Interference – Can You Hear Me Now?

Posted by on September 15, 2010

I can hear myself saying it over and over again as a child… okay… and today as well. “If I could just hear .. I mean really hear Him … then I’d know.” God of course. Or the Holy Spirit. Any of them in an audible delivery of instruction. Then I wouldn’t have to wonder.

Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God.”  Well if you knew me in my younger years, I was hardly one to “be still.”  Today it’s much the same. Except when I hit brick walls. I’m then trained to be pretty still and in a frame of mind where I can listen and know what God is trying to tell me. 

For all the noise we make, whether audibly or internally, we can easily drown out the voice of The Holy Spirit.

Anger can drown out this voice as well. I remember being so angry as a child. I was mad at God for making me different than anyone else. Standing in front of a mirror and punching myself , my face all twisted up and angry that I had not been born a girl. It was somehow ingrained in me that life would have been much easier that way. The teasing  I received and the daily pain I felt made me think I was trapped in the wrong body. Why would God allow this?  I loved Him and thought I was doing what He wanted me to do.

But I never calmed down long enough to listen to Him. I didn’t read and study like Jesus did when He was a child. Undoubtedly today, we are products of what we have fed ourselves with. Either physically or mentally. An inventory of the terrible things people do that are reported in the news each day don’t ever reflect or go to the individuals close relationship with Jesus Christ.  And we wonder why the world is in such chaos and turmoil.

Pretty much all of us who were raised on the Word of Christ, have a sense of knowing why the world is spinning out of control. When you’ve taken real time to commune with God, don’t you find that you have a peace that is unlike all the times when you’re not making room for Him in your life?  Too many of us get lost in setting ourselves on “auto pilot.”  That’s not how God communicates. It’s in silence. In prayer and absorbing His Words to us.

Even today when I spend more time alone with God, I still find myself being stunned and in disbelief when suddenly I notice answers to prayers I’ve been praying.  The Holy Spirit is continually at work. We get lost in this MacDonalds syndrome where we expect everything right now.  We forget that it’s not all about us. But in order for some prayers to be completely answered, we need to allow the time that God needs in working with someone elses life.

God blesses us and provides answers even after some of us stop listening. Be still and know that God is present. Be patient and wait upon the Lord. In your quiet and constant attentiveness to Him, you will hear His still small voice.

Let Him guide and direct your thoughts. Let Him convict your heart with His truth. Praise Him for His goodness and mercy.


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