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A Question of Identity

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I am privileged to share about the transitions God brings when we humbly come before Him and seek His guidance, claim the victory He offers us and begins the healing process.

I thank The Gleaner for this opportunity.

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Authenticity of a Changed Life

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From my earliest memories, I was harassed and teased because of effeminate characteristics.  Whether they were genetically present, prenatally influenced, or the results of postnatal conditioning; they were indelibly stamped on me as a human being. Meanwhile, American society had a constant societal gauge measuring the legitimacy of whether or not I measured up to the expectation of my gender.

In this lingering gauge is the core of where bullying stems. If someone doesn’t match an expectation, they are moving targets for the “normal” ones.  These victims begin to be ostracized, alienated and pigeon holed. Society begin assists in creating an unnecessary mental pressure that exacerbates and forces an individual into a stereotype which, without such societal pressure, might not have developed. Often this forces a person into a group where he/she can find some level of acceptance.   For instance … the gay community.  If a woman is too masculine, many begin to push her into a lesbian category. If a guy is too feminine, he is assumed to be gay.

“and I praise you
because of
the wonderful way
you created me.
Everything you do is marvelous!
Of this I have no doubt.”  Psalm 139:14

Throughout the world in every culture are the wonderful, unique creations of Jesus Christ. Imagine all the possibilities and the great qualities we are designed with. Then comes the conditioning of society.  The harsh and brutal realities of “fitting in.” As a result of our fallen nature, many things begin to develop that were not part of God’s plan.  Satan stops at nothing to distort and influence a precious creation of God.  Whether it is on the active or the passive traits of humanity, he toys and destroys and mocks God’s marvelous creatures.  He taunts, threats, tortures, and creates fears. None of which are part of God’s wondrous character.

In one of the most visible exploits of all time, satan has been allowed to culminate a group of abused, mistreated, alienated and even self-appointed members of the gay community. Not unlike other minority groups, there comes a time where those who have been lump summed into a particular group, fight for survival and self elevation develops. It’s as though war is declared.  And satan rejoices. Chaos takes hold. A community which  evolved as a result of  pain and the distortion of God’s plan begins to cloud and distort the purity of a just and compassionate God. People begin to start blaming God for what they have allowed satan to reign with such control.

satan cackles and roars with self adoration over the effectiveness of his destructive delusions. The focus has been placed on self instead of a stayed and steady focus on our loving, powerful and redeeming heavenly Father.

In this huge array of brokenness, well meaning, yet ignorant Christians then begin to try and fix things. The use the “societal gauge” as their  guide to wholeness, rather than the guidance and healing power of Jesus Christ.  Such efforts have been expressed through “reparative therapy.”  If we can just get everyone to act heterosexual with all the right mannerisms and rewired desires, things will be what they were “meant” to be.  Really?   In fact some clergy and well-meaning Christians would just as soon hand an afflicted soul the business card of a reparative therapist rather than providing the prayer and Biblical support God has commissioned each of us to in His Word.

Who is the author of this “approved” therapy? Most are not Christian based. This allows satan another distortion. He has been successful at influencing the gay community to think that all this therapy is being forced upon them by Christians and the fundamental right.  The truth is, that if the therapy right out of God’s Word were being implemented, many would be falling in love with Jesus and seeking to do His will, rather than seeking to meet an expectation of the “American society.”

I survived this horrid societal mess. Through all the beating, battering, name calling, hushed whispers, finger pointing, whistling, bantering, cackling, and caving in under the pressure, … Jesus still found me.  In this horrid mess of hereditary and cultivated sin … Jesus reached me in the narrow corner in my life where I could finally see a glimmer of the light that has been available from the beginning.

If we as children and messengers of Jesus Christ had developed the intimate relationship with Jesus from our earliest communicative abilities, we likely would not made poor choices based on feelings and threats imposed upon us by the evil one.

I’m scarred. Sin has left trace evidence. Jesus also has such trace evidence of sins existence with the scars from the holes nailed into his hands and feet.  Today I have remnants of a life which was soaked in the gay culture. I have residual mannerisms. My voice may not be deep like a manly man. I may walk without the gait of a farm hand or heavy weight boxer. But my heart belongs to Jesus.  But unlike Jesus, my scars will be washed away and I will be changed in the twinkling of an eye upon His glorious return.

satan is imposing unrealistic impressions and observations on God’ people by desperately trying to keep them from demonstrating the compassionate, warm, loving representation of Jesus Christ. He’s trying to break hearts. He insists on trying to make God’s people uncomfortable with each other by isolating us and trying to make us feel alone.

But Jesus made this promise:  “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Romans 8:1

And my favorite promise from Him today is this:  ” They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” Revelation 12:11

A changed life walks with God. He is my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night. He is not put away in the closet during the day, but is often met there for continued conversation. He is with me at work in between phone calls and scribbles of pens that sustain employment. He’s with me on breaks and as I walk along the river or to get a bite to eat. He is in my study and constant seeking to learn more about Him so that I can apply His teachings to my life and share what He reveals to me with others.

