in agreement with Him?

Satan has introduced bold faced confusion by using sex as someone’s orientation and compass in life rather than allowing Jesus to be our compass and inviting us to honor, obey and glorify Him.

Dear reader… It’s not too late. Jesus says: “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” Revelation 3:20

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