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Is He Worth It?

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Oh that incredible desire to love and be loved.  Do you recall the first time someone made you “feel” like you mattered?  Like you had a specialness that could only be affirmed by the person who seemed to possess a certain something that drew you like a magnet to them?  Pretty incredible wasn’t it?

Maybe this was the first time in your life that you actually sensed belonging.

God’s plan for you was to sense that from your very first breath.  But with the introduction of sin, life hasn’t gone the way God’s desires for us have been.  The Prince of Darkness has weaved his way into life at its earliest stages to bring on confusion and deception.  It is all part of the great controversy in this world between God and Satan.

Not a one of us was born without the ugly stain of a fallen nature.  Satan’s challenge to God is that he can manipulate our desires and responses through feelings and that we will fall for his plan.  Satan is adamant with God that no one ever make choices for “good” … the “good” of God, without being confirmed by “feelings.”

Satan’s efforts in the Garden of Eden were pretty convincing. So God sent His son Jesus to live with a human nature, like we have, and to allow Him to be tempted, as we are.  While God does not force and Satan cannot force, God made sure we were all given the power of choice. In the end, the controversy will play out showing that “there will be a people.”  A people who will choose God and righteousness over the deceptive lies and feelings imposed upon humanity by the evilness of Satan.

Jesus was tempted in His life. Tempted in the desert. Tempted with the kingdoms of the world. Continual temptations by Satan were rebuked by Jesus with statements that began with “It is written.” This is the same course that has been set for us today.   Hebrews 13:8 tells us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.  2 Timothy 3:16 lets us know that the Bible is God’s inspired Word.

We know that God loves us and has provided us with scripture we can rely on. His Word is our guide and conveys His love and His plan for us. His truth and His love will see us through our entire lives. If we abide in Christ and develop an intimate relationship with Him, we can know His plan for us. We will know right from wrong. We will know what pleases God. As we come to know and love Him, we will want to honor and obey Him.

Throughout His Word, we have many examples of trials and hard times where God’s children have not always “felt” good in making choices that brought God glory.  In fact we see some very trying examples that tested faith and trust of our Creator.  And throughout such trials, God has always brought reward to those who have honored Him.

God has said; “If you love me, keep my commandments.”  He didn’t say; if you feel good, keep my commandments. That’s Satan’s contention with Him.  They won’t obey you, unless they “feel” good. People won’t value God’s sovereignty unless it is backed with a confirming feeling.  In fact he is so sure that he holds out to God that he can make us believe absolute lies.

By seeking to reign over our emotions, he thinks he can convince us without too much effort.  Hey… it worked with Even didn’t it?

Adam and Eve were closer to God than any of us have been, yet even in His presence they failed to believe and obey Him. Nonetheless, God still holds out that “there will be a people.”  A people who will take God at His Word and serve Him with love and honor.

So let’s pick up where we were at the beginning of this article.  Let’s say you suffered abuse, that you were unwanted, that you never “felt” loved. Wouldn’t that be enough to justify falling in love with whomever or whatever you find that “seems” to be loving?  I mean, as long as it works for us, isn’t it okay?  God will understand won’t He?

In my circumstance, I was unwanted and unloved by my natural mother. So if a man shows me love, it would certainly be okay to love Him back wouldn’t it?  That would certainly be the natural response and it’s not hurting anyone right?  Doesn’t this work? Why wouldn’t it? Don’t we all deserve to be loved?

Isaiah 55:8 tells us:   “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.   Right here He is letting us know that He is the authority. We can only trust Him.  Jeremiah 17:9 confirms that “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked:  who can know it?” What clear advice God has provided us about trusting Him instead of our “feelings.”

Adaptation to self is something the world has come to accept as being normal. If it doesn’t seemingly physically harm someone, it’s pretty much okay with society and Christians are rapidly becoming more complacent as not to stand out as being different.  Many are spending less and less time with God and His Word and more and more time with the deceptive tools and devices cleverly choreographed to master our minds.

There is no safer place than in the arms of Jesus. He promises us in John 8 that the truth will set us free. His truth. Anything short of this will end in eternal doom. He loves us so much that He is willing to show us His ways and “redeem” us from our own.

Without an unbroken fellowship with Jesus Christ and the study of His Word and His plan for us, we are in no position to decipher right from wrong.  There are many men who have lost sight of their mortal beings and how dangerous it is to wander into the traps of self-justification, rather than the sanctification of Jesus Christ.  Oh what dangerous ground we tread without Him.

On that fateful evening when God came to visit Adam and Eve, they suddenly recognized their nakedness and hid in shame.

We have been given many examples and much time to develop and intimate relationship with our Savior. He is tender, loving and compassionate, yet still holds out to us the importance of living not according to our desires and feelings, but surrendering to Him, abiding in Him and denying self for Him out of honor, love and a sense of obedience.

Over the course of history, we have witnessed all that does not please Him and are given opportunity to humble ourselves before Him.  He knows our pain. He is acutely aware of the results and scars of sin.  Tragic acts of sin have been carried out under Satan to try and show God that no one is going to live for Him under these conditions.  But Satan is a liar. He has been overcome. His head has been trampled.

There continue to be a people who under the worst of circumstances are still making decisions to live their life for Jesus.

Are we getting in the way of God’s pure love?  Are we settling for facsimiles?  In God’s love letter to us, He has never condoned same-sex intimacy. In fact, in all references to same-sex sex in His Word, they are in a negative connotation.   He even refers to us, (his children) as His bride. He tells how a man will leave His mother and father for a woman.  His commandments which He directs us to in both the old and New Testament, tell us to honor our father and our mother, not our father and our father and our mother and our mother.

Nowhere does He provide iconic married figures of same sex relations as a role model for those who would please Him this way. Why?  Because it does not please Him and He is God.  Now … He is not going to force us against His will and in actuality it may not even be His will for some of us to marry at all. His will for us will always be in agreement with His Word, but the enemy wants you to believe your “feelings” as your truth.

Will we feel differently? Will we sense that there could be a different plan?  Absolutely… it is all part of the great controversy. God’s desire for us is that we will recognize who we are in Him and live to bring Him glory rather than glorifying self.  Satan is counting on you believing in his counterfeit of God’s original plan.

This world is one that is filled with pain and consequences of the sin that is destroying this earth. Everything in Satan’s power is being done to win souls to be destroyed with Him. Loving someone of the same gender does not dishonor God. But engaging in sinful sexual behavior is not in His plan for mankind. Dishonor will have a costly and terminal result.  In every conversation I have had with someone who believes that monogamous same-sex relationship pleases God; none has provided me with a Biblical grounding or approval by God.

We are helpless without an “It is written,” or a “Get thee behind me, Satan!”

The final message to those who would respond is a message of love.  Not a distorted, filtered love, but the purest love of Jesus without defilement.   Is this love worth sacrificing the harmful love that destroys? Are you settling for a counterfeit?   Or are you sensing God’s presence, seeking to get to know Him more clearly and calling upon the Holy Spirit to convict you with God’s pure love and truth that promises an eternity in the arms of Jesus?  Do you really want Heaven? Or have you settled for your idea of Heaven on earth?

This is the simple truth:  “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  John 3:16

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