From Out of Nowhere

Posted by on May 31, 2010

[James Roper]

“Blessed is everyone that feareth the LORD; that walketh in His ways.” Psalm 128:1

God’s timing is always perfect. Every one of you are probably very aware of this. He is amazing! We pray and plead and often question whether or not He has heard us. We are sometimes filled with doubt…and then in His perfect timing He unleashes incredible blessings we never thought possible.

In a little bit of a tough spot in my spiritual walk recently, I asked God for guidance and direction and pointers that would tell me if the ministry I believe He has placed me in, is one that I should continue in. Some who are close to me are no doubt tired of my relentless ramblings on the topic of God, the church and the acceptance and love for gays/homosexuals.

If it is a topic that has been disregarded for such a long time, you can only imagine what it must feel like to those around me who are inundated with constant musings and struggles I experience in this very focused ministry.  I started to feel like an odd-fellow. Ok.. no jokes here.

All of us have no doubt had a time in our lives with a focus we wanted everyone to be part of. Yikes! You get the picture… stepping behind someone or something to avoid coming in contact with that person who has become like a billboard screaming their “dedicated cause.”   A well intentioned passion can quickly become a worn out record to those we frequently encounter.

Well this has become a bit discouraging to me. Encouragement in blessings really come from God and His affirmation should be all that we require. Looking to people is definitely a red flag of putting our focus in the wrong place.

I pray very specifically. I seek guidance and listen for direction. I commit myself to doing God’s will and ask Him to show me if I am off on some tangent that is not in alignment with His plan for me.  As He has done so many times before; …Out of nowhere He bestows His blessings and answers to prayer. He clearly points out His intent for us.

At a low point, yet not complete discouragement, God opened the heavens and dropped to huge blessings on me both in the same hour.  It was His way of saying; “I love you Wayne. Keep studying. Keep moving forward. Here are tools to help you on your way.”   In disbelief I fell to my knees in thanksgiving. Baffled, astonished and surprised.  Why should I be surprised that God is looking out for me?  INCREDIBLE !

He does hear every prayer and answers every plea!  Trust and faith are all that He asks of us. Doubt is dangerous.

In the ministry that He is preparing me for, some have felt that I am drawing attention to myself intentionally. I have done a lot of self examination over this observation.  My heart is heavy for the cross that He asks me to bear. The purpose is and always has been, to provide an understanding to pastors, church leaders and congregational members; that God’s love is offered and needs to be demonstrated and reflected to ALL sinners. For those in what society considers “normal,” lifestyles, God’s blessings can sometimes be taken a bit for granted. But for those who have struggled, have been feared and rejected for so many years; a small glimpse of God’s love through His people is nothing short of miraculous.   Few gays and homosexuals can openly discuss their concerns and frustrations for a multitude of reasons. Rejection and ridicule being two of them.

God has brought me through life and protected me every step of the way. He has allowed me to be public with my struggles and my deliverance from a life filled with deception. Because of  this, I am God’s to do with as He pleases. If my witness of an almighty powerful God can bring lost souls to Him, nothing can be of greater concern.  He has so RICHLY blessed me. He holds me in the darkest hour. He keeps me near to Him even when His people may be full of indifference and lack of understanding. He truly is my rock. He does not leave or forsake us.

Rejoice in the Lord. Hold tight to His promises. Never give up. Let His answers to your prayers, His guidance; be in His timing. Never doubt Him.


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