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Lost In Truth – Is God’s Word Flawed?

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Lately I have been directed to more thoughts and opinions about God’s Word and the “sin” so homosexuality. It is an arduous journey for me. When you are convicted of truth, it is difficult to wander about it what seems to be pointless discussions of rationalizing away what appears to be very clear on the surface. Many who seek permission to live in sin or according to self will tear away at the scriptures seeking for errors or alternative meanings. To me, these are those who are continually grieving away the Holy Spirit.

Satan has taken great strides over time to convince the world at large that we should trust our feelings above all things. This is so very dangerous. If someone feels like they should kill someone and follows through with it, it is abundantly clear that acting on what may be very real feelings, was the wrong decision.

The same can be said about acting on feelings that point us away from the plan set forth for man by our Divine Savior Jesus Christ. It was feeling superior to God that brought about Lucifer being cast out of heaven.  And we are assured that this atrocity will not be allowed to repeat itself. But rather God has presented us with His truth, with a declaration of the freedom that is found in it. But He cannot force anyone to accept this truth against their will.

Daily, people are forces with choices and consequences in various aspects of life. Choosing to live in opposition to God’s Word has an eternal destiny of ceasing to exist. Is it worth it for man to sacrifice the desires for self for a hundred years on this earth in order to enjoy an eternity of a pure and pleasure filled life with our Redeemer and those who choose to serve Him?  Absolutely!

“God tolerated man’s past ignorance about these things, but now he commands everyone to put away idols and worship only him. For he has set a day for justly judging the world by the man he has appointed, and has pointed him out by bringing him back to life again.” Acts 17:30-31

Discussions on homosexuality are spread across the Internet. Spectrum Magazine, Adventist Today, SDA Kinship, The film in production; “Seventh Gay Adventists.”  In the majority of these magazines, plots and thoughts, is a continual deep rooted vein of self-indulgence. So many angles are taken in order to give credibility to same gendered love and sodomization.  Some of the arguments are that God is not fallible, but some of the authors of His Word may be. God would not be a loving God if His Word presented to us was not written under divine inspiration. God would not be a God of love to allow us to draw the wrong conclusions and shaping of lives headed for the kingdom of God.

The authors of His Word did not try to prove that they were divinely inspired, but to tell us that there messages are from God. As the stories unfold, prophet after prophet gives warning and the results always point to the listening to and obeying the truth that is proclaimed of God. We are not always told of the convictions of the author of a book in the bible, but the words are always in agreement and unified with all other scripture.

Every mention of homosexuality in the word of God is in a negative connotation. While God does not speak words himself directly advising homosexuals, His Word reflects what is His plan and what is not His plan. Many try to find consolement in the fact that Christ Himself does not have words about the sin that goes against His original plan for man.

Then there is the argument that “God made me this way.” God created Adam and Eve. Then sin occurred and that would put a mar and stain on man forever. That is why Christ came to die for us. That is what the whole story of earth is about. Choosing righteousness or deception. Every one of us is marred with desires that go against God’s original plan. This is the great controversy. This is what God is telling the devil. There will still be a people that will choose me over their feelings. Over false truths. Over all the temptations the world offers. It is so clear and plain, yet whether it is the sin of homosexuality or one of greed, gossip or pride, we are tempted to act in disaccordance with His Word.  Satan is claiming to be triumphant in having so much power over us that we will argue against the instruction given by our sinless Redeemer.  He loves us so much and keeps trying to show each one of us His love through His perfect plan for man, yet we argue and continue to try and disprove Him. How very sad.

Satan has entered every conceivable point of communication that even those who are deaf or blind can still be decieved by his efforts to gain control the minds of all man. Currently a film in production, Seventh Gay Adventists, will set another stage for influencing those questioning the sin of homosexuality. This will likely be done by reflecting the stories of those who were either born gay or became gay at some point in their life. It will likely prey upon your sympathy in an effort to have you overlook the sin and love the sinner. There is a difference in overlooking and loving. A true represpentative of Christ will love and draw the sinner to truth, creating an environment where the Holy Spirit can bring about conviction.

