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Postcards From Heaven

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God is amazing as He knows when and how to reach us at whatever point in our life we are listening to Him. In that moment He captures our hearts and we make a stand for Him. At that exact moment is where the journey begins in which He begins to impress upon us the personalization of His relationship with Him.

As sin damaged people we are still at risk of all that has happened up until that relationship with Jesus. We are babes in Christ. What we fill our minds with and choose to contemplate and believe will shape our future. And so it is of utmost importance that we choose Him and His Word to guide us.

I know God plucked me right out of the fire. I had made every wrong choice someone in my condition could make. I searched the world for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. Today, in my acceptance and love for Jesus, I have continued to look to others for love, affirmation, approval and confirmation that I am doing and experiencing what God intended for me from the beginning.

Somehow my focus has managed to weigh heavily on self. Determined to please and make right all that had taken place before today. Satan is still desperate to discourage and confuse me.

While my life was full of mistreatment which resulted in my wrong doings; it is not anyone else’s burden to make up to me those horrible injustices.  I’ve been guilty of harboring the bitterness and pain.  I’ve seen it as my responsibility to set it all straight…. no pun intended. : )     And so … being overly concerned about righting the past and fixing the future, I’ve been missing out on the personalization that Jesus has intended and desires just for me and Him.

A friend of mine has taken notice of my pain, frustrations, phone calls, jagged relationships, and writings.  As she was praying for me, I believe God brought to her mind this wonderful book. “Postcards From Heaven.”

Perhaps you like me, think about God’s Word being written for all His children collectively and simply take it for granted and don’t really consider His personalization directly to us. The author of  ‘Postcards From Heaven,’ took note of a friend who, much like me was struggling and not getting everything from God that God intends for her. She commissioned her to go and spend time to write a letter to God out of the depths of her heart, telling God how angry she was with Him and all that had gone so terribly wrong in her life and how she is in such crisis and needs Him to tend to her personally.

She then brought the letter back to Claire Cloninger, the author of  ‘Postcards From Heaven.’  God gave Claire the gift to personalize many verses in His Word that are meant to reach us at our core.  If  we listen closely to Him and personalize His message to us; therein lies the substance of the healing He desires for us.

This postcard based on Isaiah 51:12 really begins to put His message to me in perspective.

“Dear child,

Haven’t you learned by now where your comfort comes from? Haven’t you discovered the wellspring of your joy and the source of your strength? I am the God who comforts you. I am the Friend who brings joy.  Why do you continue to look to the people in your life for things that can only come from me? I have given you special people to enjoy and care about. I have given you people to learn from and people to nurture. But these are human beings like yourself. Though they may never intend to, there will come a time when they will let you down. If you continue to go to them for the fulfillment that can only be found in me, a time will come when your are left empty and alone. A time will come when the people you relied on will revel that they are only human.

My love is a higher love. It is a love you can trust. I will not leave you nor forget you. Total fulfillment will not come from others. Being totally “full-filled” means being filled full of my Spirit. Come and be fulfilled in me.

Your Father and your Friend, God”

Wow! I have been so preoccupied with convincing others of God’s truth and may well have been justified in pointing out the facts, but I am not responsible for the reception or forcing their hand.  How would that be from God? That would be personal between Wayne and the intended individual.  I have miserably failed and “letting go and letting God.” I’ve been carrying around responsibilities and outcomes that are not mine to carry.  I’ve been missing out on the true blessing and personal message that God has just for me!

I’m not healed…so I don’t want to sound as though I am pontificating all of the sudden here. But I see a new light that God intended just for me, passed from one carrying sister to a brother in great need. I think and pray that I will begin to truly allow God to speak to me so very personally through the letters He has written to me.

I pray that you may get a hold of this precious book and benefit as well.

I pray for God’s blessings, love and convictions to be upon all who will seek Him.


