Ignorance is Bliss / Or a Revival of Faith

Posted by on October 22, 2011

Christian faith denominations today are sometimes guilty of following routine and tradition. That of which  we know, rather than exercising faith in the power of Jesus Christ of that which we may not know or be comfortable with.

Allow me to explain.  Today, as for more than a hundred years, we plaster prophecy signs with seven headed beasts and the like… trying to attract people to discovery of foretold prophecy. Some, may see this as little more than science fiction by the display of such posters.  But it has long been the taught and accepted form of evangelism.

The question I have is, what type of person does that invoke? And might there be a better way to enlist hungry souls for Christ. End of the world events is crucial information and knowledge to have. But where does it fit in the revival of a spiritual reawakening?

Wouldn’t the draw to the Savior be through what He offers us each individually? What if the prophecy series had posters that emulated a modern day call? Something people readily associate with like:  “Do you know your destiny? Are you plagued with adultery? Are you stressed from your worldly obligations? Is being gay really an option? Are you desperately seeking answers to life’s perplexities?”

Imagine the turn out to a well publicized event of this nature. You don’t remove or discredit the prophecy portion. But you insert it in its proper order. Wouldn’t it make more sense to offer God’s love and offer of healing before  indulging folks into deep theological prophecy?

I am reminded of the lame man that Peter and John approached at Nazareth. Peter said “Silver and gold have I none but such as I have give I thee.  In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.”   The element of surprise may have been just as visibly been seen on Peter and John’s faces, as they confessed that they had no power or godliness to perform such a miracle. But they TRUSTED and had FAITH in the one who could.

We are sidestepping current satanic trauma in our persistent ignorance is bliss approach. Our own members in our congregations need the same love, help and healing that we are suggesting to the community is theirs to be had.

But if we don’t begin to move forward in faith and trust in the power of Jesus which is freely given, He will continue to allow us to be back further and further into a corner until we are convicted with the message He has given us to share.

It is fascinating to know the succession of end world events. But it is crucial to first know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, friend and healer of ALL sin.

Sin sickened souls have sat in church pews following a pattern of routine. Coming to church each week and wondering if the sin that afflicts them will ever be addressed and if there will be any noticeable glint of hope or healing for them.

It cannot be assumed that just because people are not sharing their sin stories with one another, that they simply don’t exist in that congregation. They are in every congregation. And what’s more is that even if a problem isn’t prevalent in a particular congregation, the souls attending are hungry to learn how they can help someone who is suffering.

The church is the meeting place for believers to become educated and set on fire for Christ. So that we are better equipped to reach out to those who are lost, lonely, deceived and corrupted by the influence Satan has had on this world.

If we take up comfort in remaining ignorant; the lame will not walk, the adulterer will continue to cheat on his/her spouse, the drug addict will continue to use, the homosexual will continue to persist in what seems natural to him or her.  They will not experience healing that is not offered.

When we present Christ as the healer and show His love to EVERY sinner, the Holy Spirit convicts souls with repentance and a reaching out to be healed. They begin to quench ‘holiness.’ They catch the fire of change that Jesus can bring to their lives and they begin to share it with others who have been long deceived.

Ignorance is not bliss…. It’s just a delay in not being able to realize these end time events more quickly. Spiritual revival will quicken the believer and spread to those who want to know where they to can experience this flame of revival.

This is another evidence of training children in the way they should go, because they will return unto you. When those who have witnessed the generic routines of houses of God actually catch on fire for Christ and personally witness and convey that change to others; many thought lost will pour back into God’s church family with a spirit of revival and healing.

It is those that are returning that God will use as evidence of His power, strength, glory and confirmation of His ‘holiness.’

It is my prayer that while we have often been a reactive denomination, that we will step forward in our belief and strong faith in Jesus and become proactive in reaching out to directly to sins that have been ignored, glossed over, or just uncomfortable to mention. Religion might be for comfort minded people, but true Christianity and belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ is aimed at the heart of EVERY sinner seeking relief.

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