Some say.. how can you know what the film’s goal will be. Well the producers own words and declarations make it pretty clear. The producers are closely tied to SDA Kinship which teaches that God doesn’t care about your sexual desires as long as they are devoted to only one other human being, whether it be of the same sex or the opposite sex.  The producers are clearly not taking the testimonies of those suffering from same-sex attraction and living a life according to God’s Word… living in sexual purity… seriously. I know of testimonies that appear not to be considered for this reason.   These producers are approaching schools, universities and churches seeking stories that will make an impact in their film. I do not know what pastors, leaders and presidents are being told. But I am guessing that they are being told that there will be a broad range of all opinions and that this film will bring about a much needed consciousness.

I was told by the producers that they wanted me and the Adventist Review to print a retraction for my April 15, 2009 article “Reaching Out.” There are about two sentences that indicate my concern about not properly representing those who have chosen to live according to God’s Word, living a life of purity. Opinions about efforts and conclusions of various writers, speakers, film producers, preachers, teachers,etc… are printed everyday. There was no need for a retraction. It was simply my observation, as is this blog post.

Is it possible that while connected to SDA Kinship, the producers have changed their theology in the course of this film? I pray that that is possible. I pray that the producers prove my assumptions incorrect and I have told them that directly. I have counseled that since the film is still in production, God can control the outcome by turning this effort over to Him and seeking His direction instead of self direction.

Have gays been mistreated, misunderstood and unnecessarily turned away? Oh yes!  Many many times. Have there been those who have taken their own lives due to the sins those who do not understand and are casting their own stones?  Yes oh yes! Do these horrible sins open the door to cherish my own sin of same-gendered love seeking God’s ordination and sanctification? No. Our God does not promote the trading of sins among one another.  Our God calls each and everyone of us to repentance and accepting Him as our precious Redeemer. He knows our pain and only He can give us victory. He promises it to us. He doesn’t magically take away our circumstances, but He empowers us to overcome them with His promises.

Does He want me to be alone forever?  No! He wants me to know His love above any other love. He wants me to be willing to trust Him and no one else. He will take care of all my needs. “And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:19  We are all sinners with a host of problems. God will lead each of us differently according to our uniqueness to Him. But it will always run in accordance to His Word, not against it. It could result in a life long partner of the opposite sex. It could be in a life of purity according to His Word.  It could be with the church loving us and caring about us and being our family, according to His Word.

But we should never seek to put our desires in place of His Word.

I challenge myself and each of you to search His scripture. Read it and absorb it. Do as He instructs us. Love of the world is hatred towards God.  We are not here for the pleasures of this world. Although the current status and the control that Satan claims would have you think otherwise.

Whether you are gay, straight, a pastor, a lay person, a teacher, professor, CEO, truck driver, or whoever… ,  invite Christ into your heart and ask Him to reflect His love to ALL through you. Be a disciple for Him no matter who He brings you in contact with.  Accept His truth no matter how it makes you feel. Your feelings you cannot rely on. But Jesus is truth and He promises to set you free.

He will be with you every step of the way. His way…not our way. If you are a parent or a loved one of a gay person, love them! love them with His love! That does not mean you have to put a stamp of approval on the lifestyle.  A reflection of the love of Jesus Christ can draw that loved one to hearing the Word of God and being convicted by the Holy Spirit.

Pray without ceasing… and never give up.

Many Blessings on your day.


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Our own personal testimony is an easy target of the Evil One.  He takes great pleasure in seeking to invalidate what we personally know as truth. If he can be successful at this, he can slowly seep into us with seeds of discouragement. He will us lies about how we don’t matter. Hopelessness, Helplessness and feeling alone.

