On The Battlefield

Posted by on June 23, 2010

Many proclamations of truth do not hold “feel good” results. As we get closer to the end of this deteriorating world, keep that in mind when you are communicating with people.

Pastors have a unique burden to spiritually feed people and leave those who are listening with feelings that motivate thought and stir a desire to examine self asking ourselves if we are really adhering to God’s instructions for us. 

The gospel is beautiful, compelling, loving and should generate desire from within to honor and obey. While it is never our place to judge one another, we should not be shy to expose and stress the importance of do His will instead of our own.

Watered down theology can often fill an hour or two of church; leaving it’s members no more inspired than when they began to warm they seat they sat in for the service. Much like following a routine rather than glorifying the Christ they serve.

Find ways to share the glory of God. Often I find in share what God has taught me with someone, it has just been a seed that is planted and then the Holy Spirit waters it and brings about conviction.

Church is not a place to come to promote and exercise rights; but rather a sanctuary where we glorify God and learn about what is righteous according to our heavenly designer.

 We are on a battlefield. Our lives are being fought for by good and evil. It is so very important for us to consider what and who is having influence over us. Are we ready to be taken to Heaven today? Is my life simply in a pause mode vacillating between what self enjoys?  Or am I preparing for my eternal home and enhancing the relationship with my maker?  How does my life reflect Him?  Do I stand apart from the world or do I just appear to be doing time on this earth without any distinctive commitment to Jesus Christ?

 How do you go about preparing for your new home?


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