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You’re Mine

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Throughout time our Creator has done all that is possible to draw us into an intimate relationship with Him. He longs for our trust and dependence on Him at all times.  He has poured out His love to the degree in which He shed His blood and gave His life for us.

He gave us His Word for all time to guide us.  He told us of many from the beginning of time who made mistakes and choices that were costly.  He has given us guard rails so that we don’t fall of cliffs or sink into unnecessary pot holes that would shake our faith. 

Why do so many blame God for the rough spots, disappointments and fatalities of life? Why do we put so much credence to our own voices and self-contrived knowledge?  How is that we obtain such a high opinion of ourselves and then get angry with God when things don’t go our way.  Had we developed a trust in Him and reliance upon Him … truly knowing Him, we would recognize that He means no harm, but only good for us.

The war began in Heaven. God’s most cherished cherub and protector of His throne turned on Him and made it His highest priority to turn both heaven and earth against the source of the purest love there is. Love itself is Jesus Christ.

Feelings are not stable. They change based on what we teach ourselves. They change dependent on what has the strongest emphasis in our lives.  Some live for pleasure. Some for passion. Some even live to give. But if all these things are motivated without the inclusion of our Creator, they will deceive us. Then when a rough patch is encountered, most fall apart and start blaming God again who had nothing to do with where we navigated ourselves to.

Trust in what we cannot see or feel is the walk of faith.  “Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven. Your faithfulness endures to all generations; You established the earth, and it abides.” Psalm 119:89-90

My passion today to share both God’s love and truth is a result of recognizing the error of my past.  I lived according to my “feelings” and adopted them as truth even when they did not agree with God’s Word to me. We all want to be loved. But it is vital that we understand that loosely tossed about four letter word L-O-V-E.  How are we defining love? Most of us do not want to contemplate that God’s law is love.  You think… how can law be love?  We think of rigid rules instead of loving protection from that that will ruin us if we don’t abide.

God will never force us to love Him and it is this very fact that the enemy Satan uses to steal lives … God’s precious children …  from Him. Our loving God gave us the power to choose. So Satan uses this as a huge campaign in which He can manipulate our feelings and turn us against the one who loves us most. He is very effective. He brain washes many by continually toying with their emotions.  He is escalating his tactics and attacking those who claim to be believers of Jesus Christ.  He will continue to escalate as though he were using a crowbar to force us from the Rock.

His effectiveness is being realized. Those who are not in tune with their Creator are falling to his false suggestions.  He is suggesting that love is something we control and are confident in. He is suggesting that equality is determined by man rather than by God. He’s twisting meanings and purpose. He is trying to convince us that our revisionary ideas today will be acceptable to God.  Much in the way that Lucifer began to bring about change and plans that did not originate with God.

What many are failing to recognize is that God’s whole plan for all time is to restore us to His original plan. He is God! He is perfect! And He wants us to be in agreement with His perfect plan by accepting that perfection of His into our lives.  Not continually looking for a way to improve on or change God’s original plan. Be careful not to let the enemy pry you from the Rock. And if you are not connected, start clinging to the Rock and immerse yourself in the lover of all lovers. .. Jesus Christ!  His ways are not your ways.   Get to know Him and His plan for you. Talk to Him and listen to Him. Know that all that is from Him will always agree with His Word. We will not discover something that is from Him that disagrees with Him. That is not from God.

This is a life and death matter dear friend. God wants you! He chose you. Rebellion will have a terminal outcome. Trust Him.  Never let go!  “Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.” Psalm 9:10

I share these words with you today because of the trials I face. We are all being tested.  Ever since God developed His ministry through me four and a half years ago, my secular work place has honored every time off request. This is being reviewed and my future is uncertain. Today I must trust that God has this. He will never leave or forsake me.  My faith will be tested.  God will reveal His plans one day at a time.

Ministry at this time, does not have the monetary support to sustain me by itself. But as my colleague points out to me; work, nor ministry put a roof over my head. God does!  

“But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, “You are my God.” Psalm 31:14

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