Ephesians 6:16 says: “Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.”  I have spoken many times in my blog and publicly about the necessity to stay grounded in Jesus. To abide in Him and submit ourselves to Him continuously.  Satan looks for what he thinks will be our weakest moments or the most opportune time to fire off those arrows of doubt, lies, confusion, invalidation; anything that he knows will be a significant test to our faith, in hopes that we will drown in self pity and become distraught.

God promises never to test us beyond what we are capable. Through Him all things are possible. We must remind ourselves that we are God’s warriors in this battle between good and evil. Arming ourselves with truth, faith and endurance will always conquer the Evil One.  It is when we are apt to be most effective that he will take aim. But Jesus defies his lies and truth prevails. Our endurance can be used as a witness to others of the immense power that is in Jesus Christ and obtainable no where else.

These same tools are reapplied in overcoming sin. Holding up the shied of faith when we are tempted to cave in to the always “sin”sational desires of this earth, will bring us victory in and through our Savior.

Arm yourselves with His Word. Trust in Jesus who holds truth and light. Defend yourself with verses of comfort. Promises from our caring and loving God.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

Isaiah 40:31 “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

Today I have Christian brothers and sisters who are sharing their faith and trust in Jesus and their deliverance from evil. I am blessed in the faith they strengthen in me. Infinity Look for testimony of Mike Carducci. It will also be available later on Audioverse


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Jesus Is My Compass

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Webster’s Dictionary gives this definition for the word “Orientation.”

1.  a: The act or process of orienting or being oriented.

b: The state of being oriented.

2:   a: Usually a general or lasting direction, thought, inclination or interest.

b: A person’s self-identification as heterosexual,  homosexual or bisexual (sexual identification)

When we are traveling or trying to figure out where we are heading we often use a compass to determine our orientation and help us figure out which direction we should head.  In my Christian experience the Bible is my may and Jesus is my compass. As creator,  master and leader He determines my orientation and helps me see where I am headed.

We are all sinners. Many of us heading in the direction of the kingdom.  But few Christians (belief label) classify and adopt a label of the sin for which they are tempted with.  In other words… that would likely be crediting Satan rather than Christ who delivers us from temptation. One can obviously see that the wrong focus is attributed.   Through the grace of Jesus Christ, when I have given my life to Him, I no longer need to identify myself by the temptations that may prevail me.  Because as Paul says in Romans that we are now dead to sin and alive in Christ.  Yeah!!!!!   I no longer have to define myself by the sin that God pointed out in my life.

In fact I see ourselves as posing as a stumbling block to others by labeling ourselves with the life Christ just rescued us from. I am a new child in Christ.  I am a believer who is now oriented to the Word of God and all that Christ will teach me to be.  He will speak to me and show me what He has in mind for me.

Don’t limit Jesus in your life. Don’t expect to adopt a new label… such as one moving from homosexual to heterosexual. Temptation lies in both. But orient yourself to who Jesus would have you be. If we label ourselves with a title such as Gay Christian or Gay Adventist, we give the indication that Christ was able to all things… well almost all things… He wasn’t successful in changing my orientation. Must we be identified by a sexual preference?  Is that something asks of each of his followers to do?

My guess… just based on the history of the world, is that Christ would like very much to take our focus off of sex and direct it to His bright light of truth and knowledge. Of limitless possibilities if we would open up our minds to His power and glory.

By identifying as gay anything… I automatically bring a preconceived idea to those I encounter. I refuse to identify as “ex-gay” as well, as the same scenario starts all over again and an expectation is even put on self as to how I might act or relate to life. The only victory safe to claim is the rescue and new life in Jesus Christ.   A Christian – One who believes in Christ.  That is the only assumption I would be happy to have  another living soul make of me.  Others will be disturbing or disappointing to myself and to those I encounter.

Now it makes perfect sense to sometimes refer to your temptations or who you were before Christ took over in your life. But certainly not as who you are in Christ to day. It’s an anchor that holds you to the world, instead of the new and awesome possibilities in Jesus Christ.

This is not meant to be a legalistic approach. This is a freedom approach. Freedom from the prince of darkness.

