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From Out of Nowhere

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[James Roper]

“Blessed is everyone that feareth the LORD; that walketh in His ways.” Psalm 128:1

God’s timing is always perfect. Every one of you are probably very aware of this. He is amazing! We pray and plead and often question whether or not He has heard us. We are sometimes filled with doubt…and then in His perfect timing He unleashes incredible blessings we never thought possible.

In a little bit of a tough spot in my spiritual walk recently, I asked God for guidance and direction and pointers that would tell me if the ministry I believe He has placed me in, is one that I should continue in. Some who are close to me are no doubt tired of my relentless ramblings on the topic of God, the church and the acceptance and love for gays/homosexuals.

If it is a topic that has been disregarded for such a long time, you can only imagine what it must feel like to those around me who are inundated with constant musings and struggles I experience in this very focused ministry.  I started to feel like an odd-fellow. Ok.. no jokes here.

All of us have no doubt had a time in our lives with a focus we wanted everyone to be part of. Yikes! You get the picture… stepping behind someone or something to avoid coming in contact with that person who has become like a billboard screaming their “dedicated cause.”   A well intentioned passion can quickly become a worn out record to those we frequently encounter.

Well this has become a bit discouraging to me. Encouragement in blessings really come from God and His affirmation should be all that we require. Looking to people is definitely a red flag of putting our focus in the wrong place.

I pray very specifically. I seek guidance and listen for direction. I commit myself to doing God’s will and ask Him to show me if I am off on some tangent that is not in alignment with His plan for me.  As He has done so many times before; …Out of nowhere He bestows His blessings and answers to prayer. He clearly points out His intent for us.

At a low point, yet not complete discouragement, God opened the heavens and dropped to huge blessings on me both in the same hour.  It was His way of saying; “I love you Wayne. Keep studying. Keep moving forward. Here are tools to help you on your way.”   In disbelief I fell to my knees in thanksgiving. Baffled, astonished and surprised.  Why should I be surprised that God is looking out for me?  INCREDIBLE !

He does hear every prayer and answers every plea!  Trust and faith are all that He asks of us. Doubt is dangerous.

In the ministry that He is preparing me for, some have felt that I am drawing attention to myself intentionally. I have done a lot of self examination over this observation.  My heart is heavy for the cross that He asks me to bear. The purpose is and always has been, to provide an understanding to pastors, church leaders and congregational members; that God’s love is offered and needs to be demonstrated and reflected to ALL sinners. For those in what society considers “normal,” lifestyles, God’s blessings can sometimes be taken a bit for granted. But for those who have struggled, have been feared and rejected for so many years; a small glimpse of God’s love through His people is nothing short of miraculous.   Few gays and homosexuals can openly discuss their concerns and frustrations for a multitude of reasons. Rejection and ridicule being two of them.

God has brought me through life and protected me every step of the way. He has allowed me to be public with my struggles and my deliverance from a life filled with deception. Because of  this, I am God’s to do with as He pleases. If my witness of an almighty powerful God can bring lost souls to Him, nothing can be of greater concern.  He has so RICHLY blessed me. He holds me in the darkest hour. He keeps me near to Him even when His people may be full of indifference and lack of understanding. He truly is my rock. He does not leave or forsake us.

Rejoice in the Lord. Hold tight to His promises. Never give up. Let His answers to your prayers, His guidance; be in His timing. Never doubt Him.


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When Inside still feels like being Outside

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by liquidkid1

I write this as reflection and not aimed specifically at any one individual.

Living as a homosexual in an open gay lifestyle brought about continuous concern from relatives, loved ones and of course… the church.  Continuous prayer of such individuals won out, in that God spoke to me, opened my heart and the Holy Spirit convicted me of my sins and provided me with strength to confess my sins and come to seek help and redemption from my heavenly father.

No one came to me and said; “You’re living a life filled with sin and you need to repent!”  God revealed Himself to me when I sought truth. The persuasion surely came from the Holy Spirit. Few have had much to say from our church pulpits about reaching out to gays. Why?  It is likely difficult to know exactly how to reach out when you don’t know much about being gay. The feelings, the emotions, the  behavior, the mindset, the thought patterns, the internal mapping, the physical make-up, the gestures, the natural desires and temptations.  Sounds pretty complicated right? Yes! It is very complicated because one, some or a mixture of all of these conditions make up the individual you are unable to identify with.

