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There are a variety of resources available to become more educated on how to minister/support same-sex attracted individuals.

However out of those resources, there are few that accurately reflect advice that is in accordance with the  Word of God. I firmly believe that all advice must direct us right back to God’s instructions and requirements for holy living.

The ultimate guide is the Word of Jesus Christ. It has been there all along. But in the confusion of the intense feelings experienced by same-sex attracted individuals, the importance of living according to the Word of God has been diminished.

High on the list of privileges God has given me is that of speaking to and educating Pastors, leaders and congregational members. An in person testimony/seminar is a perfect opportunity to gain understanding, clarification and pose unanswered questions. God has blessed me and those I have come in contact with such opportunities and the bridging of the communication gap.

My experience is shared and God’s guidance and direction is proclaimed for the loving truth written in His Word. I am also able to provide associates who speak from a female perspective and God’s rescue of them from the life of living as lesbians.

Each day, more lives are being drawn to Christ and responding to His call to repent and to live according to His will, instead of our own.

The message I share and the message my colleagues share, not only focuses on help for gays and homosexuals, but parallels the walk of every sinner and how to obtain a more personal and focused relationship with our Savior.

Where we have failed as a church, has been in reaching out and providing truth, support, prayer and study for God’s precious children.  Don’t turn your back on them. Don’t give up on them. God can be victorious if we let Him.

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