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The Great Debate – Matthew Vines and Dr Michael Brown

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 Where is your peace of mind regarding homosexual behavior?  Should you live as your flesh instructs you?  Do up uphold God’s Word as His law of love which provides us guidance for all time?


Does God honor us when we reinterpret the Word of God to be in agreement with our flesh?


There are many questions that could be asked. But I believe each of us has to make a decision based on what brings honor and glory supporting obedience to God.


Matthew Vines has said what thousands have wanted to hear. How does this show that God is King?  That He is in control. As Creater and the giver of life, He asks us to follow Him. To put down that that offends Him and live for Him.


The contrast of beliefs in this debate should provoke each of us to seek God, His kingdom and our future.


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The Blood

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(Please pardon my use of fragmented sentences. I have a few for the sake of contemplation.)

“…you were dead in your transgressions and sins, in which you used to live when you followed the ways of this world…” Ephesians 2:1,2  I used to be adamant that I was born this way. How many of us have said that about an array of conditions.  We find that whatever our habit has become, it just plain seems “natural.”  We do anything and everything we can to justify it. How much time do we take to consider that “sin” is natural?  We have adopted the ways of the evil one without feeling the least bit uncomfortable about it.

“All of us also lived among them at one time, gratifying the cravings of our sinful nature and following its desires and thoughts.” Ephesians 2:3 “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.” Psalm 51:5

I am far from God’s original plan. I have allowed myself to be shaped by this world and its customs and traditions, not God’s.  For years I declared freedom in how I “felt,” caving into my same-sex temptations. They didn’t come from God. But I blamed Him for them. No temptation comes from Him, yet since the beginning it has been the ploy of Satan for us to blame God for every evil that becomes us. As though He made us without the power to choose. That in itself is a lie of the evil one.

I need only to look back to the only perfect two created to see how the power of choice has such an effect on my life. What appeared and sounded superior to Eve by the Serpent’s lies cost both Adam and Eve the perfect life they enjoyed in the flawless Garden of Eden. The both succumbed to their “feelings.” 

Satan’s advertisements appealing to all of man’s fleshly senses worked so well, that he and his angels and demons have never had to change the method of their pursuit throughout earth’s history. What incredible power he possesses that brings about such false convictions.

Here we are… after thousands of years, his deceptions gaining more momentum than ever before. The world seems blinded from all that God intended it to be.  “The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, turning a man from the snares of death.” Proverbs 14:27

That “fear” of God is actually love for Him. Putting Him and His ways above all else.  It is not His intention for us to lose life, but gain it forever through Him.  To me… that is only accomplished by living in agreement with Him.

For thousands of years Jesus witnessed the effects of Satan on those God has given the breath of life to. He did not create them to destroy and become destroyed. He gave them breath that they might choose Him over the continued lies and deceptions of Satan. Throughout time we have continued to respond to the desires of the heart and flesh. What we feed ourselves with has influenced our behavior.  From media intake to food, we have been given the choice as to how we program our human computer.

Our Father who loves us beyond comprehension is not a robotic father. In the end… the devil will be proven to be a liar. His false accusations of a forceful and unfair God will not hold up at judgment day. He and those he has successfully deceived will be destroyed forever.

Satan’s overwhelming power of deception was seeking to destroy God’s precious gift of life. He was becoming more and more successful at turning man’s focus inward. What more could he do to elevate self? What temptations would become stronger in defying God’s original purpose?  What pleasures would appeal to man that would make him dependent on anything other than faith and trust in His Father who loves him so deeply?  What could penetrate truth and bring man to the point that he would believe his lies?  He has never stopped inventing and appealing to the senses throughout time.

Today he has us programed to respond to sensual pleasure.  Appetite, knowledge, sex, sound, touch sight. We sit idle before “Satan’s classroom,” (the television) to be programmed for demise in a way that seems sensational and pleasing to us. Drinking in every lie as though it were truth.

Mercy, grace, holiness, victory, freedom, sacrifice, death….blood. The precious saving blood of Jesus.  The mystery of iniquity will forever perplex us.  But He who provided us with breath contemplated leaving the throne in Heaven to walk this earth in humanity, defying the lies and temptations of he who was once closest to him in order to provide an avenue of safety, justification and sanctification. He walked this earth as we do. He was tempted as we are. All His senses were tested as extremely as ours, yet to an even more heightened state, while He resisted the liar and deceiver.

By example Jesus depended on His Father as he walked in the valley of darkness and temptation. He trusted. He denied self and allowed His Father to work through Him.  He invites us to live by His example.  He sweat drops of blood in earnest and dedicated hours in prayer.  He taught the principles of life as He intended it to be. He loved as He only can define love as He is its author.  He gave us His blueprint so that we might know His righteous ways. He paved our way to His kingdom. He led by example and invites us to follow Him.

He endured harassment, spit in His face, whips striking His flesh and bleeding for His adherence to truth and His love for His precious children. What higher price could He pay? What other way would convince us of the depth of His love for us?  What more could be done that might draw us to Him without force? What would pave the way for us to make a decision for Him?

One culminating demonstration. The trudge to Calvary. Beaten down, weak and heart broken, He carried the cross that represented all of our wrong choices that would nail Him to it. The weight of our sin was upon Him. The epitome of the blackness and depth of such a horrible consequence of which we will never completely fathom. 

Then they laid Him on it and nailed Him to it and hung Him from it and jeered at Him. They made fun of the one who was purchasing their right to live eternally with Him.  The blood poured out of Him. The price of my rejection of Him was paid by Him.  He did all that is possible to “redeem” me if I will choose Him.

How can I come to a place of worship for Him and only seek an association of Him and cling to all that Satan tried to bring Him down with? How is that possible?  How can I sit and gloat over the lies of Satan and claim to desire to spend an eternity with the one who overcame. What sense would it make for me to cherish that which killed Him?  The aching pain of sin that broke His heart and snuffed His life as a final price that paid for mine… if I would accept His invitation to pick up my cross and follow Him and nail my sins to that cross as well.

Is that too high a price? Can I come and place myself in a “club like” atmosphere and call it good while I defend my right to live by my flesh instead of His Word that defines His plan for me and His request of me to lay it all down before Him?  How can He save me when I demand to live in opposition… in rebellion?

I know little of the cost.  I still cling to this world. God grant me the strength to let go!  “And He summoned the crowd with His disciples, and said to them, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me.” Mark 8:34

My cross has been same-sex attraction, what’s yours? What do I gain by clinging to what comes natural and seems right, if His Word tells me that I am believing and responding to a lie from the enemy that will cost me eternal life?  Isn’t His truth more powerful than my “feelings?”  What will I give up for Him?  What will you give up for Him?

Why was it necessary for Him to shed His blood? What did it pay for?

Behold The Lamb of God.  Let go of the lies and embrace His truth. He will set you free!



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Steve Wohlberg produces “Coming Out” series

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This new series regarding redemption and loving Jesus is available here on Know His Love.

Read a compelling article on with Steve Wohlberg.   HERE

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