Crying Out From The Dark

Posted by on April 28, 2010

After receiving a heart breaking letter from a young girl regarding her young male friend, I was reminded once again of the importance of sharing God’s love and helping the lost find their way.

This young man’s story was very familiar.  Because it is a duplicate of my story and that of many others, who at a very young age, realize they are gay and they find they are alone without guidance or support from the church.

Why is it so difficult for church members and pastoral staff to reach out and embrace a soul that is quickly losing his or her foundation?  At the first indication of confusion, we should strive to gain the confidence of such an individual by reaching out to them and drawing them closer to Christ through study and prayer.  What we can’t do is share something we don’t have.

Unless we commit ourselves to Christ continuously; morning, evening and throughout the day, it will be difficult to secure the disappearing hope of an individual about to slip away.

We can not afford to sit comfortably in our private world and refuse to offer help to those who are being pulled by the massive deceptions imposed on mankind by Satan.

Refuse to let Satan get a hold on the weak. Everyone responds to love. By sharing God’s love and truth, we can help sand bag the dam about to break away.

Impress upon those about to let go, that God loves them so very much. Explain that the desires we are often tempted with are a result of being born with a sinful nature. Teach others that by taking a stand for Christ and His truth and by submitting our will to Him, He will protect us and keep us strong in our faith in Him.

Keep these individuals socialized with God’s people. Safeguard them from those who try to convince the weakened that their love is stronger and less confining.

Homes today often lack the spiritual soundness that we may have grown up with. Guidance is not always given. Not knowing what to do when we see someone developing same-sex attraction, often results in doing nothing.  Breaking this trend and securing individuals in their communion with Christ and His Church family, will help prevent unnecessary and perilous explorations.

Refuse to let go of precious souls. Without your prayers and efforts, they may never return to the Lord. Don’t let Satan deceive you by making you think there is nothing you can do.

Jesus loves and died for all of us. Share Him !