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The Never Ending Loneliness

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I couldn’t have been more than three or four before I recognized that I didn’t fit in a world that seemed to be accepting of everyone else. There was always something different about me that made me peculiar and odd. Slowly, but consistently it translated into my desire to be loved and accepted by a man, rather than intimately attracted toward a woman.

That resulted in battle scars early on. Children saw I was different and more feminine than masculine. So I was teased, harassed and made fun of. Adults thought me not to be developing normally and so they considered me odd and unnatural. My parents and family sensed that I was not normal and couldn’t find a fix that would work or correct my developmental stages of life.

I became acutely aware that I was not turning out to be “normal” and was actually identifying with the “homosexual” written of in God’s Word. Why would He let me be like this? Why would this come naturally to me? I didn’t choose to be homosexual. It was who I was inside and out. He must not love me if everyone else was going to be considered normal and I was going to forever be the outcast. There were no answers to my prayers. They seemed like those who had gone before me and ended up taking their lives due to the lack of “healing.”  I would pray for God to make me straight and to like women just the way I was feeling toward men. “Save me!”  “Change me!”  But nothing happened. No change occurred and no help came from God’s people or from society at large. I was an eyesore on the face of the planet.

Little did I know that I was part of Satan’s big plan to prove to the world that God doesn’t care about people like me. There were others that I just didn’t know about that were in the same predicament. Ever so gradually, he would be convincing them that it was unfair to be such an outcast to all simply by living according to what came naturally. He would take such individuals and focus their attention on their pain and suffering. They would then develop a back bone of declaring their right to be here and to love, feel and exist without the confines of how society felt or more importantly the Christian community who saw us as freaks of nature.

But the way Satan introduced and desensitized this problem would be an even clearer indication of our unnatural inclinations. Secret places surfaced to indulge in acts that the Bible warns about. In order to explore these unnatural tendencies, further intemperate habits would be encouraged to normalize these behaviors. Drinking, drugs, and no moral regard.  All the while Satan began to utilize airwaves, print ads and television to mass market an oddity that with enough saturation, would become normalized and even idealized.   Humor and creativity would cloud the once taboo and bring about a general acceptance.

At the same time, Christians remained clueless and avoided explaining such unnatural inclinations. But thorough examination and study shows the solutions have always been intact in God’s great Word.

Just as foretold in God’s Word, the calamities and lies of Satan have continued to tug on the feelings and emotions of those afflicted with same-sex attraction and the sympathies of their friends and loved ones. His lies to us seeking to convince us that God doesn’t care or understand have focused us on self and remapping God around self, rather than our devotion and dedication to seeking God’s truth and Christ centered healing and recovery.

Years and years have slipped away without God’s people actively seeking to rescue the lost and confused. In fact due to the uncomfortable content of the issue, it has been all but totally disregarded by many a denomination. And in fact some denominations have now thrown total disregard at God’s Word and have decided that they know better than God and will allow the ordination and confirmation of those that God clearly has spoken against.   How could man take on such a position and declarations that are not his to make?

John 8:32  “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”   Since God’s disciples and church family members have not educated themselves on how to reach the unreachable,  God has begun to convict many hearts right in the midst of the devil’s deception. He has reached down to the sinner and spoken directly to their hearts revealing His truth and setting them free from the chains of sin.

You see it hasn’t been important to focus on why we feel a certain sinful way, its more crucially important that we know what to do because we recognize our sin filled feelings and how to claim the victory and healing that Jesus offers.   Everywhere homosexuality is mentioned in God’s Word, it is in a negative light. It brings no glory to Him and He never shows favor to the intimacy of any same-sex relations. Never does He condone same-sex activity, but proclaims and promotes His original and perfect plan of that between a man and a woman.  Does that mean that absolutely every human is to enter into such an intimacy, or could it be that for some, their right relationship will simply have to be rooted in a relationship with Jesus Christ that may never lead to a relationship of sexual intimacy?  We are to let Jesus lead us.  He alone knows what we need in our life that will enhance our relationship with Him.