Adventists, without always being aware of it, are a bit preprogrammed to judge. Even subconsciously. We were raised on somewhat of a checklist of rights and wrongs. So when you glance at the presentation and behavior of a fellow Christian, it becomes pretty easy to size up, subconsciously, how you feel about that individual. Thankfully, God stops many of us and reminds us not to judge, but to love and minister to one another and live in harmony as we draw closer to Him each day.  (sound of screeching brakes)

The joy in the coming of one to Jesus, confessing their sins and being baptized, should not end there. We have much to learn from one another if we allow ourselves.  When someone is won to Jesus, the battle is not over. It’s just begun. If you duct tape the testimony of what God has done, continues to do and can do for others, I would say you’re in a very precarious position. Are you not stifling the work of the Holy Spirit?

My experience in life has proven to me that living outside of God’s will is dangerous and ultimately fatal. But in deciding to live for Him and witness for Him I am met with various barriers that every gay person should know that they may encounter, should they decide to live for Christ.   The same people that prayed for you, may now be ill at ease with your testimony. You’re “in” now.. but in a way, your still “out.”   You sit and contemplate and wonder about what just happened. Didn’t these same people show elation and joy when you gave your heart to Christ?  If God provided you with great truth and clarity that can help His children understand how to reach out and minister to other gay and homosexual individuals; would this not be an incredible break through?  Wouldn’t every Christ centered soul want to know how to accept, treat and welcome such an individual to Christ? Wouldn’t they want to know how to be a loving family member, care giver and disciple to one who has given up the world and all of its indulgences?  This newly converted soul is now alone with Christ their Savior. Is that enough?   Yes … it is … and each of us may find ourselves completely alone with only Jesus to rely on. Ultimately… that is exactly what He asks of us.

However during our final days on this earth, I believe like-minded believers should act as a church family. A replacement of a family that a single, same-sex attracted individual may never experience. Why? Because Satan will continue to tempt such an individual to return to a lifestyle of comfort, consolement, self-indulgence and perhaps even a life mate of the same sex.    Our mission as Christians should be to prevent the possibility of such a tragedy from occurring.

Today I still experience and isolation that I somehow thought would disappear upon my return to Jesus. Church pastors and elders have expressed a discomfort with this topic. I have been told my testimony should not be given, because it reflects on my past.  I have been told it should not be given, because the discussion of this topic has brought division into churches. I have been told it’s not a good idea to share, because there may be those who would frown on this and thus cause me discouragement.   Family members shy  away from the discussion and recognition that the church does not have an approach, and that I may not be that person to help, because they fear for my being discouraged.

What is most discouraging to me, is that a topic that so desparately needs to be dealt with, continues to find it’s way under the church carpet.  Discouragement comes from not offering hope.  And the love of our Heavenly Father offers hope to every sinner. I will continue to learn and gain knowledge as long as I live. I will come to know and understand new truths as long as I allow God to lead me.  I continue to hope that those who already love God, can some how see that God wants us to love all sinners. All are to be made to feel welcome in His church family. This is not a private club, with a private code of silence.

As I continually watch others, (heterosexuals) tell how God brought them to Him and about His saving grace, I continue to wonder why there are some things we just don’t talk about.  I wonder if there will come a time when church members and leaders sit down and ask themselves why gay people never seem to be converted. Do you think it has anything to do with how we only have a silent ministry?  God’s disciples took risks in presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ. They had faith that Jesus would protect them and bring the right people to them.

Pray that hearts and minds will be opened inside the church, and hearts and minds outside the church will be won by the representation of the love that Christ can shine through us.


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Defeat versus New Found Strength

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[Art by Chris Page]

In communicating with gay people I run into a frequent common denominator. Discouragement.  Every converted soul expects an instant transition into a new body with new feelings.