Keep looking up!  Keep claiming victory in Jesus!  Such and awesome Redeemer.


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The past couple of days have been very interesting.  I engaged in dialog on Spectrum Magazine over an article Why I’m glad I’m a Pro Gay Seventh-Day Adventist.

After reading the various postings, I began to lend my own opinion until I was sited as condescending. Yikes!  Not my intention, but certainly how some may take it.

Prior to being convicted by the Holy Spirit, I was always saddened that during my childhood and for much of the time since then, the church did not reach out with efforts to guide and direct me according to the truth God has richly blessed the Adventist church with. 

I never questioned the church on the truth, but just why they would not minister to and help me with the truth.  I am so very disheartened by those who desire to live in sin and try and force the church to change their beliefs to honor their cherished sin.

There very well may be some that deep in thier hearts believe that living a homosexual life is intended by God. Although if they have thoroughly read God’s Word, they would be very challenged in that belief.

What I really think they are asking at the core of it all is; Why does the Bible say what it does and I feel completely different. I wondered that for so many years and I was determined that no one was going to take those feelings away from me because they were mine. They were who I am.

It is so very important that we note that the biggest deception and most successful that Satan can enter through is our feelings. In that he deeply roots us in sin. Cherished sin.  Psalm 66:18 says “If I cherished sin in my heart, the Lord wouldn’t have listened.”

For many, finding or believing in the Bible in certain passages, but not all, still seems to give validation and improper convictions while living in continued sin, with out a desire for real truth.

The firey responses I read from those who are firmly planted in their determined ways, tells me about the strength of Satan. But I know God can still reach the heart of the precious soul that is truly seeking His guidance and direction. Revelations of truth.

I have never understood why those not seeking change in their life would want to be part of God’s church where we learn about continually changing to become more like Him.  Why don’t gays say… give us a chance to come and learn… welcome us… teach us and pray with us?  Why do they fight for unbilical rights and want to force them on the church?  Why would they want to worship with those they believe are so opposed to their life decisions?

This drives such a huge wedge in the developing of a relationship with the church.  It’s like saying. We know what we want and we’re sticking to it. Now let us in!   I have yet to sense a love and consideration of those wanting to enter, hanging onto their cherised lifestyle, and demonstrating love for those for which they wish to be a part of.  It’s mind boggling.

I have had volumes written to me by an individual who claims not to believe in any God.  He refers to my story as doom and gloom. He has even written to others about it.  Why would someone poor out such time and energy only to try and bring someone to a level of disbelief?  What could possibly be in it for them?   It’s like a deal with the devil.

I am confident that Jesus is guiding. That He is rounding up those who would choose His way over the ways of self indulgence. A witness to the world and to Satan that man …regardless of His feelings will still choose God and truth over the lies of Satan.

Love those who hate you… That’s the advice Jesus gives.  It is so very humbling.

I do not always say things they way they are in my heart. I don’t wish to come across as condescending, but as a concerned man of God with the warnings has clearly given to all.  A bell ringer… a cry for decisions before they can no longer be made.

Many  prayers and much love for all who desire Him in charge of their life,

Wayne Blakely


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Interview Link – Homosexuality, Holiness & Hope

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Click  HERE if you missed the interview and presentation  at the live Web Casts in Kuna, Idaho.


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Half & Half – As long as it fits me

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John 8:32 says to know the truth and that it will set you free.  God is amazing in that promise to us. However what is perplexing to me is how we often try and find a way to humanly reshape the truth so that we are not inspired to change our ways.  Hanging onto sin if you will.

As we continue in this last chapter of life on this earth it is disheartening to continually see many trying to take God and bring Him to our level and bend His Almighty Word to be fashioned after man.

God’s truth has been the same for all time. Yet as Satan walks the earth and plays on emotions and feelings, he often seems more successful at making those a relational truth and pushing God’s Word far far away from us.  God’s truth never changes. But for some reason we seem to limit His ability to form our thoughts and help us follow His plan for us. Thus the great controversy.  Satan’s biggest tool of deception is in influencing our feelings. For far too many on this old old earth this deception is a reality.

