The Truth About Arrogance – Testimony/Purpose recap

Posted by on November 18, 2010

A recent discussion at Spectrum magazine as a result of a Sermon given by Bruce Manners at Avondale College , about considering the admission of practicing homosexuals to church membership, brought about disturbing revelations by individuals and their responses to the meaning of scripture.

My observations were continuously referred to as arrogant. It was not my knowing intention to present that way in the least, I began to do a little self examination and determine why such an observation would be made.

The result inspired me to re-clarify my testimony and purpose as I believe God has directed.

I was rejected at birth by a mother who only wanted to give birth to a girl. Before I was two years old, she had broken my arm in two different places. It would take quite the scientist or psychologist to convince me that I chose to be gay.

This was only one incidence of what has set the playing field for millions of those who have not fit the mold of “normal” society.  As a result I was already conditioned to seek the warmth and security found in the masculinity and strength of men. I began to make choices on my own, based on my feelings. Justified feelings …I was sure.

But what I did not consider at such a young age, (because of the lack of understanding and knowledge to know how to advise) was the fact that because I was already born into a sinful nature, God’s Word would be the only source and guide to focus on Him and His plan for me.  Seven thousand years of sin had set the stage for my arrival. And even in this sin stained world, God is still showing Satan that because we are given the power of choice, even in this horrid state of affairs; children of God will choose to serve Him over their natural inclinations bent to further deception by the evil one.

It took nearly forty years of my insistence that I had the right to live according to how I felt and what was most comfortable for me, before I would listen to and acknowledge the truth as clearly provided in God’s Holy Word.  But because of much prayer by those who love me and because I had not completely hardened my heart to the voice of Jesus through His Holy Spirit, I am able to share my testimony of responding to God’s truth today.

God is truth! He has provided us with His Word of Truth. When we humble ourselves before Him and seek the Holy Spirit to guide us, He will not deny our request.  It was through such an experience that He revealed my arrogance and denial of His Word and brought me to my knees with repentance and asking for forgiveness.

Is it now arrogant to declare God’s truth?  Arrogance is what got Lucifer cast out of Heaven. From His Word, one does not say this might be truth. From His Word, He has given us the light to declare His unobstructed Truth.  Is it wrong for me to point others to consider how they have been deceived?  Well I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be a lonely voice in an Adventist forum, defending Christ and belief in Him, against those claiming to be Adventists yet not believing in the gift of truth He provided us through His Divine Word.

So at the balking and questioning of truth, I found myself saying, “If you,” and “You don’t,” and questioning those who say God’s Word is not infallible. As a witness to His truth and not turning or twisting scripture in any way, I somehow became viewed as arrogant.   This occurs where others are declaring error in God’s Word. This occurs where there is an insistence of living according to what self thinks is good or simply living by the Golden Rule. This occurs where upon request, no one can provide Biblical foundation for their right to live in opposition to what is taught.  This occurs where there is nothing in God’s Word that gives instruction on or and example of  an honorable homosexual relationship.

It struck me that truth is not always a warm fuzzy feeling ; but an acknowledgement that a choice must be made based on conviction. We have to choose between truth and feeling many times over in our lives. If we live by feelings alone, we can end up in a heap of a mess. As is the case with the majority of the world due to Satan’s strong deceptions through feeling rather than fact.

Then arrogance surfaces. We get in God’s face and resist and declare and act up out of our distored thinking. All the while, God points to His Word and must think us dense for not giving the ruler of the universe the courtesy of accepting truth and accepting the power He offers us to do His will instead of our own.

For so very long, gays and homosexuals have suffered incredible pain, some resulting in suicide. The church, ( a body of sinners continually studying truth) recognizing this sin against God’s original plan, alienated this hurting body of sinners and made it the crowning sin. The untouchables. Satan had been busy creating division and pharisee like behavior among those claiming to know Him who forgives ALL sin.

In the meantime…not a surprise, Satan was busy at work planting pride and arrogance in those deciding to give into their feelings and ignoring God’s warnings and guidance.  Now a magnitude of sinners are saying…look… there are so many of us. If there are this many, we can’t be wrong. This pains our creator. Only His love and patience holds back the angels in the four corners of the earth about to let the final events of this great controversy unravel. 

It is in this culmination of pride and declaration of truth that God says there will be those who will let go of their feelings and reach out in faith. The rest will be consumed by their self assuredness and self-indulgence, proclaiming their own goodness which is as filthy rags to Christ.

Arrogance is clearly defined when God provides all truth, salvation, saving grace and we so much as spit in His face and say “no…my way is better.” This unsubstantiated resistance is what is the epitome of arrogance.

But….. Yeah…. This is the good news!!!  When the church body; leaders, pastors and congregational members, recognize themselves as sinners and ditch the pride and haughtiness that has been resident, they can let Christ use them to reach out to those who have not been included. Those who have not been understood. Those who have been wrought with pain and self loathing. And to those who have become stubborn and arrogant in their declaration to live as they feel without any discipline or governing authority.

Our misunderstanding has materialized in confusion and intolerance of each others sins. But Jesus points the way. He clearly defines sin and then points everyone of us to the cross. He does not ask us to compare one another’s sins and look for equality in going against His will. He asks all of us to declare all sin as an enemy of  Christ and to come together and proclaim His truth and live in His light.

That light is the light that shines the way on the narrow path to heaven. Sometimes dim and treacherous. But He, at those times, carries us in our helplessness as we grow in our trust and faith in Him.

My life was full of everything I wanted to do and much of what I had no business doing or never should have done. But today is a new day in Him and He is using me as a warning in front of the detour. This is not meant to be arrogant, but to one who resists, it will be easy to declare it as such. It is for those souls I pray that they do not become hardened, but that they become humble and accept the forgiveness and the power and love of Jesus Christ.

Since the church has not been understanding and seemingly forgiving of those they have considered a blight on nature, God has impressed me to minister to them with my experience and understanding of the pain and the life patterns of gays and homosexuals. In bringing clarification and education to those who have not experienced this life, it is my hope that they will see and value each and every individual as a child of Christ.

The ministry in churches can then recognize those seeking truth, healing and a desire to do God’s will. Not an insistence of doing what is dishonorable to God, but recognizing the soul that is truly searching for truth. 

This will take time and an adaption process that requests us not to see either individual as threatening. God’s guidance must be sought. Prayer and discussion together will be crucial. 

The homosexual will be searching for a life of purity. Hearing God’s instruction on celibacy or seeking guidance to a relationship ordained and honored by Him. We don’t call each other to celibacy. It is God’s Word that makes His will perfectly clear.

Bending God’s Word for the sake of certain allowances to openly sin, must still be recognized by God’s leaders and it is their responsibility to hold true these faiths. The faiths as declared by God Himself.

Self is our biggest fear. Self gets in the way. Self naturally fights against truth and God’s plan. A sinful nature naturally resists all that is pure in Jesus Christ.  This is what makes the life of ANY sinner a challenge. But it is the promises of Jesus Christ that is available to everyone of us.

The choice is ours.

Arrogance is declaring “My Way” instead of  “Christ’s Way.”

Improper english, but you will get the point.  “We are way more educated beyond our level of obedience.”

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