But above all we are to “abide in Him.” That is the only safety we can rely on.  John 15:4 “Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.”  We must trust Jesus. We can’t just start rewriting scripture to fit our feelings and shape God around our unholy lives.  He asks that we be drawn to holiness and let Him guide us in ALL things.   We are to live apart from the world not form ourselves to the world. The world is not our home… we are passing through and learning the importance of God’s Word and obedience to Him in our journey.  By glorifying Him and seeking to do His will, we begin to transform into the person He desires us to be.

Is this too big of a self-sacrifice? Are we too arrogant and content in our well formulated Christianity that we dare not reach out with the honest, stark and redeeming truth of our loving and masterful creator?  Are we aiding and assisting desperate souls in our comfortable silence?

Youth today are caught in this emotional debacle to an even more extreme extent than when I was growing up. And yes… more and more are committing suicide in their desperate attempt to seek answers that seem hidden from them. We are commissioned by God to proclaim and share His life saving gospel. But we sit silently and fearfully. What will the church think if we speak out on God’s truth to this issue?  Will we lose members because we are talking about something as taboo as sex and sexual sins? Are we going to offend someone with sharing the true message that God has forever declared?  What do we fear? Do we not know that our protector is our Savior … Christ Jesus?

And so it is today, much as it was early in life.  While there were prayers and pleadings to help souls like me find their way to Christ to be healed, there is now a seeming reluctance in sharing the stories of such healings, victory and freedom that God freely offers all. Why aren’t we shouting His praises and His redemption from the mountain tops and the church pulpits? Why are we keeping God under wraps? Why are we acting as though the topic that we never wanted to address, need not be addressed if God has somehow provided healing and the problem is now remedied for that soul?  Do we not see the need to support and lift such individuals up as we know they will be continually tempted until the day of our Lords second coming?

How can we let souls ride the sea of loneliness without rallying in support and praise for the awesome things God has done? Are we turning our backs on the very success and promise filled prodigals God has sent to us as beacons of His saving light?

Pray dear brothers and sisters that God holds tight to those He has claimed and that they indeed never let go in the depth of  earthly loneliness they have become accustomed to. Even among their fellow believers.

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Ignorance is Bliss / Or a Revival of Faith

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Christian faith denominations today are sometimes guilty of following routine and tradition. That of which  we know, rather than exercising faith in the power of Jesus Christ of that which we may not know or be comfortable with.

Allow me to explain.  Today, as for more than a hundred years, we plaster prophecy signs with seven headed beasts and the like… trying to attract people to discovery of foretold prophecy. Some, may see this as little more than science fiction by the display of such posters.  But it has long been the taught and accepted form of evangelism.

The question I have is, what type of person does that invoke? And might there be a better way to enlist hungry souls for Christ. End of the world events is crucial information and knowledge to have. But where does it fit in the revival of a spiritual reawakening?

Wouldn’t the draw to the Savior be through what He offers us each individually? What if the prophecy series had posters that emulated a modern day call? Something people readily associate with like:  “Do you know your destiny? Are you plagued with adultery? Are you stressed from your worldly obligations? Is being gay really an option? Are you desperately seeking answers to life’s perplexities?”

Imagine the turn out to a well publicized event of this nature. You don’t remove or discredit the prophecy portion. But you insert it in its proper order. Wouldn’t it make more sense to offer God’s love and offer of healing before  indulging folks into deep theological prophecy?

I am reminded of the lame man that Peter and John approached at Nazareth. Peter said “Silver and gold have I none but such as I have give I thee.  In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.”   The element of surprise may have been just as visibly been seen on Peter and John’s faces, as they confessed that they had no power or godliness to perform such a miracle. But they TRUSTED and had FAITH in the one who could.

We are sidestepping current satanic trauma in our persistent ignorance is bliss approach. Our own members in our congregations need the same love, help and healing that we are suggesting to the community is theirs to be had.