Matthew 6:26 tells us that we cannot serve two masters.  With a history of not knowing how to help the homosexual, the church has only been able to reference texts that show God’s displeasure in such behavior.  So truth has been a bit like bible banging.

God’s truth is intended to be lovingly presented and have drawing power. Power that will call us out of darkness. And clearly the world has been in darkness for a very very long time. If you listen to partial truths and feeling based ministries today, it would nearly seem as though we are not much in need of a powerful all knowing God.  Many act as though we have it all under control and don’t need God’s help right now.

This is painful to watch. Whether it is homosexuality, overeating, gossip, idle time, theft … or whatever; it always seems that many are rationalizing their behavior so that no effort is taken to seek God’s powerful help in shaping our lives with holiness.

The “change is difficult” comment comes to mind. Or… “no one likes change.” We get stubborn and don’t want to change course when we don’t see anything wrong with how we live.  It only takes a short review of any number of biblical characters to show how fatefully dangerous it is to follow our will instead of His will.

I challenge each of us to look upward to God as a Father who knows and loves His children. One who knows how painful growth can be. But when we listen and learn, we then will reflect and recognize how distorted our own thinking and behavior was. Don’t make decisions based on feelings.

Carefully consider the directives of Christ. Take Him at His Word. Invite Him to manage your life. Do not fear coming a part from the world instead of being part of the world.

Preparations are not for comfort and self-indulgence in this world, but a call to self denial and draw to holiness for a life that will last an eternity.

God loves you so very very much. He is not trying to take away from us, but give to us what will enrich our lives. Knowlege and behavior that will keep us in His well lit path of righteousness.

Let His truth set you free!    God’s blessings on all of you!


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Live Web Cast – Homosexuality, Holiness & Hope part 2

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A live web cast will be held at 1:30 PST, Saturday, October 9, 2010.

Interview archieved at

Whether you are gay or straight, a church leader or a congregational member; this will be worth considering. God’s Word is to all man and for all sinners.  Let’s take a look at what He advises and what He offers us.

Christian churches and leadership have skirted this topic for many many years. But God is communicating amongst all of us and we are developing communication that will change all of our lives and prepare us for an eternity.

God loves every one of us right where we are today.


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Self Denial – Not Popular

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Imagine a program offering you  new ways to pamper and pleasure  yourself. Indulging yourself with ground breaking new ways to enjoy life. I imagine a lot of curious people would arrive and take notes about how they could get ultimate pleasures out of life.

Yet topics that indicate self discipline might not have quite the same draw.  I must admit that although I didn’t have a set number in mind, I expected a rather large number of people to attend last nights program.  God richly blessed. The people that attended, I truly believe God reached with His personal invitation.  I knew God’s presence last night and know that He reached down and touched lives in need.

He also indicated to me His call to continually serve Him and share His truth with others. I am continually reminded of the self saturation this world has.  The temptation at times for all of us , may be to ask…”Where is God?” Society at times to have all but eliminated Him.

Yet there are still those who recognize the purpose God has given them. They continue to respond to His call and to truth. They accept the lessons He offers and they learn about what more they can do to further their service to Him. I believe this is key to growing in Christ and moving closer to holiness.

Satan is very busy distracting , discouraging, deceiving and destroying peoples lives. It is a wonder that in all the noise he makes on this earth, that one can hear the faint, loving voice of Jesus Christ.  Yet there are still those who can hear and respond to His call. It’s a last call. I sense that Jesus will allow Satan to rapidly finish up his ploy to try and show God that  people are not interested in a future within  the confines of His law…which is real love.

Soon Satan will have brought mass chaos by consuming people with self indulgences. But to the very end, there will always be a people that will cling to the promises and truth of Jesus Christ.  There will be individuals that will let go of the ties to this earth and serve their creator. They will know His truth and be set free by it.

