…and The Truth Shall Set You Free

Posted by on April 29, 2010

My heart aches for those who turn from truth and make their desires, their truth.  This is a deception Satan uses so effectively. It seems that when we can physically or mentally turn from something that God has warned us about, we find a way to weave it into our lives as an exception to His laws and His guidance to us.

I received a letter from an SDA Kinship member. Out of desperation and not knowing where else to turn, he joined SDA Kinship.  However, like myself in the early years of my sensual exploration, he too has known in his heart that this organization fabricates a truth that tries to comfort its members.  John 8:32 says, “you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Jesus is the way, the truth and the light.

Many a man has assumed the role of God because God’s truth is not satisfactory to him.  The arrogance, proudness and self confidence in such an endeavor will end in final destruction. When man will not honor the Word of our loving God, he blasphemes God.  If we could all humble ourselves before Him, seek forgiveness for our many errors, surrender to Him and abide in Him, He will eternally reward our faithfulness and obedience.

It is so very important for us to leave our cares and concerns in the care of our Savior. Many injustices under the ignorance of the church, have hurt and destroyed spiritual relationships. Of extreme importance is that fact that we are all sinners. Even those who are messengers of the Lord. We are all growing and learning together. We must look to Him and His Word for truth and guidance. God’s timing is perfect. I believe that we are living in a time when church leaders are ready to reach out to those they have not reached before.   I believe that there are those of us who have chosen to live according to God’s word and He will use us bring together the church family to unite in God’s purpose for us.  At the same time, as a distraction, Satan will do whatever he can to confuse and destroy.

The young man that wrote me, is accepting God as truth and not a theory or an excuse. He wants to know Jesus personally and He wants to realize the freedom that Jesus offers all of us who have been influenced by false teachings. Anyone who seeks truth will be set freed. That is the promise of God to us.  It doesn’t mean that we won’t be tempted. Life is full of temptations. But as we continually hand them over to Jesus, He takes us in His arms and sets us free from the burden of sin.

God instructs us to test the prophets by His Word. It’s a pure test. Study and prayer are the sure tools and He (the truth) continues to set you free.  Talk to Him. He aches for you. Accept Him into your heart. Give Him your every care and concern. He will not let you down. He will set you free.