But if we don’t begin to move forward in faith and trust in the power of Jesus which is freely given, He will continue to allow us to be back further and further into a corner until we are convicted with the message He has given us to share.

It is fascinating to know the succession of end world events. But it is crucial to first know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, friend and healer of ALL sin.

Sin sickened souls have sat in church pews following a pattern of routine. Coming to church each week and wondering if the sin that afflicts them will ever be addressed and if there will be any noticeable glint of hope or healing for them.

It cannot be assumed that just because people are not sharing their sin stories with one another, that they simply don’t exist in that congregation. They are in every congregation. And what’s more is that even if a problem isn’t prevalent in a particular congregation, the souls attending are hungry to learn how they can help someone who is suffering.

The church is the meeting place for believers to become educated and set on fire for Christ. So that we are better equipped to reach out to those who are lost, lonely, deceived and corrupted by the influence Satan has had on this world.

If we take up comfort in remaining ignorant; the lame will not walk, the adulterer will continue to cheat on his/her spouse, the drug addict will continue to use, the homosexual will continue to persist in what seems natural to him or her.  They will not experience healing that is not offered.

When we present Christ as the healer and show His love to EVERY sinner, the Holy Spirit convicts souls with repentance and a reaching out to be healed. They begin to quench ‘holiness.’ They catch the fire of change that Jesus can bring to their lives and they begin to share it with others who have been long deceived.

Ignorance is not bliss…. It’s just a delay in not being able to realize these end time events more quickly. Spiritual revival will quicken the believer and spread to those who want to know where they to can experience this flame of revival.

This is another evidence of training children in the way they should go, because they will return unto you. When those who have witnessed the generic routines of houses of God actually catch on fire for Christ and personally witness and convey that change to others; many thought lost will pour back into God’s church family with a spirit of revival and healing.

It is those that are returning that God will use as evidence of His power, strength, glory and confirmation of His ‘holiness.’

It is my prayer that while we have often been a reactive denomination, that we will step forward in our belief and strong faith in Jesus and become proactive in reaching out to directly to sins that have been ignored, glossed over, or just uncomfortable to mention. Religion might be for comfort minded people, but true Christianity and belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ is aimed at the heart of EVERY sinner seeking relief.

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Gays and Forgiveness

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One of the largest divisions between gays and Christianity is buried deep in the perceptions of acceptance or rejection by the Christian community. This is an area that also has largely contributed to the ultra sensitive or hypersensitive nature of a high volume of guys.

Sins of unfamiliarity have an exclusive effect on sinners, rather than an inclusive reaction to the fact that there is no sin that is acceptable to our heavenly father. Churches therein began to white wash some sin due to the commonplace of its existence. However I must say that it has been some time since I have heard a sermon that really addresses any sin issues. The gospel seems to have received a watered down effect over the years.

We have gone to the other extreme. There are many a poignant sermon given. But often it has to do with how we study God’s Word, or how we treat one another, or a round about way of trying to get a pertinent point across. Rarely will you hear a sermon that goes to the heart of a sin problem in specifics and what we are to do about it.

In the absence of God’s clear and direct Words regarding sin issues, we cultivate knowingly or not, a tolerance, affirmation or a “well we are all sinners” type of approach; thereby creating an atmosphere of acceptance of sin rather than seeking forgiveness, confessing our sins and healing within a right relationship with God and His supportive church family.

The sin that is most remote and thought worst about is the one that is likely never to be spoken of. Thus it becomes the crowning sin. The hushed whispers, finger pointing and distinct separation from the identified sinner begins to alienate and have an effect on the soul who may be searching, but not finding much needed answers and support.

To gays, this created division and most who have been mistreated or made to feel unloved or cared, have naturally drifted into the gay community who has waited for them with open arms. Isn’t that exactly what the great deception is all about? If Satan can keep us from addressing sin and create a society that accepts sin, then he sees himself as the victor. It’s vividly clear, but rarely addressed.

