Posted by on October 6, 2010

Join us this evening, Wednesday, October 6, 2010  at

Please join Pastor Randy Maxwell and myself, LIVE, this evening as we look deeper into church relationships with Homosexuality.

By the church saying nothing  or the wrong thing for so many years, individuals have been alienated and ostracized. Disappointment and depression have consumed them. Some felt that neither God nor man has cared about them. For some this has driven them to extremes, including suicide.

Our purpose as Christians  is not to manipulate a person’s thinking, but assist in directing every soul who is loved by God to a personal and continual relationship with Him.

This is not about some magic recipe that we can maneuver which promises to make those we are concerned about straight.

Your questions are welcomed.

If you are a leader seeking to breech this topic in your church or organization, don’t hesitate to contact me about arranging for a speaking engagement.   Click on the contact form from the main menu.

Looking forward to engaging in dialog this evening.    Wayne Blakely


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