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Posted by on November 13, 2010

Philippians 4:4 Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again-rejoice!

God is a mastermind of planning and preparation. A glance outside at any conceivable moment, reveals His Almighty power. Whether it is a dark rainy day, a view through the Hubble telescope of our magnificent solar system, or simply two fingers over an artery on your arm feeling the pulse of life; God is

A M A Z I N G !

It has been a week of trust and testing. One of relying on God and listening to Him.  His power and healing are in question in a heated debate on Spectrum Magazine over the admission of practicing homosexuals to church membership.  In this debate argument for admission and declaration that gay sex is okay, is this.  The Bible is not infallible. All the texts in God’s Word condemning homosexuality, had nothing to do with our lives today. They were all about something specific to the time in which the Bible was written. God does not require self-denial. It is only important to live by the Golden Rule. (which by the way is found in God’s Word.)

So for those who are adamant about remaining in life unchanged, it becomes clear that one can just pick and choose whatever verses strike you as inspiring or fit your life, rather than following God’s Word and request of our obedience.  Statements are made against the church and its doctrines and fundamental beliefs, but gays are trying to beat the door down to get inside and claim membership. Not seeking help, but simply to declare that they have a right to belong to an organization  that clearly live in opposition to the beliefs of homosexuals.  Doubt is stated in this forum about God’s power and ability to bring healing to the homosexual.  As the church was guilty of making homosexuality the crowning sin, homosexuals would now like to point out to the church that their sins are the crowning sins. Do you see how Satan wins either way? Do you see how no one mentions anything about Satan and His deceptive evils. No one makes mention of what kind of sin begins to suffocate God’s existence through His people.  All the posting from this camp takes a live and let live attitude. There is no call to righteousness or honor to God.   The discussion, with its anti Bible declarations, is an overt display of Satan at work.

The church ignorantly, has been insensitive to gays and homosexuals for decades. Shame on the church. But as the church begins to wake up and recognize the need to understand, help and draw these hurting souls to Christ, the gays and homosexuals take a knee jerk reaction by declaring that they don’t need any help. They don’t need God. They don’t want to learn about His truth and healing. They simply want inside to proudly declare their right to be present and flaunt what they have for so long felt the need to keep private.  Private, because of God’s clear direction to abandon this lifestyle.

To make it even more complicated and disturbing, God has reached the hearts of those who have lived according to their own will and against the Word of God.  Standing up to the church with this testimony and to those who have felt alienated by the church, takes power, strength and courage only provided by God and His Holy Spirit.

The church is gun shy and isn’t sure that it want’s your testimony, because even they are in disbelief of God’s power or how He is utilizing that power. They want to make sure that God is doing what they expect. Such as turning a gay –  straight. Instead of leaving all in the care of God, the church out of ignorance, has the impression that we should all be carbon copy Christians.  That is not how God operates.

The gay community then claims that you have become a traitor and that you are claiming healing and a cure that God is simply not capable of bringing to fruition. So the fiery arrows come from both sides.  One begins to feel like a martyr. Satan’s laughter can be heard by the soul genuinely converted by the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Many of the gays and homosexuals who have been converted and slipped quietly back inside the church doors, watch and are struck with an amazement that these returning souls to Christ can stand up to the skepticism and ridicule.  But isn’t this what God asks from each and everyone of us? Doesn’t He ask us to be willing to fight for  His truth under fire? To declare the joy and privilege it is to stand up for the truth and magnificence of our Creator?  To be willing to die for the one who died for us.

I am joyful today. Jesus has hung on to me since birth. He knew what pain and misery lay in front of me during my life. He knew what reward would be at the end of  it. He knew He could count on this soul to stand for Him under fire and attest to His healing, His power and His willingness to forgive those who once lived in opposition to His perfect plan. He knew He could win the great controversy over Satan and His claim of power over the people on this earth. He knew that deep in the hearts of many, they would recognize the healing offered by God. They would recognize the need to continually turn their sinful lives over to their maker in order to forge through the deceit laid in their pathway.

Yet is is the observation of such individuals that men of God, pastors and leaders who seemed long commited to do God’s will, will turn thier back on God’s truth and gain the love and recognition of those on a plight to satisfy their own selfish carnal desires instead of being willing to bring it all and lay it at the foot of the cross of Jesus.

The agony and pain on the face of Jesus can be seen.  The blood pours out. The precious blood of the lamb of God. He hangs there, His heart breaking because of the millions who choose not to believe but to flaunt themselves before Him saying, “my way is better God!”  So it was … when Lucifer was cast out of heaven. So it will be when all those who have sided with Him, try to come up against the Creator and lover of man…seeking to eliminate Him from their existence.

Today … take time to reflect on the nature of Christ and the sinful nature of man and choose the Hope that only Christ can offer.

He loves. He forgives. He Redeems!


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