Acknowledging truth, having your heart convicted by the Holy Spirit and being reborn in Christ, most certainly gives us a new life. But remember that we are still on this earth and subject to temptation and wrongful desires. Remember that many of us have years of wrong decision making mapped into our brains. Generally God does not magically relieve us of  those scars.  When we are prone to following our feelings, we can be sure that temptation will be there knocking on the door of flesh.

Be careful not to loathe self.  Admit fault at the feet of Jesus, on your knees. But accpet His forgiveness and commune with Him. Pray and read in His Word to you, the wonderful promises He has givne to us.  Continual right choices will then build strength and re map our minds with God’s truth instead of the self truths we once hung onto.  Don’t beat yourself up. Heal in the outpouring of His grace and mercy. Don’t run from Him, but run to Him and tell Him all that confuses and frustrates you. Then again.. claim His promises. They are there for us. Believe and let the truth of Jesus Christ set you free from yourself and the deceptions satan had us convinced with.

Remember that with your decision for Christ, Satan is angry and will stop at nothing to regain your focus and distort the pureness that Jesus offers us.

Refresh your mind with these verses.

2 Chronicles 15:7 “But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

Psalm 62:5 “Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him.”

Ecclesiastes 9:4 “Anyone who is among the living has hope – even a live dog is better off than a dead lion.”

Romans 5:3-5 “not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perserverance; perserverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.


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The Price of Being Right

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How important is it to be right?  It can be a very pricy experience. Being right is usually pretty self centered. But being right for Christ involves total and complete surrender.

Whether it is a habit we want to break or a multi faceted issue that we believe we have the answers to, they both require complete surrender to Jesus Christ.  Once we go to steer the ship, our navigation pales to the shinning light of Christ who offers to ride the high seas for us if we will give Him our complete trust and faith in all that we do.

Sound odd?  Not at all. Think of all the worrisome efforts you have labored over to quit acting or believing a certain way. Think of all the convincing that has caused you to become self absorbed and has driven the person you are trying to influence, further away from you. Think about the spectacle you can make of yourself by being defiant, rigid and unwavering. Often because you are trusting self and your own opinion.

I can give you countless examples in my own life where I have tried to convince and change someone’s mind, because I have been sure that I am right. When I keep letting “I” take charge, I keep being disappointed, hurt, confused, and defeated. A horrible feeling that only continues in fueling self absorption. The deceiver is like the opponent in a boxing ring. Always taking another punch. Always trying to knock you out! He waits for you to fall, gasping for your breath. If you would just give up and let him win, he could move on and place his target on someone else while you are held captive to his evil devices.

Jesus says, “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.” (Matthew 16:25)  Sounds funky huh?  It’s not! It’s absolutely true. The more you try and do things for yourself; the more you run around screaming and yelling at everyone about what they’re doing wrong, the deeper the hole you dig for yourself. But in surrendering everything to Jesus, yes everything; the more we discover that He is all knowing and how His plan, often not clear to us, is the right way. It is more important to be standing still on the upward path heading the right direction, than to be scrambling about, crawling over rocks and cliffs looking for a different easier path.

By standing still and letting God fight our battles while we endure some momentary discomfort, we will exert less energy and feelings of despair from the numerous restarts. In order to follow Christ on the narrow pathway upward, we must drop some of our unnecessary luggage. He has everything we need. All the tools we possess are inferior to the expertise He offers us, if we would just drop everything and trust Him.

It’s a valuable and meaningful lesson. And it will save us a lot of frustration. However many of us, me included, will experience a lot of frustration before simply letting Him lead the way. Don’t give up. We are teachable! Keep looking upward.


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Rounding a Square Peg

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The conversion of an openly gay soul for Christ, is nothing short of AMAZING!  It is a blessed experience and no doubt an answer to a multitude of prayers. Those of others and those one has prayed about for their self, seeking a way out of bondage to sin.

The revelation of Christ and His truths as he puts them forth in His Word, are clearly seen for the first time. This genuine experience led by the Holy Spirit, is an udder outrage to Satan and his angels.  Once a captive to sin, the gay individual is like raw meat to flies. Satan has lost a dedicated subservient. Now he will stop an nothing to regain access to the one who sees how he/she had been deceived.

