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Imitation Love – Seventh Gay Adventists

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I grew up in a church environment. Christians are not perfect, but their goal should be that of inviting more and more of the perfect life of Jesus into their lives. We are on this journey together. We are learning, growing and developing… unless we are dormant and looking everywhere except to the one who has all the answers.

Ignorance was prevalent. We didn’t talk about people’s “feelings.”  By not offering the help and healing God offers us, many were falling to their own unexplainable desires. This isn’t resident in homosexuality alone, but all sinful desires. For many this ignorance laid the path for complacency. And that gave way to an entire culture based on “feelings” rather than on the truth and love of Jesus Christ.

The film “Seventh Gay Adventists” shares only six stories of those who fell victim to the alienation and hurt generated by Christians who haven’t purely reflected God’s love.  But the sin of pride and injustice doesn’t buy the right of committing or continuing in another sin.

God extends His pure and deep love for everyone of us. … ignorant or informed.  He asks us to humbly approach Him and recognize that we are all level at the foot of the cross.  He asks us to seek His forgiveness and the forgiveness of others. He asks us to come and learn and love in accordance with His Word to us. The conclusions He asks us to reach are to always be in agreement with His Word.

Countless lives have been offended, injured and hurt. There is not excuse for not loving according to God’s love. But reinventing love “our” way instead of according to “God’s” way has terminal consequences.  My prayer is that we will come humbly before God, seek His forgiveness and invite Him in to change us according to His plan instead of ours.   “His plan.”  That may not include a spouse or sex. It’s the world and the ploy and clever plans of Satan that have set us up today to think that this is our right rather than asking that God’s will be done.

The film “Seventh Gay Adventists” profiles the lives of those who have may not have been loved by the church in the way God wanted His children to love. So they made do for themselves and decided to love each other in a way that was most comfortable to their flesh. It was comfortable to mine.  I was such a confused person. I settled for a fleshly truth instead of the truth of Jesus which calls us to deny the flesh and live for Him. The rewards of living according to God’s plan will be shared throughout an eternity.

However one who thought his plans were superior to God’s is no longer in Heaven and he has made it his priority to confuse and deceive us with his own agenda.  It only provides for a brief life expectancy here on this earth.

This film stops short of the “redemptive” message of pure love and hope that Jesus offers. It only offers human love. That to me is heart breaking.  God is calling for us to honor, love and obey Him. He will never leave or forsake us. But He asks us to trust Him.

As this film hits the internet and is released on DVD, I pray that you will consider how important it is to ask yourself if it is in agreement with God’s own Word.   This is not judgement on anyone’s life, but caution, as God’s Word does judge and warn against a gospel that originates in self rather than from God. In observance and honor of God and His Word, I have written this to help point people to Jesus who desires to have authority in our lives.  “Seventh Gay Adventists … facts or feelings?”

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