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Did We Lose The Keys?

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A pastor approached me and told me he had gotten some feedback about inviting me to speak at his church.  He said there had been two extremes. Some that were happy that this topic was being explored and others who are disturbed at the fact that this topic is being discussed at all.  A mother said; “How can you allow someone to come and speak on this topic?  My son is gay.”

This is not an uncommon concern for pastors today. But I think it is very important to consider how we got here. Never have we spoken about this dark and convieintly put aside sin.  During this long allowed spell of ignorance, something very drastic has been taking place. Those who were not ministered to began dropping out of sight. They realized they were not welcome and didn’t fit and they began to develop a whole culture of like-minded people.

At the same time, all the facets of our society began to normalize and excuse what we refuse to talk about in church. So now… years and years later when the sin is rearing its ugly head to a new height, we are at a crossroad. Many who remained silent have now declared their gay feelings. It’s not as shameful as it used to be to the individual and to their loved ones. In many cases there is condoning element, because no one has been shown the way out by our clergy and places of worship.

Because we ignored what God has wanted us to talk about, we are now getting feedback from those who have grown accustomed to , and placed their approval on the sin. Pastors are put in a position that seems uncomfortable.

So I say to you; Be bold in Christ!  You dedicated your life to sharing God’s love and truth. They go hand in hand. By refusing to share the truth about the gospel, we are burying the keys to the kingdom. We are commissioned by God to be truthful, helpful and dedicated to shining the light on Jesus and His call to all those who will accept Him.

Every one of us have feelings that are not part of God’s plan for us. When we have truth, we then get discernment and learn to surrender our feelings that are not in alignment with God’s plan. This is the long awaited message that needs to be shared with the same-sex attracted soul… as well as their loved ones.  We can’t share what we don’t have.

If we don’t engage in a personal relationship with Jesus that keeps us submitting our will to Him and getting to know Him intimately, we are going to shy away from sharing with someone else God’s loving plan for them.

We… those of us who know Jesus…will then be held responsible for the talent (the gospel… His gift) that He gave us and doing nothing with it. He could easily say… “I don’t know you.”  Can we really afford to remain silent forever about homosexuality?   Some say… well there are other sins we don’t talk about as well.

That is so very true. But look what has happened in our refusal to talk about or reach out to the homosexual. A entire culture developed.  If you look deep enough into some other sins, you will find the beginnings of a culture by those who profess what they to believe being normal because it’s how they naturally feel.

This is why God has had to resort to divine intervention.  In the absence of any effort to recognize those who have been deceived by their natural …(yet sinful) feelings, God has returned some of those who He has convicted with His Holy Spirit. In these individuals lies the clarity and understanding that we have a choice to act on our feelings … or surrender them to Christ and seek to do His will instead of our own.

Are you willing to let someone believe that they are fine just the way they are and settle for this being all they get? This is where it ends?  Love on earth and not beyond?  Are you comfortable in not sharing the possibility for eternal life along with an ever growing and dependent relationship with Jesus?

You bet there are going to be church members that are going to balk at hearing the truth. It’s all over God’s Word. We were not put here to develop churches that only deliver “feel good” messages. That’s as good as letting us wallow in our sin.

A text we should consider in this important time in this world’s history is Colossians 1:25 ” God has given me the responsibility of serving his church by proclaiming his entire message to you.”

Don’t bury the keys to the kingdom. Don’t allow souls to miss out on eternity. Speak boldly in the faith of Jesus Christ.

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