Are You Offended?

Posted by on February 20, 2011

In as much as my previous post was about tact, loving and being cautious; there is another element which must be considered.

Standing up for Christ and the message of the cross offends the world, but should not offend the believer.

From our earliest beginnings, filled with a sinful nature, we offend God. Sin offends God. Yet in spite of that horrible trait which tries to defy His existence, He loves us and seeks any possible way to reach our heart with His truth, indescribable love and offer of forgiveness.

Even the actions of believers cause Him grief and sorrow. So many of us behave in actions and activities that would shame God. Then we try to step outside of our normal behavior and “act” holy for as long as it takes to tell someone else what they should be doing.

This has been a major downfall for all organized religion. In the age when the world had little more than the creations of God, there was a more devout following. Less to distract the soul and more to draw him or her to a focus upon Jesus.

As the the world has aged, we have gone beyond kingdoms and palaces for men in high ranking positions. Satan has made sure that with modernization, every ability and resource God has provided can be and is used to offend our life Creator.  Self pleasuring has been the focus and success of many inventions. Tools and items of distraction.

As a result, many find little or no use for God’s Holy Word.  As they have been consumed by the pleasures laid before us, they are now offended by the instruction their Creator has given them. The truth of our living God even offends believers if we are not committed to self denial and letting go of what does not draw us to holiness.

Why are the worldly so easily offended? Can they not see the magnificence of one who has their best interests at heart?  When Jesus spoke to His disciples about sharing this life giving truth, they grumbled over the difficulty and Jesus asked them if they were offended.  He pointed out that flesh… which continually seek to pleasure, counts for nothing. But the spirit gives life.

We are easily distracted by delusions Satan sets before us and offended when directed to give them up. What a nasty battle holiness and sin have with one another. But Philippians 4:13 tells us that all things are possible. We can do anything with Christ. Letting go of the worldly ties is continually strengthened with right decisions.

We are asked to offer to God, our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God. Don’t conform to the world, but let Jesus renew your mind. Then you can test and know what God’s will for you is. Romans 12:1-2.

Wake UP dear people of this earth!  Take note of the battle being waged!  Don’t be offended!  But be encouraged to step forward in faith and let Jesus Christ take control of your life. One step at a time. One moment at a time. But with a conviction that you will not fall to the deceptions of the prince of this world.

Don’t believe in Christ?  Genuinely invite Him in and ask Him to prove Himself to you. He wants to. He’s waiting for your invitation to see His power at work. Then be sure and let Him bring about the change He initiates. Follow and accept Him. Come to love and appreciate Him and trust and believe in His promise of a life without sin accompanied with eternal life.

Living holy, simply means to let go of this world and focus on your life giver and the future He has set aside for you.

Be Blessed!

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