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Rough seas hit… and many of us begin to sink. Faith is continuously tested on our journey through life.  Regardless of your orientation, and regardless of your steadfastness with Christ, your faith will always be tested.

Temptations, unwanted desires, tragedy, even an over abundance of blessings. All can be triggers to test our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.   It is yet another temptation to be led by our feelings, instead of what we know to be absolute truth.

Two days later

I began this post a couple days ago. In the meantime, yet more ripples on the sea of life have occurred.  It is so very clear to me that this topic is one in which Satan wants to infiltrate and influence.  If he can bring about confusion or discouragement, he has all but fully accomplished his goal.  He simply wants to get our focus off Jesus. And Jesus is our only saving focus in life.

So many people settle for partial truth. I am continually amazed at why we don’t accept God’s Word, instead of adding or subtracting.  Why do so many insist on bending the Word to make it fit our lifestyle, instead of us repairing our lifestyle to fit God’s Word?

God gives the desire for truth. He sends the Holy Spirit to convict. We need not try and sneak Him into the gay culture.  If we proclaim Him and properly reflect His love, God will change the hearts of those who have been bitter and suffered rejection and return them to Him with a desire for studying and learning what His plan for each individual is.

I fear that the past has leaned heavily at giving love starved souls over to the earth.  It has been done so through ignorance. The church and gays reached a stand-off. Now the forces of Christ and Satan will fight for the souls caught up in deception. 

In this process some fear to deliver the pure truth. Sort of a watered down theology. The thought being… if we allow gays to hang on to certain things… such as continuing to call themselves gay; it will be a compromise that both the church and gays can live with.

To me, hanging onto something that identifies me as part of the core of the devil’s deception, pleases him greatly. It’s like he still has just enough hold to gain re-entry at a weak moment.

When God rescues us, we are identified as a child of God, claimed by none other.  Calling myself gay, does not draw people to Jesus. It continues to put up a barrier of communication.  It is not that there should be an expectation for the converted soul to become straight; it is in placing ourselves in God’s control to be led by Him daily. Listening to Him and letting Him determine our course.  The only expectation we should follow, is the divine direction in becoming more Holy. 

I’m a Christian. One who belives in Christ. One who seeks to do His will instead of my own. I continue to be called to self-denial. I’m not straight, I’m not gay. I’m His. I refuse to let a label control my outcome.

It is my hope and prayer that instead of people developing under one label or another, that their focus will be turned upward. That the church will become a family of support for each individual seeking to be changed daily by His power, love and gift of salvation.

Lots of rocks stick up crossing this sometimes raging river. Some of the rocks are slippery and some are dry and solid. And sometimes the water rushes heavily and we must be picked up and carried by our Redeemer.

Never give up!  Never give in! Let Jesus be your guide!


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