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I am much faster today at bouncing back from disparagement than I used to be. I praise Jesus for this!

Most important in the rescue of any sinner, is a support system. Individuals who will listen, pray and encourage during our walk with Christ. God provides and I have been so very blessed by those who know me. People that witnessed Jesus taking over my sin filled life. They have been able to monitor and truly know the passion that Jesus Christ has commissioned me with.

Today there are few gays and homosexuals who have accepted the enlightenment of Jesus Christ which suggests that they lay aside their personal desires, temptations, beliefs and lusts.  The parallels to most any other kind of sin are many.  But for some crazy reason; pastors, leaders and congregations have knighted the same-sex sin as one not seemingly redeemable. And they lack tact, skill, much needed education and unfortunately for many, desire in reaching out to those who seem less than desirable for their congregation.

Oh… nearly everyone in the congregation has a relative who suffers from the affliction/temptations. But hardly anyone has any idea what to do about it. So the gay/homosexual who is foraging their way back to Christ through the church, has an incredibly difficult struggle. One they once gave up by caving into the deceptions Satan laid before them.

Congregations will not speak of the sinful offense and what to do about it; thereby paving the road for young people with their dark secret to exit when they can no longer handle the neglect and lack of spiritual guidance. The irony of it is daunting.

At this very moment the film “Seventh Gay Adventists” is in post production, plotting to expose and deploy the stories of many gays and lesbians who have experienced an array of insult, injury and alienation from within the Seventh Day Adventist denomination.  The film will catch congregations of multiple denomination by storm.  When you have been insulted and injured enough times, you develop scar tissue. You harden and you become set in your ways. You begin to develop animosity toward those who have brought you grief instead of introducing you to God’s saving grace and personalizing their efforts to preserve your soul for the kingdom of God.  It’s heart wrenching.

I have personally witnessed the pain of these sensitive souls.  By ignoring, distancing and hushing any exploration of this little understood Biblical sin, the church is now in a vulnerable position.  In the deep and painful silence of all who have experienced this alienation or have loved ones who experience it, the stage is perfectly set for a film to dramatically draw your attention and prey upon well deserved sympathies. The hope is that the result of your sympathy will open your arms, your minds, your hearts and a reversing of your preconceived morals.  Satan is excited.  What a perfect opportunity to deceive yet even more individuals. Not just the gay, but their relatives, friends and any sympathetic ear.

Those who know me, know that I study God’s Word and seek to maintain a continual abiding in Him and consecrate my life to His leading. Following truth as it is revealed from His Word.  This is very unpopular among gays/homosexuals.  What is more apt for many today is the refashioning of God’s Word … or even the ignorance of it to bring favor and even moral acceptance of what God’s Word clearly points out as unacceptable living. Self now reins.

This will be a decision making time for those who profess their belief in Christ and their love for all sinners.  One route to consider is this.  A most heartfelt apology is in order for any contribution to the pain and unnecessary suffering of same-sex attracted individuals that the church has caused. This is a huge dose of humble pie. But we are all born with sinful natures. We are all instructed to seek forgiveness for wrong doings.  The glaring injustice here is the one of  devaluing a soul and ignoring the need to minister to the very heart and soul of the endangered individual.

I have been criticized for my sensitive nature from early childhood. This is a typical characteristic of many who are gay or homosexual. It is also a characteristic of the most talented and creative individuals who have provided us with entertainment, art, charitable causes, film, etc.

It is extremely difficult to make something stop hurting when it simply hurts.  It’s often like the phrase you frequently hear; “it’s not personal.”  And many of the times that phrase is used… it indeed is very personal.

Ellen White experienced times of discouragement while she was deep in the efforts of seeking to bring spiritual help and advice to Christians. In a letter she wrote she said; “I have had many trials of late, discouragement at times has laid so fast hold upon me it seemed impossible to shake it off. But thank God, Satan has not got the victory over me yet, and by the grace of God he never shall. I know and feel my weakness, but I have laid hold upon the strong arm of Jehovah, and I can say today I know that my Redeemer liveth, and if He lives I shall live also.”

Words from the inspired writer, Ellen White have also warned that discouragement in the final days of this old world is likely to come from within our own church.

God has made clear to me over and over since my reconversion, that above all else, it is my personal relationship with Him that I must value most. I will answer to God for what He has revealed to me as truth. As each of us will be held responsible for the truths He has made clear to us and what we have done as a result.

Have we submitted ourselves to Him? Do we abide in Him? Do we live each and every moment of our lives for Him?

John 14:6  Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 8:31-32 “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Gays and homosexuals who choose to believe God’s Word,  must acknowledge that we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. We all make mistakes. Many may have been helpless and ignorant of knowing how to reach out.  We are all seeking truth together. But insults, injuries or any suffering either brought on by or endured by Christians, does not re write God’s word creating permission for a Gay Theology.

We must love one another in spite of our short comings. We must love much and forgive much. This prepares us as permanent residents of Heaven continually giving glory to God. Not to self.

I am presently blessed to still have those who don’t give up on me and continue to pray for God’s effectiveness through me.  I must let go of all that distracts me from He who comforts and continues to lead and guide me. He is the light of the world!

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