But God protects and comforts. At the same time, it is necessary to allow temptation and certain elements of discouragement. God doesn’t force any decision. It has to be ours.

One of the discouraging tactics Satan will likely use is this.  The church has never known or been at ease with the recognition of our weakened flesh in this particular folly.   Suddenly you realize you are in the midst of what you once chose to leave.  Husbands have wives. Wives have husbands. Children have parents and families have like minded associations and common interests in other families.   The low and behold………. there you are!  You have… well you are… well you … you’re different. You’re that abnormal element of society. You have/had unnatural desires. You can’t  be / won’t be understood.   You are …….. ALONE AGAIN!    You desire to be understood. You hurt. You’re lonely. You feel very out of place. You feel like people look at you and just think you don’t belong.   There it is… Satan makes his first impression upon you as to why you are in the wrong place, with the wrong people.

This deception of his will work if you don’t quickly turn your focus to Jesus; Lord and King of  the universe.  The relationship of utmost importance is the one you have with your Redeemer.  He is your rock. He is your salvation.  It makes no difference whether you FEEL like you fit or not. Because once again, these feelings will be used to deceive you.

The world changes daily. What we thought impossible twenty, thirty or fifty years ago, is a reality today.  While Satan was busy convincing you that you should be led by your feelings and disobey God’s Word and head out into the world for a huge dose of self-indulgence; he was also busy in the church, working on those claiming right doing. His operation tactics just according the the kind of people he is trying to sway. He’s feeding them with proudness and haughtiness. He’s tempting them to feel that their sins are nothing in comparison compared to your “sin against nature.”

The temptation is to run. The temptation is to re-associate yourself with the sector in society you were more at ease with. “Your people.”  But we must look to God for strength. Our most cherished goal is to be with Him and His people forever.   To cave in to the deceptions on this earth would be catastrophic. Choosing self over God, will have fatal results.  Hypocrisy keeps many people from entering the doors to God’s house. But what we as the sinner seeking God’s guidance, forget, is that we are all sinners in need and none of us having the right to judge the other.

Take your pain, your guilt, your loneliness and rejection to your heavenly father. He loves you far more than any earthly being ever could. He will reward your trust and faith and provide you with every tool you need to serve and obey Him.  Don’t lose your focus. Don’t give up.  Hold onto His promises. Your reward is in heaven.


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Jennifer Knapp – License to be…. ?

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Being gay… continues to reach the top of press lists, sermons lists, scandal papers etc. Christian singer, Jennifer Knapp,  is the current individual in the focus of the Christian spotlight.  The outpouring of comments once again bring strong opinions from all walks of life.  This topic brings out passion, hatred and an almost unrecognizable thread of love in people.  The great deceiver could care less how he manages to get his wrench of distraction in there.

Is it right? Is it wrong? Who’s the sinner? Who’s the saint?  Mass confusion and an elevation of Christian hysteria.  I didn’t choose to be “gay”. You didn’t choose to be “straight”.  Liers, cheaters, adulterers, homosexuals, fornicators,… It’s all the same. Isn’t it?  Who is pointing at who and over which sin?  What’s missing?

I’ll give you a clue…  He hung and died on a cross for your sins and mine. For all the sins of the world.  Not so we would argue and contest one another. But because He wanted us to draw our attention to the life He lived as an example for us.  He said you have a sinful nature, but I am going to live a pure sinless life. One in which you can reference and know right from wrong.  He then provided us with His Holy Word as a pure and distinct guide to know right from wrong and what to do about either.  In recognizing wrong, we bring our sins to Jesus and lay them at His feet and ask forgiveness an seek direction to follow Him and do what is Holy. In recognizing an doing what is right, we are taught by Jesus to reflect His love and this truth to others, so that they may be drawn to His light, His goodness, forgiveness and mercy.

Heated discussions really take off from the basis of what feels right or what feels natural. Many believe that this is what constitutes truth. But truth can only be found by personally seeking God’s Word. Studying and praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Truth is exactly as God states it.