Instead Christians frequently place additional blame on those who have found an element of society where they feel wanted and accepted and by a commonality of their sin, they begin to find strength in likeness and in numbers and without any indication of a need for change. They live in deception and denial because as a church we failed to explore the sin and the only healer of sin. We have placed emphasis on being a heterosexual sinner, instead of drawing every sinner into a right relationship with God that heals all sin.  How? Within developing a crucial personal relationship with our Savior.

Now sometimes we hear about developing the personal relationship, but we don’t identify which sin this is appropriate for. Out of fear or making people uncomfortable, we skip over the sin issue.  Meanwhile believers and afflicted church members await answers that deal specifically with their sin problem. Many have sat waiting for the gospel they have so deeply needed to hear, yet have never heard it uttered from the pulpit

This has sometimes contributed to the hypocritical sinner. By not addressing sin issues, they fester and grow like a bacteria in the dark. Spouses sneak around on each other. Singles may live an alter life, while covering up their sin issue one day a week at church.  The routine is in place, but the healing is not.

“Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst. But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his immense patience as an example for those who would believe in him and receive eternal life.”  1 Timothy 1:15,16

Today it can begin! Tell your pastor that you want to see souls that have been alienated an ostracized won to Christ. Encourage a call to those who don’t recognize that healing is available. Not a healing that turns them from gay to straight, but to entering a relationship of ‘holiness’ with their father.  Healing is available for every sinner. Lets talk about cultivating an honest relationship about our sin filled lives with Christ. Let’s explore what it is that He desires from us and how we are to reach out to one another in an inclusive relationship, not an exclusive relationship.

To gays; where there is forgiveness, there is healing, It is so very important to not hold ourselves apart from the church, but to personally recognize the need for healing. When the sin is sin as sin and we hold ourselves accountable and begin to seek forgiveness and healing, you will then want to identity as a child of the kingdom rather than a sinner bent on what feels natural due to our commonality of having been born with a sinful nature.

Seek forgiveness from God and from your fellow man. Serve and grow in Christ even in the face of adversity. It is a challenge not for the weak of heart. I can tell you that there are many bumps and hurdles in the road. There are moments of awkwardness. But I have freedom knowing with all my heart that I am seeking to do God’s will in spite of what those around me might or might not be doing.

As James 5:16 says  “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

It cannot be afforded to a sinner to leave the teachings of Christ, to find comfort in like minded people in the world. The cost is eternal life. Likewise we cannot afford to officiate in churches and not be held accountable for teaching the gospel to ALL sinners. Be blessed today and share God’s love and compassion all who seek a life in Him that cultivates accepting victory and healing.

God bless …. Wayne Blakely

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Looking For Love & Affirmation in all the wrong places

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Letting our feelings control us can result in some pretty serious blunders. Especially if the “feeling” cycle is not broken at an early stage in their development.

Have you ever felt that someone didn’t like you because of the feeling you had only to find out later that you had totally read that person incorrectly. Our perceptions can be costly. I am “guilty.”

Now a lot of my perceptions have been right on. But by allowing the feeling to control me, I have caused additional damage by seeking help from all the wrong places. I’m sure you know exactly where I am heading with this.

As a child I always had difficulty taking things to Jesus because I couldn’t audibly here His responses to my prayers of deep concern. Why couldn’t I hear God?! Today… it has been much the same, only I know God has heard my prayers because of how this lesson is playing out.

When God convicted my heart of the need to return to Him, I began to pray that I would never depart. I prayed that no matter how difficult the lesson, that He teach me and direct me to His answers. Guess what… He’s been listening. My whole life has been controlled by feelings. Feelings of pain, feelings of joy, feelings of lust, feelings of desire, and feelings of impulse. They have played me at almost every step.

That began to change when God pointed me to the need for an intimate relationship with Him. One in which I began to choose truth over my feelings of same-sex attraction. God has given me an amazing victory.  But He didn’t stop there.  He’s letting me know that He is not through with me.

