Patience & Humble Pie

Posted by on May 9, 2010

On the heels of crying out to be heard, I look inward and recognize the need to be humble. Young Adventists who recognize at an early age that their physical make up is not in accordance with God’s plan, have struggled with next to zero help in most cases, from their pastors.  This unfortunate fact has driven many from the church.

God is continually bringing to mind, the fact that seminaries and theology classes have also been lacking education for God’s disciples regarding this topic.  A caution flag is waving here, at me. While God has been so incredibly patient with me for the years it took me to recognize His love, His forgiveness and His light unto my path; the same patience should be extended to those who have not been educated in how to acknowledge and minister to those who are suffering from a well documented biblical sin.

The discussion of any sexual issue from the pulpit, is a delicate undertaking.  Even though sexuality is laced throughout God’s Word, rarely do you hear God’s instruction on this from the pulpit.   Sin has conditioned the world to be in acceptance of a sexually immoral society. It has seeped into every form of mass  media, constantly looking to shock, then numb us to the need to call out for God.

Attacking the sin picture is a challenge.  As in medicine, when something appears to have the possibility of getting out of control, the the interest in finding a solution or remedy begins to pick up momentum.    Sin is rampant. Sexual immorality which was once rarely mentioned, is now being pushed upon unprepared churches, pastors and members as a deserved and uncontrolable right. Same sex marriage, gay church members holding ordained church positions, etc.

I believe we are in the beginning stages of intense biblical exploration on this “hot” topic which is foraging its way over a multitude of denominations.  The Luthern church has already allowed gay rights to infiltrate the church doctrine. 

Rather than just allowing the persuasion of equal rights to materialize and push their way into our bible based beliefs, study of God’s Word and an exhaustive look at how to more effectively minister to those who misinterpret or disregard God’s Word should be considered before damage is realized by our church congregations.

Praying for God’s continued direction and letting Him lead the way, is of utmost importance. As He opens doors, I am willing to be part of this exploration and discovery of truth with the ultimate goal being to offer  help and healing for so many misguided gays. I firmly believe that help is in God’s family. With this family, we can pray and study together and fight Satan with the powerful resources God offers and instructs us with.

Being patient has not been an attribute in my life. But it is a requirement when we are working and witnessing under His divine guidance.   It is so very important and powerful to pray for our church pastors and leaders. Ask God to help them recognize the need to know His will, His truth, and to recognize the difference between those seeking to live according to His word and the teachings of those who do not base their beliefs on God’s Holy Word to us.

God will clear the way for His Truth, Hope and Light to prevail.



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