Then, instead of promoting self and drawing attention and notariety, we share Jesus and His teachings and pray for the Holy Spirit to work on the hearts of those who have not discovered God’s perfect way.  But what happens when we discover these amazing truths? What do we do about our new knowledge.

Unfortuantely, many recognize that it is in contrast with their lifestyle. How they act and how they feel. Then what? Far too many begin to adapt it and shape it to fitting their own logic and lifestyle.  Do you see what the problem is here?  No matter who we are, instead of debating, we should challenge one another to study together under divine guidance. God doens’t keep His truth a secret. It’s an open book. He desires that we all partake and surrender our lives to Him.

Then… instead of promoting self, we recognize that that is exactly what we are called to deny. Self is getting all of us into massive mess. And who’s happy about that?  Yep.. that great deceiver again.

What’s my point?  Rather than judging and pointing fingers and making declarations about who is going to burn in hell, why don’t we open His Word, ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, dwell in His presence, share His promises, confess ALL of our sins and know that both of us are day by day basking in His grace and forgiveness and being drawn closer and closer to His holiness and godliness, living our lives for Him and not for our personal desires and inclinations.

Colossians 3:5-10 Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry. Because of these, the wrath of God is coming. You used to walk in these ways, in the life you once lived. But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips. Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.

Pray for one another.


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Self-Driven ~ Who’s In Charge?

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Matthew 6:24 says  …”No one can serve two masters…”  Do you find self continuing to rise to the top?  Can you admit failure? Can you say I’m sorry and mean it? Are you always right? Is it your way or no way? Do we really lose notoriety by admitting our mistakes?  Have we lost our way if we don’t take charge?

I receive a continual reminder that I’m not in charge.  You know how things seem to be smooth sailing for a while and then you find yourself disgruntled over something?  I find that the core of this disgruntlement usually has to do with how I feel. And if I feel pretty lousy about something, I’m generally focusing on my feelings and not anyone else’s.

Matthew 6: 25 continues… “don’t worry about your life…”  Easy to say huh? Again we are faced with a decision to hang onto self or reqlinquish to our loving and poweful creator. Does it have to be that difficult to surrender self? He certainly knows what is better for us than we do. How come we don’t let go?

Our lives are constantly faced with obstacles, decisions and complexities. Even when we seek to do His will and not our own we come up upon detours that if we are not centered in Him, we would fall off course.

Keep your focus on Jesus. Recognize that even in trusting in Jesus, we may not be unified with our beliefs.  Well meaning individuals can bring about perplexity and confusion. It is so very important to not be distracted by the actions of others and to keep looking up and trusting that God knows what is best for you! Surrender to Him continually. Abide in Him and He will abide in you.

When you face difficulty as well as when life seems to be going pretty smoothly, spend time with your heavenly father. He loves you. He desires to speak to you through His Word and in prayer.

Crucify self so that you can see and hear what God’s plan for you is.


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The Flesh is Weak

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[Artwork courtesy Lidia Kozenitzky]

For many, feeling a particular way simply confirms a (self) truth.  Right now, I am specifically referring to the “Pro-Gay Theology.”   Many believe, God made me this way and it’s how I feel naturally, so this is supposed to be who I am. I don’t even need bible verses to back it up, because He wouldn’t do this to an element of society, resulting in so much hurt, pain and misunderstanding.

Well my friend the hurt and misunderstanding is most certainly not from God. Nor is the intended confusion on this issue. God’s Word is simple and distinctly clear. But with the influence of Satan, his soul purpose is to deceive. Many stray from the truth in an attempt to place man’s beliefs and feelings over the Word of God, while claiming to worship and obey Him.

No form of sexual immorality is worship to God. Not to the God who created life and gave purpose, instruction, and offers forgiveness and salvation. Weakness of the flesh is overcome by the knowledge of truth.

It’s so interesting how we can read things in His Word many times, and then one day its meaning is so clear and obvious.  2 Peter 1:3-4   Let’s examine His direction to us.   “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.”   Wow!  After  studying God’s Word and recognizing our sinful ways, He then tells us what the answers are and offers us hope and direction. Simply and clearly stated.