He is evidence of a “changed life.”  Let Him change your life today!

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The Wedding Feast

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“Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12: 1-2

We come together for various occasions in life. Some happy and some sad. In such incidences there is tremendous opportunity for the presence of God to be known.

Such was the scenario in celebrating the marriage of my very very dear friend Sue. Sue knew me before I knew Christ. We offered each other support in the perils that inevidably come into anyone’s life on this earth. Some situations are unnecessary, but happen due to any number of contributing factors. Mine was that I was gay.  I was in search of happiness. Always seeking the right partner. Always trying to fill a void which can really only be filled by our Creator. Even right relationships cannot offer what only our Creator promises if we will full submit ourselves to Him.

I allowed life … and its deceptive distortions orchestrated by none other than satan himself to suck me into many false satisfactions. One was alcohol. Some people will live deliberately in denial and be quite content. I lived in denial of truth and soaked it with alcohol. One evening I had not had much to drink, but was lonely and Sue allowed me to come and bring my dogs to her house just to be around someone who I trusted. Someone who loved me genuinely.

On my way there, I was pulled over for expired tabs. When the officer asked for my registration, I began to fumble through the glove compartment. The air was cold and crisp and the heat inside the car began to escape with the window down. With it came the scent of the couple of scotches I had had. Soon the expired tabs were no longer of any concern and long story short… I was arrested for a DUI.

Today, Sue reminds me that things happen for a reason. That happened eleven years ago.  I had taken a deferred prossicution and went through two years of an outpatient rehabilitation program.  During my sobriety God was edging closer and closer to my conscience and while I wasn’t aware of it, a transformation had begun in my ability to begin to hear Him more clearly.

More than three years ago I sat contemplating the fact that every gay friend I had … was now dead. There I sat one morning contemplating my many years of same-sex attraction. God allows us to get into some tight corners sometimes in order to hear Him speak to us. And to me He was saying; “So Wayne… can you hear me now?”  Will you take time now to get to know me and recognize the importance of Jesus and His life instead of focusing on your own?  Can you understand that I only want the very best for you, but you won’t know what those plans are unless you give your live wholly and completely over to me.  Like many examples of wayward sons in the Bible, I had been intent on living according to my plans and rationalizations instead of following the plans that God has for me.

This revelation changed my life forever. I invited Jesus into my heart. Into my life.  I asked Him to take charge. And no matter what trial may come my way, I will not walk through it alone. I’ll walk through it with Jesus. And because I know and trust Him today, I know that there are times that He will prove His love to me by carrying me when I am weak.  Because of Him my life today is that of a changed man. A prodigal returned home to serve Him and to learn from Him and allow Him to use me. And indeed He has done just that.

It’s been years since I have lived near Sue. A few months ago she announced to me that she was engaged and invited me to her wedding which took place yesterday.   The location was at her home right at the waters edge of a beautiful lake.  From the moment I walked in the door, there was such an atmosphere of great joy, celebration and reunion.  She looked beautiful and happier than I think I have ever seen her.  There was such peace and excitement all at once.

I hadn’t even begun to think about who would be there. But there were many who I had worked with years ago. And also Sue’s children whom I had not seen for years. One by one I was reunited with those who had not seen me for years. Every last one of them told me how fabulous I looked and how they could not believe how much joy and happiness was visible in my face, as though I had a new partner and was in a serene relationship.  Many asked if I had a new person in my life. Someone I am living with.  And each time I was asked, I was overjoyed to point my finger skyward and say; “Yes I do… and His name is Jesus Christ!”  The transformation that even I was not fully aware of was spilling out like bubbles out of a bubble machine. It seemed contagious. Over and over I kept hearing how fantastic I looked and how happy I am.   God is absolutely amazing!  Do you see how if we will trust Him and give over to Him even the things that we thought brought us happiness, but were really deceptive tools of satan, He will transform us with victory and healing that only He can provide?

I went to bring joy, and received far more than I could have imagined. I saw people recognize the purity of what only Jesus could do. Some of them may not credit it to God, but I know from my intimate relationship with Jesus, that He is the only one that is responsible for such a transformation. Before even mentioning Him, His presence was sensed. It was not about Wayne Blakely. It was about the gifts Jesus Christ has given to Wayne Blakely.  I was truly humbled. My heart was sooo warm and I came away wanting to know Him more and fall in love with Him more then ever before.

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.” 1 John 3:1   I am so honored to know Him.

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Prayer and Fasting

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‘Coming Out’ Ministries is pleased to announce support for Family, Friends and also those who struggle with Same Sex Attraction.

More lines will be set up. However I am pleased to let you know that I am setting up the first Prayer support line that will be based on Pacific Standard Time.


At 5:15 AM PST on Thursdays, dial in to 1-605-475-6700  Access code 4552643#

We will be praying together for healing and deliverance for those whose hearts will respond to the love of God.

Also if you are interested, please join us in fasting on Thursdays as well.

“But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” Matthew 17:21

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