It has always been my intention and lot in life to try and please others. Well. … selfishly. Because if I pleased them, they would love me in return. Right? When my attempts to please failed, I would punish myself and return to the dysfunctional route of reaching out for validation or sympathy in hopes of regaining some self confidence. Wow! What a mess! And it is has taken more than fifty years of acting out in wrong behaviors based on how I felt, to come face to face with the truth.

It doesn’t matter what the world thinks of me. It only matters what Jesus thinks of me and how I am responding to His guidance and direction. He tells me in Matthew 11:28-30 “28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden , and I will give you rest . 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Now I guarantee you, I don’t have much experience in realizing the results of this important command because I have always reacted to my feelings and gone in search of someone or something that would or could change what I felt.

Because of my earnest and sincere prayers God is no longer allowing me to get the self gratification I once got. It’s like He has blocked those instant gratification feelings and is saying… “no Wayne… we are going to work through this together until you learn to lean on me instead of yourself or others.”  Yikes! really? But I don’t feel the peace.  “I know you don’t Wayne, because you won’t always feel peace, you’ll have to trust me in that I have promised you peace even when you don’t feel it. But you must trust me…. completely!”

But God… If I can’t feel you .. how can I trust you? “Because I am your God and I only reveal truth to you. When you learn to trust me and have faith in me, you will most certainly come to know this peace. It is often in a song. Or in a prayer. Or in the verses of promise I have provided you.  If you know me Wayne, you will have peace! This is for your own good. And I only want good for you. Placing your trust in people and seeking their approval will only continue to disappoint you and bring you continued pain.”

“I have told you Wayne that the truth will set you free. You have begun to experience this freedom. But you have not allowed all of my truth to be complete in you.”

Yes… it may be lonely. Things may not go as I hope or as I plan. But by giving myself completely over to God, they will go as He plans and He knows above all, what is best for me.

What a painful lesson to learn. Oh believe me… I have plenty more learning to do, but as usual, He will not leave or forsake me. As I trust Him, I will grow in Him. It is a humbling and somewhat difficult process. But I want nothing more than to know my Savior and the peace that passes all understanding.

Some of you might be asking yourself why I am so open and vulnerable about this. It’s because I know as humans we all fall into a lot of deceptive traps. While I am growing, I want to share what He impresses me with, so that more can experience the freedom He promises.

God bless!

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God…Protect Us From Ourselves

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Every inhabitant of earth is born with a sinful nature. How the effects of sin materialize is brought about by each person’s unique set of circumstances. Because of atrocities inflicted upon each of us we react and develop even more sin distortions.

I was rejected pretty much before I was born. My natural mother insisted she would have only a baby girl. Upon arrival the abuse began. No bonding or sense of love was present. Like a kicked dog, I would strive from as early as I can remember to get approval from anyone in hopes of a genuine love connection.  A confirmation that it really was okay for me to be in this world.

But I am not familiar with those that are perfect and have obtained that universal stamp of approval. The sickness of “never good enough,” has haunted me throughout my life. I wasn’t masculine enough. I had the wrong interests for that of a boy. I wasn’t sports minded. I wasn’t a straight A student. I didn’t respond to others the way I was expected to respond.  and so on… Yet still today, I have sought to live in hopes of gaining approval… which to me translates to love.  To many reading this, it’s very obvious that approval is not love at all. It’s a false sense of security.

Christians don’t always treat one another in a Christ-like way. Why?  Because we are often still self absorbed and not genuinely reflecting God’s unconditional love to one another.  Harsh?  Oh yes! And emotionally painful. Even in our professed Christian beliefs, many of us fail to help one another heal from our emotional sin stained scars.

Far too many of us have developed a dysfunctional vicious circle of reinjuring ourselves with the expectations of others and our own. It’s like there is a sea of skyscrapers clouding our vision of the cross where all this mess was laid upon our Savior who took this pain, misery and injustice and let it break His heart and then died for these terrible woes.  He bore the injustice, the sin of persecuting one another, whether in murder or character assassination.