In every mention of homosexuality in the Word of God, it is in a negative connotation. Not once does our powerful, loving and all knowing God, direct or give permission for same-sex sex or same gendered unions.  For those who strongly feel this way, the desire is to make up truth that does not exist.  Here in these verses God lets us know the danger of  accepting a man made truth by telling us exactly what His truth is.

Continuing in verse 5,  begins to paint the clarity God intends for us.  “For this very reason, make EVERY effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness,  knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness, and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love.”

There is not some magic button we push that brings us the desire to do the will of God without the element of human effort. God promises strength and power, but the decision to do HIS will, has to be ours.  There it is… he tells us to gain the knowledge. We do that in study and prayer. Then He instructs us to use self-control. Many of God’s truths are foreign to our sinful nature. But constantly abiding in Him and surrendering to Him, develop self-control. As we exercise self-control, we begin to see His Word even more clearly.   Then we persevere in accepting His truth.  In a number of places in His Word we are called to holiness. Here in these verses, we are told to be drawn to godliness, then brotherly kindness and love.  I don’t think it is coincidental that brotherly kindness and love follow in the direction He gives.

In recognizing, accepting and applying truth, we often do that…  shove it down your brother’s throat thing.  Unless we have love and patience with those who are learning and accepting God’s truth, we miserably fail at the instruction given to all of us.  The next verse brings more understanding.  “For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.”    This sounds to me that as we discover truth and apply it in our own life, we are then commissioned to shed God’s light and help bring others to come to accept it.  He’s given the distinct recipe for success.

Verse 9. “But if anyone does not have them, he is nearsighted and blind and had forgotten that he has been cleansed from past sins.”   This appears to be a warning of what results if we CHOOSE to reject truth or remain ignorant.

Then verse 10. I love how it starts with the word “Therefore.”  Always meaning… after much consideration.  Then the conclusion.  “Therefore, my brothers, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure. For if you do these things, you will never fall, and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”   Wow! not only is there a conclusion, but a promise.

God tells us that by recognizing truth and accepting it, we are making a decision for Him. A “sure” election.  Then confirms that if by accepting truth,we follow the direction He just gave, we’re going to receive a rich welcome into Heaven.

Not if we finagle and toy with verses with a little truth here and a little of self-indulgence there. Not by trying to adapt the Word of God to our sinful, earthly lifestyle. But a calling from Him  to recognize that He is ruler of the universe. His Word is final. It is truth. It calls us out of sin. It requires us to make a decision. For self or for Him.

We cannot forget that Satan’s full time mission is to misdirect us and deceive us in every conceivable way possible. Don’t be fooled. Ask for God to lead you to truth and to help you accept what is often not easy at all. But it is His truth. And if we want eternal life with Him, we must make a choice. A choice that Christ is so happy for and promises to continue to empower us with more truth, understanding and joy.

May God truly bless and influence your decisions.


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[Photo courtesy H. Koppdelaney]

Shame? Fear? Desperation? Identity? Scorn? Condemnation?     Would you rather change those into  Proud! Confirmed! Redeemed!  Child of God! Loved! Saved! Precious in His sight! Bought and paid for! Included?

I took a six month long class called Binding The Wounds, by Ron and Nancey Rockey of Life Renewal Institute.  For the first three months I sat with a group of men and said little or nothing about what aspects of my life were broken.  For the longest time I felt like part of a jury who were sitting, discussing and judging.  As I listened to others share about the inadequacies of their own lives, a conviction inside of me told me I was no more or less broken than the man sitting next to me.

One evening as we each would share our five minute check-in for the week, I split it wide open and shared about the complexities of being born gay. I think I spoke for about 35 minutes. To my surprise and amazement, God opened the heart of each man at that table. One even revealed to me later that he was indeed a confirmed homophobe. But because of God’s leading in my sharing, he had begun to learn things and understands things he never thought possible.  The group now knew how to pray for me. How to check in with me. How to support and befriend me.

