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In the nearly 40 years I lived as a gay guy, being gay simply meant that one preferred sex with the same gender.

It has been extremely difficult to breach the topic of same-sex attraction within the Adventist denomination. Terminology is the first place where everyone needs to be on the same page if we are ever going to come to any reasonable understanding of one another.

In a casual setting when someone tells you, “Oh … He’s gay,”  you immediately know that this person is not interested in a member of the opposite sex. Your next thought, if it wasn’t the first thought, is that this person enjoys sex with the same gender.   Same-sex attracted at least spells out that it is an attraction. Not a follow through on a world-wide accepted term such as ‘gay,” that insinuates sexual activity.

In coming out of living gay, God rescued me from just that.  He asks that I come apart from the world and its social adaptations.

I am saddened to see people grasping onto terms that identify non biblical behavior. This is a huge disservice to those choosing to do God’s will and live according to His Word. I certainly do not want to be identified as Gay, when I have surrendered my life to Christ. If I said I was a Gay Adventist, this would certainly indicate there was something about being gay that I am not willing to let go of.

I have asked multiple people both straight and gay what “gay” means to them.  All of them have told me that they considered that to be one who prefers sex with the same gender.  Gay Adventist would be the furthest “tag” I would consider as a Christian.

This is a about as conservative of a Christian denomination as one will find. To start wandering through church congregations and saying , “I’m a Gay Adventist, would be a huge and unnecessary hurdle to put in front of those who don’t have a clue about same-sex attraction to begin with.   

In my discussions, talks and associations in the church, when talking about the thorns in the flesh I deal with; I have identified as same-sex attracted.  Many have taken issue with my continuing to identify this way.  It was hard for me to know what terminology would appropriately convey my current status.  I’m a child of God being drawn to holiness.  A temptation would be same-sex attraction.  I did not go under the water gay and come up straight. Nor did I remain gay. I die to sin by choice.

In my opinion there is a great deal of stormy confusion ahead if those who are convicted by the Holy Spirit still claim that they are gay.  It has taken decades to begin to get the church to open up to reaching out to those who have suffered from a life of homosexuality. 

I would be very careful in choosing how you identify. Creating unnecessary walls to stand in the way of connecting with those who are learning to better communicate God’s love, hope and message of salvation seems like a huge set back.

Not a Seventh Gay Adventist.


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