What we fail to see in each other is that we will never be “good enough.”  We look for perfection where it simply never be. Our vision of pure love is obscured by our distorted concept of what constitutes that love.

After years of living in this vicious circle of pain and rejection, God is trying to shed His light on the truth about love. His love. He is trying to make it clear to me. His love is all I need. And His love is the pure love that I so desperately need to reflect to others…  even when  I don’t feel the love.

It is because of the fog and the clouds of the damage every one of us have suffered from the distortion of His pure love that this world is rapidly self destructive.  No one can force us to Christ. We must humbly and willingly seek His clear and pure revelations of Himself and the route we must follow if we truly want to experience healing.

I will tell you very plainly that it is a painful process. Self hurt, pride, self desires, and a self centered craving for that which we don’t feel, can seriously hinder our ability to see and experience Jesus in His purest form.  Round and round we go …. for years. Revisiting our pain, confusion and dysfunction over and over and over.

Yet He still reaches out in that still soft voice that invites us to listen to Him and surrender to Him. If we would bury ourselves in Him and His precious Word to us, we will begin to experience His healing power.  Because of the effects of sin, self will continue to try and rule and constantly resurface. This is why it is so very important to abide in Him.

Trust and faith must be developed. We are not hopeless and helpless, because He promises to heal us if we will submit ourselves to Him.  As soon as we make the decision to hand the brokenness over to Jesus, the healing begins.

We are all broken and we need so very much to lift one another up for the healing that is promised.  A tool that is more powerful than I know how to put into words, is located here. Take every concern to Jesus. He is the healer of all sickness whether physical or emotional.

Love one another. Let down the barriers and confess to one another. Pray for the healing that is promised. Begin the journey to heaven while still here on earth. BELIEVE in all that He has promised. He will never let you down.

The pain and struggle may be deep rooted. But it is not beyond repair.  Our father is master of the universe. He is the source of our strength. He will heal the broken heart.

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Anything or Nothing

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Every few months I have been incited by the seemingly lack of willingness of organized church leaders to reach out to the same-sex attracted soul or homosexual.  For fifty seven years the church has not take an interest in my cross.

And so you might get a small glimpse of the pain and woundedness this oversight has rendered. But ultimately… what is my responsibility? What has God called me to do? How does He want to go about providing me with peace and love… even from those who seem to have offended me? If my anger is stirred by those who do not understand, I am allowing what Jesus offers me to be overrun by yet another influence of Satan.

I am a willing vessel.  Jesus does not say that He is going to use me instantly or even at all. The whole process and evaluation of what is happening in my life … is where I must make sure I maintain my vital connection to Jesus experiencing the peace and promises He freely offers me.

In the Desire Of Ages, author Ellen White has written this:  “Let the repenting sinner fix his eyes upon “the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world” (John 1:29); and by beholding, he becomes changed. His fear is turned to joy, his doubts to hope. Gratitude springs up. The stony heart is broken. A tide of love sweeps into the soul. Christ is in him a well of water springing up unto everlasting life. When we see Jesus, a Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief, working to save the lost, slighted, scorned, derided, driven from city to city till His mission was accomplished; when we behold Him in Gethsemane, sweating great drops of blood, and on the cross dying in agony,—when we see this, self will no longer clamor to be recognized. Looking unto Jesus, we shall be ashamed of our coldness, our lethargy, our self-seeking. We shall be willing to be anything or nothing, so that we may do heart service for the Master. We shall rejoice to bear the cross after Jesus, to endure trial, shame, or persecution for His dear sake. “{DA 439.3}

I should not be driven by what I want to accomplish. That would put the focus on me instead of my heavenly redeemer. Humility can be a stirring lesson. We can seek to accomplish and not even realize that it is “I” that is getting in the way.  We must let Christ lead. He will bring all good things to fruition. He will let us know when He wants to use us if that is His plan.