Suffering is a real hit to anyone’s psyche, much less that of a Christian sitting among other sinners in a church.  God may already have placed individuals in your Christian path to console, advise, pray, study and support your walk with Christ.  If you are gay, homosexual, lesbian, same-sex attracted, bi-sexual, trans-gendered, or not even sure about where your feelings are leading you, I would encourage you to be aware of who God may have directed your way. It may even be your pastor.

God does not wish for any of us to be alone. Today Pro-Gay Theologists suggest that it would not be God’s desire for us to live alone without an intimate partner, and so as long as you have a monogamous relationship with someone, he will ordain it. Nothing could  be further from the truth. And that direction is not from God’s Word to us.

He does not desire any of us to be lonely. However He provides many relationships that are not of an intimate nature to hold each other up in our daily walk with Christ. This responsibility falls largely to the church family.  Don’t be deceived by your loneliness so that you pursue what seems to be a loving and accepting family waiting for you outside the church.  Satan is allowed to make the world appear as though it has great things to offer us. Things that would make us forget about what may seem a strict guideline in God’s Word to us.  So many forget that Satan’s job is to confuse and deceive us. So many are not willing to suffer for Christ. Our self-indulgence and our attention to the frivolities of life, have us thinking that we all deserve pleasure after pleasure.

Spend time in God’s Word. Spend time talking to your heavenly father. He knows you! He loves you! He will take care of you if you let Him.   Do not fear to reach out for help. Because by reaching out, you may be waking up a church body, a pastor or an elder to recognize that much of the ministering to be done, sitting right there next to us.   God will lead you and He WILL NEVER let you down.

James 5:16 tells us to confess our sins to one another and to pray for one another. No not broadcast it to every busy body that may look to hurt or harm you. But He will lead you to the ones who will be prayer warriors for you and continually love you to Him.

Never give up!


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The Purpose of God’s Family

Posted by on May 13, 2010  |  6 Comments

Each week we step inside our church home. Most of us expect to be fed with something uplifting or stimulating in thought that will draw us closer in our personal relationship with Christ.

What may not immediately surface in our mind is that we may actually be there to minister to a hungry soul in need.  A church family is exactly that. A family that ministers to its members.

Now the challenge to many is in not knowing how to minister to someone who is different from our self. In the past many decades, gays have realized an alienation, more than a warm loving reception.  If we are grounded in the truth and love of Jesus we should be able to make any individual feel welcome in God’s family.  Sermons rarely role around to the discussion of ministering to homosexuals. This is usually because most ministers and pastors expect that there is some training required other than that which they have received in their theological pursuit.  While a curriculum that includes gay studies would be most advantageous; the simply study of the gospel and the examples of the disciples of Jesus would clearly show how we have fallen short of providing a lifeline to Christ for those who are same-sex attracted.

I would like to suggest that you consider how easy it is to share the love of Jesus with any sinner.  Take the initiative to invite a gay person to church. Introduce them to other members and to your pastor.  Make them welcome, just as you would any soul you were leading to Christ. Keep in mind that we are all made up of many traits and characteristics.  The fact that someone is gay, is only one factor of what makes up their individuality.

Ask Christ to minister through you. Ask Him to teach you more about people unlike yourself. Let His love and acceptance of ALL sinners flow through you.  Invite this precious individual to study, pray and commune with you in the presence of God, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Don’t rush to every text in God’s Word about homosexuality and try and convince the gay person that they need to repent and change their ways. This is not our work, but the work of the Holy Spirit.

As you get to know an individual and study together, explore truths together. Invite the person to share the meaning of what they are discovering. Keep Christ in the center of your discussions and time spent together. I guarantee you, this is not a side of a Christian that the gay community is not familiar with.  Put away your prejudice and frustration regarding gay rights, same sex marriage, personal and gay agendas and seek first the kingdom of heaven.

The individual who is expecting your judgement instead of the love you are reflecting from Christ, will truly be amazed and the Holy Spirit will begin the work of conviction.

Love people to Christ. Condemnation without a revelation of God’s perfect plan and reflection of  His abundant love, does not provide a visible life-line to the sinner in need.

Let Him bless others through you and in the process provide you with a blessing as well.


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