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The Cost of Sin

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How’s your life today?

Different day…. Same ol’ sin?

I had the opportunity to reflect a bit through my devotion this morning, on the cost of sin and its impact on my life.  I would do well to contemplate this theme much more frequently.

Do we see ourselves stuck on this earth, wandering about, just waiting for God to make up His mind about Jesus return?  Is there nothing required of us? What is He waiting for?

I was provided with a more intimate look at the Old Testament today. Contemplating what was at stake before Jesus went to Calvary.

We often read about Bible history sometimes, as though there is no practical application to life today. But the pivotal point of the Old Testament, confirms our dire need of our Savior. Human nature and Satan’s deceptions provided the need for a New Testament. And as Romans 5:8 confirms, Jesus is so patient and died for us while we were still sinners. But we don’t have to keep on sinning.  We have a part in bringing to an end… this seemingly unending madness. We don’t have to murder each other. We don’t have to have racial divides, we are equals in God’s eyes. Every life is of immeasurable value.

We don’t have to rape, commit adultery, fornicate, conjure up lustful images and masturbate, gossip, hold ourselves in high self-esteem, or choose a same-sex partner that God does not ordain or sanctify. This sins are not His will for us.  Let’s look at the cost of sin.

For the sake of understanding and great clarity, think about your pet.  A dog bright with personality, or a cat… or whatever. We place great value on them because they love us without judgement. We develop very close attachments to them. Often as though they are members of our family.

Imagine that because of your sinful indulgence today, you are required, as in the Old Testament, to take your sweet pal to a designated alter.  He or she is in perfect health, and is lovingly devoted to you day and night. But today… because of your sin, you must put your pet on an altar of sacrifice and cut its throat and watch it bleed to death.  All because of you. Your sin… you did this.  No one else can bring this sacrifice, it has to be you.

No doubt the impact of such an act would devastate you. To the point that you would never again carry out the act which brought such great cost.

But something even worse happened. The spotless, sinless son of man came and lived a life like us, yet choosing not to sin. A friend of sinners. A healer. A man of great compassion and tenderness, willing to go to Calvary because of the cost of sin. To offer Himself up as a scapegoat for our all misery and self-indulgences that displease and dishonor Him.

Read with me, what I read this morning. “In the olden days, when sin comes to your knowledge, there was only one way you could confess it. You had to bring a sacrifice, an animal to slay. You brought the animal and the priest helped you tie it down so it could not get away; and then he hands you the knife, and if you like to quibble about it he would say to you, “I didn’t do the sin. You did. It is your sacrifice, not mine. This animal is not dying for me, it is dying for you.” You hold onto the knife and take a good look at it, and you take a good look at that animal. …

We always wish there were some other way, but the Bible says that without the shedding of blood there is no putting away of sin. … It makes me miserable to think that my sins are like that. It isn’t very pleasant to think that an animal should die for me. All I can see is its innocence. Why should it die? The ceremonial law said the sinner must put his hand on the animal’s head, which to that person meant that he was transferring his sins to that innocent animal. He must die because I sinned, not because it sinned.

Friend, there was no other way to find forgiveness in the Old Testament except this way. Some people think it has changed for the better. In reality, it changed for the worse. In the place of the lamb, it is the Lamb of God now. In the place of the animal, it is Jesus, the priceless son of God. Our sins crucify Him afresh. Does that make you feel better?” – Christ our Righteousness – J.W. Bill Lehman

I don’t linger at the foot of the cross contemplating how my sins killed Jesus. And how every repeat of a sin is what He had to bear. And because I don’t confront this cost, I underestimate its value. The precious blood of Jesus. It is there to cleanse me from my sins, not make provision for me to keep sinning.

Dear friend, we are truly at the end of earth’s history. The patience of Jesus, the fulfillment of Satan’s mastery of sin has played out. All that remains is God’s precious remnant.  Is that you?  Is it me? Can we say “no” to the enemy of Jesus Christ? Or will we go on sinning and give our lives to the great deceiver? We killed Jesus.

The good news is that because of that costly blood, He is offering us full pardon and forgiveness. He is offering to impart His righteousness in our lives.  How about making room for it.  How about choosing Him over the sin that killed Him.  In accepting Jesus, in repenting for our natural, sinful ways, we can keep before us that cost, walk with Him and choose Him over anything that displeases Him.

Salvation through Jesus is ours. My prayer is that we will not be blind sighted by all that seeks to extinguish our lives forever.