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Posted by on September 1, 2010

choose ye this day whom ye will serve…but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. (Joshua 24:15)

The other day someone said to me… “Well I’m sorry! God’s just going to have to understand. I need a little self gratification!”  An alarm went off in my head and I immediately responded with – “that’s exactly how the devil gets a foot hold.”

The individual struggles with same-sex attraction and treats himself to browsings of gay publications and concentrated thoughts on self indulgence.  In the conversation the individual did not understand why I would not lay claim to a “gay Adventist” identity and made efforts to remind me of who I am. At least in his opinion. 

I instantly saw the trap, the snare that Satan had and is successful at using in the lives of many who have only come so far and then are determined to hold onto self instead of grabbing the guiding hand of Jesus.

You know how you wonder sometimes in your personal observations if you were to coarse or legalistic?  Well this was one of those moments where God gave me confirmation that hanging onto Him is far more important than identifying with my past.  I am a new body in Christ. I do not need to lay claim to a title where my temptation is my identifying label.  I obtained great peace in seeing how God had just demonstrated to me how crafty Satan is.

We are instructed to choose whom we will serve. It is not necessary to try and convince ourselves that we can have it our way and God’s way. God got pretty weary at listening to the whining and complaining of those with fleshly desires in the Old Testament. He was providing everything that He knew they needed and yet they still complained.

I am continually reminded of how we are called to self-denial. To pick up our cross and follow Him. It may be very heavy and we may move pretty slow, but He will not allow us to fall under its weight. We must hang onto Him and let Him provide for us. He gives us countless promises where He has said He will do just that.

I find that when I become focused on self… and those who know me, know that that is far too frequent, I begin to crumble under my self defeat and self loathing. Failure has dog-eared my life. But we are all winners with Jesus. He continues to help me back up and continue on His path instead of one I try to construct.

He has been victorious in me for quite some time now in contrast with the life the devil layed claim to. I am so very blessed. His work is far from done. But as long as I keep looking to Him He will lift me up. 

We can not judge ourselves by our failures, but only be encouraged by His successes in us.

Pick up your Holy handbook, the Bible and read it, contemplate it and live by it. Choose today who you are going to serve. Self leads to destruction. Christ leads the way to eternal life!

Blessings on your day!


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