I can’t wait to be free of this world. While it has brief moments of beauty and dimly reflects God’s continued, enduring love, there will soon be a day where we will be rescued from this ship without a port. We will be taken to a place in which thousands of years of preparation has been designed for our eternal glory with our creator. Never to feel miserable again. Never to be sad or worn out. Never to hurt and not be understood.

God is still reaching down and touching lives. It’s not too late to ask Him to be in charge of yours.


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Join us this evening, Wednesday, October 6, 2010  at

Please join Pastor Randy Maxwell and myself, LIVE, this evening as we look deeper into church relationships with Homosexuality.

By the church saying nothing  or the wrong thing for so many years, individuals have been alienated and ostracized. Disappointment and depression have consumed them. Some felt that neither God nor man has cared about them. For some this has driven them to extremes, including suicide.

Our purpose as Christians  is not to manipulate a person’s thinking, but assist in directing every soul who is loved by God to a personal and continual relationship with Him.

This is not about some magic recipe that we can maneuver which promises to make those we are concerned about straight.

Your questions are welcomed.

If you are a leader seeking to breech this topic in your church or organization, don’t hesitate to contact me about arranging for a speaking engagement.   Click on the contact form from the main menu.

Looking forward to engaging in dialog this evening.    Wayne Blakely


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Ministering in a World of Adversity

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Can love conquer sin? Are there unforgivable sins? Is some sin much worse than other sins? Can what we personally don’t relate to prevent us from nurturing those not considered fit for God? Does the church have a responsibility to reach out to homosexuals?  Are heterosexual adulterers considered more normal sinners than homosexual sinners?  Is there a difference in God’s witness in church leadership versus the church family?

Didn’t Christ die for EVERY SINNER?  Is there sin prejudice within the church? Are we not called to minister as Jesus did? Don’t all of us fall short of our perfect example? Is it different for two unmarried heterosexuals to live in sin and attend church than it would be for two same gendered individuals to live in sin and attend church? 

Should we install “sin scanners” at the entrance to the church? Kind of a …you can’t take that sin in with you?

I am so very blessed that Jesus was still able to reach into my heart after years and years of disregard for His plan for me.  He allowed me to side step Him for a considerable amount of time. In this time, I would come to realize that doing what self wants to do, does not result in a permanent peace and blessed assurance that can only come from God.

I would never advise a life-long dedicated Christian to step into the world to get their feet dirty. But I know in my heart, that because I was out there and because God reached me and drew me back to Him, my relationship is perhaps more personal than one who has never strayed.

Relativity in the communication process is huge.  If we’re skinny and talking to someone obese, our relationship is limited.  If someone has been in a committed relationship their entire lives and starts talking to someone who has cheated on their spouse, the communication is limited. If I’ve never had a drop of alcohol, but talk to someone who has lived their life as an alcoholic, the communication is limited.

And so it goes with all sin. To one who has sinned much and been forgiven much, the sin of pride can be more glaring than any drink they ever took or any fling they every had or any same-gendered encounter they ever participated in.

God’s message that convicts the heart of any sinner is one of love. It’s not the explanation for sin that wins our hearts to Him. It is His immense love and forgiveness that humbles us before Christ.

God loves and died for every sinner. It is interesting how many translations of the Bible have reworded His love for the sinner, nearly making it appear that He hates the sinner. I came upon this article regarding God’s LOVE FOR ALL SINNERS, that gets to the very core of what breaks down sin.

I want to bridge communication between the unsavory soul and Christ’s representatives. If God offers forgiveness for our sins, then His church and church representatives should embrace those who have been lifted out of the muck and the mire. They know His love very intimately. They have an important witness to share about the God they now serve and love.

I invite you once again to tune in to this live Web-Cast  and to participate in bridging communication with those who have not understood. Be open minded. Be loving and concerned. Seek truth, knowledge and vow to let it shape your life for eternity.

I appreciate all of your prayers,



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