His plan for me is always this: again from Desire of Ages:  “Unless we become vitally connected with God, we can never resist the unhallowed effects of self-love, self-indulgence, and temptation to sin. We may leave off many bad habits, for the time we may part company with Satan; but without a vital connection with God, through the surrender of ourselves to Him moment by moment, we shall be overcome. Without a personal acquaintance with Christ, and a continual communion, we are at the mercy of the enemy, and shall do his bidding in the end.”

Only in surrendering myself to Christ moment by moment and abiding in Him continuously is God able to convey His work for me.  Being in tune with Him will heighten my senses to hearing His plan for me.

While in the face of adversity and among those speaking self truths or directing souls to live by their feelings, Jesus simply asks that I state the truth that He has revealed to me through His Word and His divine influence. He will than work with the observer or listener via the Holy Spirit. It is no my duty to convict. Only the power of God can change lives. Self can quickly and almost unnoticeably seek to take control of that which is not within my power to do.

Humility is difficult after having felt like a nothing or no matter all my life. Self strives to be lifted up. But God asks that I seek Him and lift Him up.  Aligning ourselves with Him is a daily process requiring our utmost commitment.

I am continually in need of your prayers.

Wayne Blakely

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Healing Is Possible

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Last night I read of a girl who loves God. She also has love for women. She stated how she has tried not to love women and to feel straight. She says she has tried so hard, but it just doesn’t work.

Her tactics were so familiar to me. I stopped for a moment to consider once again how I finally “got it.” Jesus has indeed called us to deny ourselves in several places in His Word.  But we need to make sure that we understand exactly what it is that He is asking of us in exchange.

For years I tried not to do what I knew is clearly wrong doing in God’s Word. But I wasn’t replacing my interests and actions with what God was requesting of me. And so there was no healing.  His Word is full of the solution, but if we don’t fill His prescription, we remain broken.

John 15:7 says that if we remain in Him….abide in Him… and His Word in us, we may ask for what we desire and it will be given unto us.  This translates to our getting to know Jesus personally. His Word tells us how. Study, pray and commune with Him. Constantly!  Have a prayerful attitude throughout every waking moment.  As a result our lives become about Jesus, instead of being about ourselves.

When we focus on the gift of salvation, grace and healing; God pours out His blessings upon us. If we try to do it on our own, we’re never going to be successful.  This constant, personal and in-depth relationship with Jesus is where change does take place. We find ourselves deciding not to go with the feeling that is contrary to His Word, but make choices that bring glory to Him. The bonus is that we are healing in that process.

Intimacy. God desires an intimate relationship between Him and us. Not one that is continuously being destroyed by worldly pleasures, temptations and self motivated, carnal wishes.

This is fairly easy to understand in concept, but few help direct an afflicted soul to the powerful solutions God has readily available to us.

Preparations are being made for the 2011 GYC Conference where nearly 8,000 youth will converge in Houston, Texas, the week between Christmas and New Years.

The theme this year is “Fill Me.”  An outpouring of the Holy Spirit is being prayed for as youth who are facing the diversity of temptations today.  Young people … like older ones, are hungry for answers and solutions to life’s perplexities.

Know His Love Ministries and three like ministries will unite to reach out with support, prayer and resources for those who suffer from same-sex attraction. Those who are seeking help will be witnessed to with our personal stories of redemption and healing. Healing  and victory is available to all who seek it.

This does not come about without cost. Today I am asking you to ask God to convict you in considering a donation to this Holy cause.  Funds are needed in assisting those who would not be able to go, because of financial constraints. Funds are also needed to provide materials for those wanting to gain more knowledge about how to find healing in Jesus. Print, travel and accommodation costs.

Most of all … we need your prayers. But much cannot be done without the financial support from you. You, under God’s guidance are our only support. We do not receive outside (denominational)  funding for this ministry.

Click on the PayPal logo on my website and make a donation today. God bless you … and thank you so very much.

Wayne Blakely

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