The Great Debate – Matthew Vines and Dr Michael Brown

Posted by on June 29, 2014










 Where is your peace of mind regarding homosexual behavior?  Should you live as your flesh instructs you?  Do up uphold God’s Word as His law of love which provides us guidance for all time?


Does God honor us when we reinterpret the Word of God to be in agreement with our flesh?


There are many questions that could be asked. But I believe each of us has to make a decision based on what brings honor and glory supporting obedience to God.


Matthew Vines has said what thousands have wanted to hear. How does this show that God is King?  That He is in control. As Creater and the giver of life, He asks us to follow Him. To put down that that offends Him and live for Him.


The contrast of beliefs in this debate should provoke each of us to seek God, His kingdom and our future.


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